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Take Travel Photos that will amaze your Friends

Travel Blog, Travel Store!, World Photos - Ross French - June 2, 2016

Travel Photos

A great travel photo can really bring parts of the world back home with you.

A good photographer will tell you that photography is not all about the camera nor is it about the magnificent images captured, but it is a tool which people can use to understand various things including diverse communities, their cultures and the countries they live in. Photography can be your passport to meeting new people, get to learn and come into first hand contact with new cultures and experiences.

To enjoy these privileges without getting compromised or hurt, you will find these great tips on how to take the best travel photos useful for your photography trip.

Know Your Equipment.

This is one of the most fundamental rules of travel photography. Any photographer should have clear knowledge of his/her photography equipment because then, they are able to relate to their subjects. Following this tip will prove that you have confidence in yourself and that will greatly instil confidence in your subjects. Know your equipment in and out and avoid bringing new gear to your travel photography trips. Better still, ensure you test them first before picking them for the trip and always have backups just in case. Photo tip from The Canvas Factory “The biggest mistake we see people make is not being totally familiar with their equipment. It can really ruin your shots, especially if you’re clicking away without making sure your scene is in proper focus.”

Take Travel Photos that will amaze your Friends

Research Before You Leave.

If you are thinking of embarking on a travel photography trip, you have to do proper research by reading everything about the areas you will be visiting. You can find useful information on newspapers and the internet. Also, note that nothing is as valuable as creating connections with other photographers living in the areas you will be visiting or those who have already been there before so that it is easy for you to move around when you get there. This you should do early enough way before setting off for your trip. The LonelyPlanet guides can be a great source of information, or at least a good starting point for your research.

Always Have Your Camera With You.

As much as this may sound obvious, most people leave their cameras behind and instead replace them with their phone cameras. Well, some phones may take great pictures but the bottom-line is, using your phone’s camera during poor weather condition will keep you away from capturing the best travel photos. Whether you need your camera for the day or not, it is always a smart move to carry it along with you whenever you go because you never know when a great opportunity for a superb shot will come.Take Travel Photos that will amaze your Friends 2

Get Closer.

It is always a good and rewarding to get closer to your subjects. Learn to be an ‘in camera’ photographer by getting even closer when taking action shots, animals and portraits.

Ensure Your Camera Is Steady.

You may think that you are not shaking when taking photos e.g. night shots but the truth is that you do at times, therefore it is advisable to place your camera on a tripod to ensure it is completely steady.

Be Original and Sensitive.

One of the greatest tips you can use to take the best travel photos is to take compelling and real photos of people. Doing this will make you stand out and be authentic and at the same time capture the best photos ever. Ensure that you take candid photos of people and not tricks.

The tips mentioned above have been tried and tested which have helped many travel photographers get the most out of the whole process. You can go through other photographer’s portfolios so as to get new ideas and a drop of inspiration to get you by.

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