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Batangas Beach – A list of the Must-See Beaches in Batangas

Philippines - Ross French - March 17, 2021

batangas beach

Batangas is a place full of unique and scenic tourist destinations. It is like a paradise for tourists from all over the globe. And, when talking about Batangas, nobody can ignore its sea beaches. This province in the Philippines is famous for its beautiful beaches. So, it’s no surprise that this place has become a highly-preferred summer and weekend destination for many people. The shores of Batangas are not full of white sand like Boracay. But that doesn’t prevent them from offering the tourists something interesting every time they visit them. Now let us talk about some of the most beautiful Batangas beach destinations. Continue Reading

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Does Destin Really Have the Clearest Water in Florida?

Travel Blog, Travel Tips - Ross French - February 13, 2018

Clearest Water in Florida

When you picture a vacation in paradise you may envision soft, warm sand stretching for miles. Furthermore, you can picture and the endless ocean in front of you. Your worries wash away with the receding tide. The sun radiates down as you soak up the rays and enjoy the anticipated relaxation. Let’s face it, the clearer the water and more pristine the beaches, the better the beach vacation!

If you plan to vacation in Florida, a state that has many beaches, you might think it hard to choose the best one. But don’t worry, since we will make it easy for you. Your hunt for the best beach and clearest water in Florida is over! Destin and the surrounding area boast the most pristine beaches and crystalline water in Florida. These places even rank amongst the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Florida’s Panhandle beaches are some of the most spectacular globally. Destin’s beach town is the gem in this region’s crown. Considered a quiet fishing town, Destin’s attractions have not gone undetected. Today, most of the region is a cultural hub. It includes large resorts, a thriving marina, and an active fishing charter fleet.

Everything You Need To Know About Destin

Destin is one of the most popular beach destinations in the whole world. But there’s quite a valid reason for that. Destin falls between Pensacola’s historic streets and Panama City Beach’s spring break capital. The city features some of the most scenic coastal destinations you’ll ever lay your eyes on. Destin beaches are famous for having the clearest water in Florida.

The magnificent white sand beaches and the soothing emerald-hued gulf waters make tourists eager. Destin’s sugar-white sand and vivid blue-green-hued waters are a spot to behold.

Clearest Water in FloridaDestin Beach – The Clearest Water In Florida

Destin and the Emerald Coast rate as the number one beach in Florida. Even when compared to other contenders with clear waters like Anna Marie Island. According to the article “Which Beach Has the Clearest Water in Florida,” at the end of the last Ice Age, the Apalachicola River carried chunks of white quartz crystal into the Gulf of Mexico.

Thousands of tidal action years transformed the quartz into a pure, crystalline powder. The powder was resembling something between sugar and snow! The pure white beach balances with the clear, emerald water. This gives some of the most spectacular beach views. All this gives Destin beaches the clearest water in Florida.

Why Does Destin Have The Clearest Water In Florida?

How does the water along this stretch of the Gulf Coast remain so clear and untouched? Here are the three main reasons:

Scientific Reason

The Choctawhatchee Bay acts as a filter for river sediment. It limits the amount of sediment that actually deposits into the Gulf. Whereas other areas situated along with the coast deal with large sediment deposits into the ocean or gulf. The bay’s natural drainage leaves the Destin waters crystal clear and perfect. Combine this with the water’s jewel colors of emerald and blue, and it is no wonder these picture-perfect beaches are the Emerald Coast!

Wind, Waves, and Rain

The water appears to be clarified by consecutive days of light winds and calm sea weather. These conditions cause the sediment to accumulate in the water. Then they dissipate, resulting in crystal clear water. Rain may be a factor when the inlets and passes along our shores drain out several bays and waterways. Rain runoff will darken the bay water, and the water can influence the beaches at outgoing tides.

Spring and Fall

Another point that appears to hold true for Destin having the clearest water in Florida is that during the spring and fall, the water is more clear. We’re not sure why this is, but we hypothesize that it has fewer nutrients or microbes while the water is colder. This results in more visibility. We would say this is more important to the water on the shore of the Gulf relative to the east coast.

Clearest Water in FloridaDestin’s Water – Clear and Green

Unlike seas that have a somber greyish-green hue in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, in Destin, the sea resembles the sound of glittering gems. Chlorophyll from normal microscopic plankton is the key component that produces the emerald green hue. The water’s sheer clarity produces an unmistakable, luminescent, glowing green tone. Plus, the sun’s light on the minuscule plankton reflected off the white sandy floor. Depending on the combination of water temperatures and sunshine, the stunning variety of shades goes from emerald green to almost aquamarine.

The jewel colors are amazing. Furthermore, when they first see the sparkling sight, new tourists often startle with joy. The clarity of the water impairs when an offshore hurricane or heavy rain happens. But it is temporary. The June seagrass may compromise water clarity, but it is normal and harmless. It continues to drift and, depending on the tides. While impacting certain beaches rather than others. You can look forward to seeing the very best weather from early October through Memorial Day Weekend.

The Magic of Destin and Its Beaches

From lounging under a beach umbrella to building castles from the sugary sand to exploring the world beneath the waves, Destin’s beaches offer something for everyone. Plan a family vacation, a couple’s retreat, or a girls’ getaway to enjoy the beaches your way. You will find that you enjoy the striking hues and gorgeous views. To make it even better, unlike the cloudy waters along the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, nothing will ever be able to sneak up on you in those clear waters!

Ready to dip your toes in ocean waves as clear as a swimming pool? Or wade into the warm Gulf waters up to your shoulders and still see your toes sinking into the shimmering sand? We could not have made your choice any more clear! (See what we did there?) Book your vacation rental with Ocean Reef Resorts to enjoy the clearest water and prettiest beach in Florida.

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