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Obtaining Travel Visa’s

Travel Tips - Ross French - January 17, 2010

By: Lindsay Hogg

Country entry and exit requirements for obtaining a passport visa can often become overwhelming. Especially if you do not know where to obtain this information from.

First thing you should know: information is always changing. If you read in a travel blog that a Travel Visa to Australia is $50 US and allots you a year there, it is a good start, but the chance that that writer often checks with the Australian Consulate to ensure this information is up to date is highly unlikely.
As a traveller, it is your responsibility to be educated on travel and country requirements in relation to where you are going.

How do you do this?
Rather than type ‘travel visas’ into a search engine, the best way to find up to date information about Travel Visa’s is to go directly to government websites. (Specifically your government’s ‘Foreign Affairs and International Trade’ site). If you have trouble finding this, you can go to your countries largest Airline and find the link there:
For example, I am Canadian – I went to Air Canada, clicked on ‘Travel Documents’ and under ‘Travel to and from International Destinations’ I found the link to the CAN Government FAIT. Then under ‘Travel Visa’ I clicked on ‘Australia’.

On the Australian website I found that changes had been made to eligibility and the application process just last year (2008). For an Australian ETA you can apply and pay online through their site. (ETA is an Electronic Travel Authority – which is for travel less than 3 months).

Thus, you understand that this is always changing. DON’T GET YOUR INFORMATION SECOND HAND!

If you are booking through a travel agent, they will have the up to date information on Travel Visa’s that you need and researching this yourself is not required.

Extra Notes and Tips:

– Requirements vary depending on your Country of origin.
– Some Visa’s can take longer to obtain, especially if you are receiving your Visa via post. Make sure you apply for your Travel Visa well in advance.
– Also be prepared when entering certain Countries, that you have documents proving sufficient funds. (That you are able to support yourself through the period of your stay).
– Other documentation and/or information is required when entering specific Countries. (The address where you will be staying and vaccination documentation are examples of some of these).

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