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How to Get Rewarded for Being Active — No Matter Where You Are

Travel Tips - Ross French - October 19, 2022

Get Rewarded

Hotel gyms may be a clever idea, but in actuality, they’re typically small enough to be thought of as an afterthought and have marginal adequate equipment. That said, why settle for a stuffy gym in a hotel when you could otherwise be out experiencing life?

Let’s take a look at other ways to get your exercise while traveling, as well as how to get rewarded for it. Continue Reading

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6 Ways to Care for Your Body After a Vacation

Travel Tips - Ross French - July 26, 2021

Many people are guilty of over-indulging during a getaway. You might have treated yourself to many cocktails, sampled a nation’s rich cuisine, or ordered dessert every night of the week.
While you might have enjoyed treating yourself during a break, you might struggle with a low mood, digestive issues, and extra inches on your waistline once home. If so, read the following advice on how to care for your body after a vacation.

1. Reset Your Digestive System

After a week or more of over-indulging, you will likely feel bloated and uncomfortable. Reset your digestive system by adding psyllium husk into your diet, as it is a dietary fiber that can support healthy elimination and regulation. It is a must-have product if you have struggled with bowel issues after a vacation, as it can support digestive health.

2. Eat Clean

Banish cravings for salt and sugar after a getaway by eating clean. Focus on consuming more whole and natural ingredients, steamed or raw vegetables, and fresh fruits. Also, stick to lean proteins and avoid starchy foods and carbs to keep mealtimes healthy.

3. Steer Clear of Alcohol

Many people want to remain in vacation mode when returning home from a break, as they will want to hold onto the fun and freedom a little longer. However, if you enjoyed many beers and cocktails under the summer sun, it is a wise idea to avoid alcohol once a trip is over. Otherwise, you could struggle with weight gain, poor skin, and sleeping difficulties.

4. Hydrate Your Body

Eradicate toxins from your body by drinking more water both during and after a vacation. Fresh water can banish cravings for high-calorie drinks you enjoyed on vacation, such as sodas and alcohol.

If you do not like plain water, make it more exciting by adding fresh fruit, such as orange slices, lemon wedges, or berries. Water can decrease bloating, aid weight loss, and reduce inflammation in the body.

5. Start or Return to Exercise

Say goodbye to excess pounds by starting or returning to exercise after a vacation. As you may have consumed many calories on vacation, you might find it is harder to catch your breath or motivate yourself. Build up gradually to your pre-vacation physical activity levels to avoid a painful injury.

6. Do not Step on the Scales Right Away

It is tempting to step on the scales after a vacation to see how much weight you might have gained. However, you must avoid doing so in the first week of returning home. You are likely retaining water from a flight, which can dent your confidence when stepping on the scales. Once you return home from a vacation, focus on enjoying a clean, healthy diet, drinking plenty of water, and weigh yourself a week or two later.

If you follow the above advice, you could quickly undo the damage of a well-deserved vacation, and you could feel healthier and happier in a matter of weeks.

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