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Luxury Suitcases – What to Look for When Buying High-End Luggage

Travel Tips - Ross French - July 29, 2014

When you travel a lot, your luggage can make all the difference. With good quality luggage, your belongings remain well protected and secure, you have a more comfortable time moving around airports, stations and other transport hubs, and an easier time with security checkpoints, and getting your cabin luggage onto the plane. Additionally, of course, when you are travelling a lot, your luggage becomes accessories you are seen with all the time, so it can be important for them to give the right impression. Whether you want to look stylish, glamorous, or professional, your cases make up a big part of your image!


Luxury suitcases then, are an important purchase. They can be a significant investment, so you really want cases that are going to stand the test of time – both in terms of looks and practicality. With lots of great brands on sale at luggage retailers like, you can feel a little spoilt for choice, so here are some things to look for:


Luxury cases can be made from all kinds of materials. Soft shell designer luggage is usually made of high end leather, though other materials are available for those who want something resilient, durable and stylish, but also vegan friendly. If you prefer the toughness of a hard shell case, then polycarbonate and aluminium tend to be the materials of choice when it comes to high end brands. Rimowa, for instance, are an iconic luggage brand who made their name producing their trademark aluminium luggage, but have also been very innovative when it comes to using flexible polycarbonate. Choose a material that you like the look of, and are happy to live with – aluminium, for example, can take more looking after than polycarbonate.

Practical Features

Practical features on luggage are those that make using it as comfortable as possible. Look for versatile cases that can be expanded – this can be great if you come back from a trip with more stuff than you left with, and can also allow you to use the same case for a two week holiday as you would for just a week by giving yourself more space! For flight cases, look out for things like security checkpoint friendly laptop sleeves (which mean you don’t have to always remove your laptop for clearing airport security). Lastly, accessories like locks and wheels are important. Think about whether you need them, and if you do, make sure you get the best kind for you.


When you are spending a lot of money on luggage, you need it to last. Most high end brands offer some kind of guarantee or warranty, but the best protection is offered by the Briggs & Riley brand, who give you a full lifetime warranty with all of their luggage.

Picking out luggage can be fun, but make sure you look for luggage that truly meets your needs and is well guaranteed. Choose well, and it will serve you for life!

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