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Must Visit Spots In Nizamabad

Asia - Ross French - June 22, 2015

Nizamabad that is found in Telangana takes you to the past because it makes a compelling presentation of the culture and way of the traditional people that lived and flourished here. With its made history, colourful culture and superb picturesque landscapes, traveler places in Nizamabad makes an ideal place to pay vacation, that may well be fun and educating.


Archaelogical And Heritage Museum

The archaeologic and Heritage museum was inaugurated in 2001. You would like to go to the museum to own an insight into the lives and designs of ancient individuals during this region. The 3 sections within the depository specifically sculptural gallery, archaeological section and bronze ornamental gallery wear show varied unique collections that replicate the civilization of ancient times. Sculptural gallery homes sculptures of assorted periods. The sculptures show the artisanship of the bygone era. The archaeological section homes tools happiness to periods from 50000 B.C. to 5000 B.C.. alternative collections within the section embody pottery, beads, terracotta, coins and many more.

Pochampad Dam

Pochampad Dam, one among the largest comes for irrigation serves 5 districts particularly Nizamabad, Adilabad, Karimnagar, Khammam and Warangal. The dam site is thus wonderful that it’s frequented by visitors. Sree Ram Mandir situated close to the dam attracts a lot of folks to the place.

Nizam Sagar Dam

Nizam Sagar dam is made across stream Manjeera, one amongst the tributaries of stream absolutely was in-built the year 1923 and it serves the drinking wants of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. It’s thought-about one amongst the largest dams within the world. the attractive garden here spellbinds you. you may delight in swimming and yachting here. Since boarding and lodging facilities are obtainable here, you may pay a relaxed day during this serene atmosphere.

Mallaram Forest

Mallaram Forest will more than adequately quench your thirst for adventure. The forest gifted with the best of nature is a perfect location for trekking. From the viewpoint tower, you could have spectacular views of the lush greenery around. The forest is being developed into eco-tourism site. Huts are being constructed on the small hillock and seating arrangements overlooking Mallaram cheruvu are being made. One of the highlights of Mallaram Forest is the 1.45 billion year old rock that underlines the ancient element to this place.



The beautiful architecture of the traditional temple Kanteshwar attracts your attention now. The temple was designed by Satakarni II, a known Satavahana king. Over five hundred years previous, the temple could be a fine example of subject splendor of the time. The temple’s design is influenced by North Indian style. Kanteshwar temple witnesses an enormous gathering per year throughout Rathasapthami.

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