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Most Enchanting and Colorful Cities in the World

Destinations, Travel Blog - Ross French - September 30, 2016



While most urban communities are dull with sections of land of exhausting dark cement, there are some captivating and brilliant urban communities that are made all the more engaging for inhabitants and visitors.

Stockholm, Sweden

Sprawling more than 14 islands roosted on the banks of the Baltic Sea, an enormously cosmopolitan city of Stockholm has a great deal to offer. Medieval strongholds going back to the thirteenth century, shocking engineering, royal residences, noteworthy structures and tall tale châteaux all scattered between breeze unsettled lakes and moving field. Inebriating and captivating,Stockholm is absolutely a standout amongst the most charming and beautiful cities on the planet.

Lima, Peru

Lima is a stunning and delightfully appealing city you ought to consider going by. Pressed one end to the other with individuals, and the absolute most great religious spots going back to the sixteenth century, Lima is a lovely city that can be investigated consistently. There’s continually something going on and celebrations, parades, festivities and markets, making this an awesome spot for any explorer.


Willemstad, Netherlands Antilles

Stunning colonial architecture and Dutch-styled homes and buildings all line the streets and the coastline of the southern coast of Curacao in the wonderful Caribbean Sea. The capital of Curacao, Willemstad is split into two main regions by a deep but narrow channel the Santa Ana Bay. Otrobanda is to the west and Punda is to the east. The jam-packed city center with its quirky architecture attracts many visitors from all parts of the world.

G uanajuato City, Mexico

A culturally rich and idiosyncratic city of Guanajuato is likewise world’s bright city. With numerous legends and myths encompassing the city, there are a few stories overtop about the captivating local people and gone however not overlooked inhabitants. Various stories of satisfaction and hardship, and love and detest will be sufficient to spellbind your spirit. There are numerous International festivals, dance, music and drama performances as well as cultural showcases.


Valparaiso, Chile

Sprawling, notable, vivid and glorious Valparaiso gloats a delightful exhibit of houses of prayer, galleries, old pioneer structures and chapels. It’s a necessary port side city furthermore an appreciated stop off for various voyage ships. Sightseers ought not visit Valparaiso without an excursion to the Naval Museum, which brags a remarkable showcase of the Chile’s history.

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