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Travelling Alone vs Travelling with Others

Guest Posts - Ross French - May 19, 2011


By: Maria Climent Huguet
Maria Climent is a 26-year-old Catalan lady. After studying translation, she decided her life was odd enough to became a humor scriptwriter and by default, a blogger. This is how she’s now a mother of no one and a better person. She also likes to cook!

Freaked out by loneliness or freaked out by people?

Sometimes we would love to go on a trip but often, no one can come with us and, thus, we don’t go. Many may find this normal and others may find it crazy not to go on holidays just because of not wanting to travel alone. Everything has its pros and cons, the important thing is being able to recognize them. Don’t condition your trip by pre-established ideas or insecurities.

These pros and cons can depend on the personality of each traveler; there are people who are more social than others. From the very distant extremes between the hikikomoris who spend years inside their bedrooms without even wanting to see another human being, to the ones who are unable to spend an hour by themselves and when they do, they’re talking on their mobile the entire time. One might consider themselves “normal”, I mean, without any social pathology but still feels uncomfortable travelling alone or one the contrary: one may be very social but sometimes, when travelling, might think their companions are annoying.

However, it doesn’t only depend on everyone’s character but also on the concrete moment of our lives and what our needs are. I mean, if it’s trip for graduation, and your classmates have rented apartments in Seville, of course you should go with them, don’t even think of going on your own.

It’s a good time to travel alone if:

  • You want to get to know yourself better.`
  • You want to test yourself, see where your limits are regarding social life, adventure, fears…
  • You need to reflect; being alone gives you a lot of time to think.
  • You just want to do whatever you feel like doing at any time, even waking up at three in the morning to go for a walk without giving an explanation to anyone.

It’s a good time to travel with people if:

  • You’ve recently gone through a bad experience; whether it is a sentimental breakdown, being fired from your job, a death of someone who was close to you… being with friends is proven to help you get over difficult moments.
  • You want to reconnect with someone; there’s no best way to prove friendship or love than travelling together.
  • You get along very well with the person(s) you’re travelling with and you are independent, which assures you that you will not really be tied up, you can agree on meeting at the Seville accommodation you’ve rented, for example, at a certain time so that you can do whatever you feel like to during the day.

You just want to have a good time with the people you’re travelling with and that’s it, no better excuse than that.

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