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History to the Heart of Nature: Esbjerg

Denmark - Ross French - August 7, 2018

tourist attractions of Esbjerg

The fifth largest town of Denmark is primarily an industrial port. But, it abodes several eminent museums and entertainment sites. The city creates an opportunity for a refreshment of the mind and body on visiting these tourist attractions of Esbjerg. Take some time off from the work to explore some of the extensive coastal lines, unique architecture and exciting museums.

Here are some of the tourist attractions of Esbjerg listed below:

  • Fanoe Island:

A short span of the ferry ride from the Esbjerg will take you to one of the must-visit tourist attractions of Esbjerg. Wide sandy beaches here offer cycling paths, nature walks. Although most part of the island is nature, they produce high-quality food and drinks. Nordic kitchens here are internationally renowned.
Using the bicycle ride you can experience the wildlife close to you, you’ll find about 1000 seals, deer herds and many migrating birds on the shores. Flying kites, landboarding and windsurfing are some of the adventurous activities.

  • Ribe Viking Museum:

One of the exciting tourist attractions of Esbjerg for all the fans of Viking history. To give the taste of that life for the visitors, the museum has reconstructed the farmhouses, marketplaces, and homes of the Vikings.

The gastronomy methods (like grinding flour and baking flat bread) here followed in the restaurants will amaze the visitors. Artwork of the glass bead makers with blue glass and Italian mosaic tiles is just magical.

  • Esbjerg Art Museum:

This museum is an experimental museum and an innovative space well-established platform for the young artistic talent. The museum has the permanent collection of the Danish art of many painters from the early 1900s. The museum is under constant update of its art exhibition to show the talent of Danish art to the world.

  • Marbaek Nature Park:

A nature reserve and an important treasure for the Esbjerg. There is an artificial lake, a bird sanctuary, a mini golf club and a few restaurants. These offer some good opportunities for some outdoor activity to the residents. This is one of the peaceful tourist attractions of the Esbjerg.

The lakes here were formed in the mid-1970s and cover over 50 acres. There are pathways for cycling and horse riding. The area provides rented cottages for stays.

  • Mando Island:

The island is flourishing with nature, bird life and sheep grazes on the banks. The seals on the shores will display some playful activities. This kind of natural atmosphere attracts many visitors and make it as one of the frequently visited tourist attractions of the Esbjerg.

In between the 16th and 17th century, a heavy storm destroyed the initially built churches, later another church is built using the limestone which is now secured by the banks.

  • Wadden Sea National Park:

This is the newest and greatest national park, which is in the upcoming tourist attractions of Denmark. The official motive for the establishment is reinforced:

  • Cultural history
  • Nature protection
  • Education and research
  • Outdoor activities

The park is abundant in birdlife and the extensive shorelines abode the largest population of seals. Summer is the best opportunity to have the sight of these creatures.

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