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Suitcases for Sale! Where to Get a Good Deal on Luggage

Travel Tips - Ross French - July 23, 2014

A good set of suitcases can basically set you up for all your travel needs for life, whether you just go on the occasional trip each year or are always jetting around for work or leisure. While suitcases, as long as you choose a good brand and make sure the style you buy won’t go out of fashion, can last a lifetime, and so are a great investment, there is no need to spend a huge amount on them (unless you particularly want that full matching set of Louis Vuitton luggage!). If you want to find great deals on top brand, quality suitcases, then there are a few approaches that can help you save big:

Take Advantage of Online Sales

When you buy suitcases or other luggage, you can be pretty confident when you buy on the internet. This is because luggage tends to come with full specifications in terms of its size, capacity, weight when empty, locking capabilities, compartments, and features (such as wheels and straps). As, unlike clothes or shoes, you don’t really need to ‘try on’ luggage, you can buy online with virtually no risk if you see a suitcase you like.

Alternatively, if you want to take advantage of the kind of discounts online luggage retailers like Global Luggage have to offer while still knowing for sure what your suitcase will look and feel like, you can always go to a store to check out the luggage available from all of the main brands, and then search for the pieces you like best at a better price on the web.

Outlet Sales

Another way to get a good deal on suitcases, backpacks, flight cases and other luggage is to look in outlet stores. This way you can get branded luggage which may have slight imperfections or simply be from a past season’s line that has now been discontinued or replaced. Because you want luggage that will be stylish and practical for a long time to come, the fact a model is a couple of years old and no longer available doesn’t really matter if it gets you a great discount, after all. Do ensure if you buy luggage this way that if the pieces you buy are seconds (that is pieces with imperfections) that these are purely cosmetic and will not affect the overall usefulness of the luggage.

Buy Second Hand

If you really don’t have much of a budget to work with but want good quality suitcases, another option can be to buy them secondhand. You can often find good branded pieces that the owner simply doesn’t want anymore for sale on online auctions, or at secondhand shops. Websites like eBay can be a good place to start looking for high end suitcases that are pre-owned and therefore available to buy at far lower prices.

Whatever your luggage needs, there are several ways you can find the kind of pieces you want at good prices, so work out your suitcase budget and choose the best way to shop for you!

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