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Where to Forest Bathe & The Role of Terpenes

Travel Blog, Travel Tips - Ross French - October 24, 2023

forest bathing

Imagine immersing yourself completely in nature – feeling, smelling, hearing, seeing everything around you. This isn’t about hiking or doing some intense workout, it’s about just… being. This is what the Japanese call ‘shinrin-yoku’, or as we know it, forest bathing. Born in the 1980s in Japan as a remedy against the stresses of urban life, this practice has since been embraced worldwide. And for good reason – it’s like a spa day for your soul, and it’s shown to reduce stress, amplify immunity, and make you feel better overall. Continue Reading

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Escape, Explore, and Recharge: The Secrets to Stress-Free Travel

Travel Tips - Ross French - October 5, 2023

The pursuit of new horizons, cultures, and experiences has always been a fundamental aspect of human nature. It’s in this unyielding spirit of discovery that the essence of travel is deeply rooted.

Yet, as exhilarating as the prospect of exploring new destinations can be, it is often intertwined with the complexities of planning, the unexpected challenges on the road, and the quest for authentic experiences amidst the trodden paths.

In the harmonious symphony of escape, exploration, and recharge lies the soulful narrative of stress-free travel. Continue Reading

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