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Medieval Art to Modern Architecture: Rotterdam Attractions

Netherlands - Ross French - August 10, 2018

Rotterdam Attractions

Rotterdam, the second largest city of the Netherlands, shines with its modern shopping streets, architectural wonders, fine museums and many more Rotterdam attractions. Here are some examples of Rotterdam attractions to visit:

• Boijmans Van Beuningen Museum:

Thousands of artworks collection on Boijmans in the museum takes you through the Medieval to Contemporary art. The department of education in the museum organizes lectures, courses, tours and children activities to spread the awareness about the greatness of the art in the world. Every year over 250,000 visitors visits this museum.

• Maritime Museum:

This museum is dedicated to the naval history and one of the finest Rotterdam attractions to visit. The museum holds over 850,000 objects collection from six centuries of the marine history.

To make the tour adventurous for the children they conduct various exhibitions, activities and adventure tours with the objects.

• Grote of Sint-Laurenskerk:

The Gothic church which dates back to the 15th century and was the first all-stone constructed basilica in the Rotterdam. Visitors come here for the tower climbing of the church to enjoy the 360? panoramic view of the city which is breath-taking. The brass choir, bronze doors and 17th-century tombs etc are some of the worth seeing visits to the Basilica.

• The Cube Houses:

Rotterdam is also an abode for the modern architecture these are some of the admirable examples in the Rotterdam attractions. The eminent architecture makes and enduring appearance with its iconic yellow colour.

The houses contain three floors:
Ground Floor: Entrance

1st Floor: Living room and Open kitchen

2nd Floor: Two bedrooms and a bathroom

Top Floor: Used as a garden (sometimes)

• Market Hall:

A Residential and office building with a steeply arched ceiling, covered with the paintings of vegetables, food objects, and marine life. Those ceilings create an illusion of larger than life, some describe the market as the kaleidoscope of fresh foods.

The restaurants here serve the traditional cuisines Spanish, Tapas and some of the alluring Indonesian dishes which makes the places one of the delicious visits among the Rotterdam attractions.

• Windmills at Kinderdijk:

The place throws the light on the Dutch people struggle and its 740 years of water management history. These windmills have kept the water at basin for centuries. Visitors come here to spend the adventurous life of the Dutch and their struggle against the water.

• Europoort Harbour Tour:

The massive port of Rotterdam occupies half of its area. Countless massive ships on the port make it as one of the busiest ports in the world. The tour includes the sight of many industrial area activities like transhipping of the containers and more. You’ll get a chance to see the large ships as high as buildings. At the end of the tour, you’ll get a taste of one of the largest harbor in the world.

• Diergaarde Blijdorp Zoo:

One of the oldest Zoos of the Netherlands successfully known for its breeding programs. A ride between the Ocean world (sharks, sea lions, king penguins), crocodile river, piranhas, anaconda and Gorilla island makes the zoo tour more adventurous. The zoo abodes many more fragrant flowers and colorful butterflies which makes the visit as one of the colorful visits to Rotterdam attractions.

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