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Top 10 Beach Hotels in St. Petersburg, FL: Vacationers’ Dream!

Destinations - Ross French - March 6, 2024

Located in the heart of Florida Gulf Coast, St. Louis. Petersburg, FL, is the ultimate vacation destination known for its perfect blend of urban vibes and beach serenity It has an average of 361 sunny days a year, earning it the nickname “The Sunshine City.”  With wide stretches of pristine white sand filled with vibrant artwork, it offers a unique holiday experience: a place to relax, soak up the sun and immerse yourself in the culture in the sudden.

A stay at sea awaits

What could be better than with St. Louis? The beauty of Petersburg’s turquoise waters and fiery sunsets will complement the comforts of a beach hotel? A hotel on the beach in St. Louis. Living in Petersburg is more than just renting; It adds an unforgettable element to the holiday experience. Imagine sipping your morning coffee watching the sunrise over the sea from your private balcony, or falling asleep to the soothing sound of the waves – these are precious moments that make beachfront hotels accommodation if visitors to this vibrant city choose .

Start the journey

With so many beachfront properties offering a variety of amenities and activities, choosing the right one to stay in can be difficult. That’s where we come in. This blog series aims to make it easy for you to provide a comprehensive guide to the top 10 beach hotels in St. Louis. St. Petersburg, FL. We’ve done the leg work so you can make the most informed decision for your beach getaway.

In subsequent posts, we’ll explore each hotel’s unique appeal, highlighting highlights, nearby beaches, and special features. From family-friendly resorts with fun activities for kids, to serene adults-only retreats offering the ultimate in relaxation, we’ve included hotels that cater to various vacation ideas.

Beach Hotels in St. Louis Petersburg, FL: Sun, sand and silence await

Why did you choose St. Louis? Petersburg, FL for your beach vacation?

St. Petersburg, Florida is a sunny haven that beckons beach lovers with the promise of perfect weather and stunning beaches. This gem of the Gulf Coast is more than just a beach town; It is a diverse place where art, nature and recreation meet.

  • Sunny Days Galore: With over 360 days of sunshine a year, your beach plans are nearly weather-proof.
  • Exquisite Beaches: The city’s award-winning beaches offer miles of soft white sand and crystal-clear waters, with Fort De Soto Park being frequently recognized as one of the top beaches in the country.
  • Cultural Richness: After a day at the beach, explore the renowned Salvador Dali Museum or catch a live performance in the bustling downtown area.
  • Visitor Magnet: More than 15 million people are drawn to St. Petersburg’s balmy climate and cultural vibrancy every year, proving its popularity as a tourist destination.

In a place celebrated for its exceptional coastline, St. Petersburg stands out as an ideal spot for a beach vacation that can be both laid-back and full of discovery.

What to Look for in a Beach Hotel

When seeking out the perfect beach hotel in St. Petersburg, FL, there are several key factors you should consider to ensure your stay complements the city’s coastal allure:

  1. Location: Find a hotel with quick access to the beach and splendid ocean views.
  2. Amenities: Search for properties offering pools, spas, fine dining, and other attractive features.
  3. Customer Service: A friendly, attentive staff can make all the difference in enhancing your stay.
  4. Value for Money: Look for hotels that provide the best bang for your buck without compromising on quality.

Take the time to read reviews from past travelers to get a sense of their experiences. Here’s what else you should keep in mind:

  • Personal Vacation Goals: Your choice might differ if you’re on a romantic getaway, a solo adventure, or a family holiday.
  • Guest Feedback: Current and candid guest reviews can provide a wealth of information beyond marketing brochures.
  • Sustainable Practices: In today’s eco-conscious world, many travelers give preference to hotels that prioritize sustainability.

Whether it’s a hotel with a bustling beach bar and live music for the social butterflies, a serene adults-only resort for those seeking peace and quiet, or a family-friendly establishment with activities for the kids, St. Petersburg, FL has a beach hotel that fits the bill for every type of traveler.

Choose wisely, and let St. Petersburg redefine your idea of a beach vacation with its sun-drenched shores and warm hospitality.

The Top 10 Beach Hotels in St. Petersburg, FL

St. Petersburg, Florida, is home to some of the most stunning beach hotels, each offering its mix of comfort, amenities, and proximity to the sea. Here are the top 10 beach hotels in the area, perfect for any traveler looking for a slice of paradise.

1. Azure Wave Resort

Location and Beach Proximity

Azure Wave Resort is ideally located directly on the sandy shores of St. Peter’s Beach, providing guests with private access to one of the most beautiful beaches in the area.

Key Amenities

  • Infinity pool overlooking the ocean
  • On-site luxury spa
  • Three dining options, including a seafood restaurant with beachfront views

Unique Selling Point

The resort takes pride in ensuring every room has floor-to-ceiling windows, offering guests unobstructed views of the ocean’s expanse.


Azure Wave Resort is not just about luxury; it’s also eco-conscious, hence receiving the Sunshine State’s Green Lodge Award for its dedication to sustainable practices.

2. The Palmetto Inn


The Palmetto Inn strikes a balance between modern luxury and the timeless charm of St. Petersburg’s rich history. The hotel is famed for its personalized guest services, including custom-tailored itineraries.

Distinctive Services

  • Exclusive boat tours for a unique view of the bay
  • Private dining experiences under the stars for that special romantic or family evening

Sustainability Efforts

Palmetto Inn is committed to the environment, featuring a robust recycling program and opting to source its food from local, sustainable farms.

3. Blue Horizon Family Resort

Focus on Family-Friendly Aspects

Blue Horizon Family Resort understands that family vacations are special, offering amenities like:

  • A dedicated kids’ club
  • Family suites for extra comfort
  • A fun-packed water park right on the premises


Recognized as a top pick for families, the resort was named the “Best Family Beach Hotel in Florida” by Family Fun magazine, validating its commitment to creating memorable family experiences.

Sustainability Efforts

The resort is also a participant in the “Clean Beaches” initiative, which aligns with their goal to safeguard and maintain the natural beauty of the local beaches and marine life.

4. Serenity Sands Adult Retreat


Serenity Sands Adult Retreat is a haven for adults seeking a peaceful beachside holiday. It is specifically designed to create a calming and rejuvenating atmosphere, ideal for couples or individuals looking to unwind.

Key Amenities

  • Spa services with a focus on wellness
  • Adult-only infinity pool
  • Yoga sessions at dawn

Unique Selling Point

The hotel’s rooftop dining experience provides guests with a sweeping view of the Gulf, perfect for a romantic evening.

5. Ocean’s Edge Condos

Location and Beach Proximity

Ocean’s Edge Condos elevates the experience of staying by the sea by offering condo-style accommodation with:

  • Spacious rooms
  • Private balconies with direct beach views

Distinctive Services

  • Personal chef services
  • Grocery pre-stocking for a personalized touch to your stay

Sustainability Efforts

This property is not only luxurious but also thoughtful towards the environment with:

  • An installed solar power system
  • A grey water recycling process

6. The Gulf Pearl


The Gulf Pearl maintains a reputation of timeless elegance and is recognized for its exquisite Victorian design, creating a nostalgic yet luxurious beachfront experience.

Key Amenities

  • Renowned Michelin-star dining
  • Full-service, award-winning spa
  • Private beach cabanas for exclusive relaxation


The hotel’s dedication to maintaining its historic charm has earned it a spot on the National Register of Historic Places.

7. Sunset Key Cottages

Focus on Family-Friendly Aspects

Sunset Key Cottages provide a cozy and vibrant setting perfect for families. They make every stay enjoyable with:

  • Bright, spacious cottages
  • Supervised activities for children
  • Family picnic areas, ideal for bonding

Unique Selling Point

To enhance the experience, each cottage comes equipped with bicycles and a golf cart, inviting families to explore the island’s beauty freely.

8. The Marlin Boutique Hotel


The Marlin Boutique Hotel stands out by infusing luxury with the thriving local art scene, showcasing installations and themed rooms curated by St. Petersburg’s talented artists.

Distinctive Services

  • Exclusive art workshops
  • Guided cultural tours highlighting the city’s artistic soul

Sustainability Efforts

This hotel proudly supports the local art community and businesses, fostering a sustainable and vibrant local culture.

9. The Tropicana Resort

Location and Beach Proximity

Set against a private beach and enveloped by lush tropical gardens, The Tropicana Resort promises a secluded paradise.

Key Amenities

  • An engaging outdoor jungle gym
  • Water sports rentals for adventure lovers
  • A lively tiki bar

Unique Selling Point

The resort is known for its vibrant nightly entertainment, including fire dancers and beachside movies, ensuring every night is memorable.

10. The Lighthouse Inn


Unique for its renovation of a traditional lighthouse, The Lighthouse Inn offers unparalleled ocean views and a touch of historical charm.

Key Amenities

  • Dine in a rooftop restaurant with panoramic views
  • Relax in a private beach area complete with fire pits
  • An observation deck for scenic viewing


The inn has been recognized for its meticulous preservation of historical architecture, offering guests a blend of history and modern luxury.

Sustainability Efforts

Commitment to the environment is clear with its use of wind energy and amenities like complimentary electric vehicle charging stations.

Each of these beach hotels in St. Petersburg, FL, provides a unique window into the beauty and culture of the area. From family-friendly cottages and art-focused boutique hotels to resorts offering nightly entertainment and establishments preserving historical significance, St. Petersburg promises an unforgettable beach vacation tailored to any preference and marked by a commitment to sustainability and community.

Comparing the Top Choices

Here’s a snapshot of what sets each hotel apart:

  • For Families: Sunset Key Cottages offer supervised children’s activities, ensuring fun for all ages. With family picnic areas and tools for exploration, family time is a breeze.
  • For Couples: Serenity Sands Adult Retreat specializes in providing a serene environment with adult-only pools and spa services for a romantic atmosphere.
  • For the Solo Traveler: The Lighthouse Inn, with its unique location in a renovated lighthouse, caters to those seeking solitude and stunning views.

Key Feature Comparison

Hotel Name Price Range Target Demographic Special Offering
Sunset Key Cottages $$$ Families Children’s activities, picnics, bikes
Serenity Sands Adult Retreat $$$ Couples Adult-only pool, wellness spa
The Gulf Pearl $$$$ Luxury Seekers Michelin-star dining, historic charm
Ocean’s Edge Condos $$$ Independent Travelers Personal chef, grocery service
The Marlin Boutique Hotel $$$ Art Enthusiasts Art workshops, cultural tours
The Lighthouse Inn $$$ History Buffs Located in a lighthouse, ocean views

Making the Most of Your Stay in St. Petersburg, FL

Here are some tips to ensure a fantastic beach holiday:

  • Best Booking Practices: Mid-week bookings can offer better rates. Off-season travel usually between May and September offers both reduced prices and comfortable weather.
  • Local Attractions: Explore downtown St. Petersburg, visit renowned museums like the Salvador Dalí Museum, or engage in outdoor activities like paddleboarding in the calm Gulf waters.


Your choice of hotel can affect your experience in St. Louis. the size of Petersburg. Whether you prioritize budget, weather, or unique priorities, this paradise on Florida’s Gulf Coast has a beach hotel just for you.

The call works

Ready for a sun-kissed vacation? Put yourself in St. Louis. in one of Petersburg’s largest beach hotels today. And sign up for our St. Louis. Petersburg travel newsletter for more travel tips and exclusive deals.

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