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4 Tips for Working Remotely While You Travel to Ensure Productivity

Travel Tips - Ross French - February 23, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic saw a shift to remote working for many office-based employees when it hit. Domestic and global travel was banned in most countries which initially made the prospect of being stuck working from home, with no escape, a less than favorable option for many. However, remote working proved successful, with teams being more productive than ever. It now looks like working from home is here to stay post-pandemic, allowing people the flexibility to work from any location in the world. Continue Reading

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Digital Nomads: Finding the Sounds of Music as You Travel

Travel Blog - Ross French - January 25, 2022

Are you looking for the very best music stores to visit around the world? Perhaps you’re a digital nomad musician or an avid music lover. If so, you may be inspired to make special trips to check out these locations. When you do, you’ll be rewarded with the joys of walking into a world where music is appreciated, cherished, and shared. Continue Reading

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Minimalist Packing For Resort Season

Travel Tips - Ross French - January 25, 2022

Resort Season

We’re well into the new year, and you know what that means – resort season is right around the corner! Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just starting out getting your passport stamped multiple times, packing like a minimalist is always a good idea. While there are plenty of benefits to packing this way – from less decision fatigue, not having to check bags, and more room for souvenirs, we can always use a refresher. So, let’s review specifically the “must take” items this resort season, where you’ll still have plenty of room in your suitcase for things you pick up on your journey. Continue Reading

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Travelling in Style: How to Look Your Best on Holiday

Travel Blog - Ross French - November 5, 2021

Travelling in Style

When you’re getting ready to travel anywhere, it is absolutely vital that you take the time to make sure that you are going to be able to look your best in your holiday destination. This can take more planning than you might assume, so be sure to leave yourself some time to get it done. Continue Reading

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5 Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Travel Tips - Ross French - September 16, 2021

Traveling is an incredible experience, but it can be easy to let healthy habits slip while you’re away. Many people put on extra pounds or drink unhealthy amounts of alcohol while traveling, which can have long-term health consequences. This is why many people use supplements and nutritional products on the road, such as the organic honey from Gold Bee, to keep themselves as healthy as possible.

You must make your health a priority when you travel, especially if you plan on being away for a long time. Here are five tips to help you stay healthy while traveling: Continue Reading

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