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Top Things to Do in Costa Rica 2023

Central America, Destinations - Ross French - June 17, 2022

Things to Do in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country that is known for its greenery, waterfalls, and stunning sea beaches. For the foreign traveler, it can serve as a perfect introduction to the rich Latin American culture. From great lodging to lip-smacking cuisines, Costa Rica has everything necessary for a memorable trip. One thing’s for sure: while you are here, you’d never run out of things to do. To make things easier for you, in this article, we will discuss the most fun things to do in Costa Rica this year. So, read on. Continue Reading

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The Things I Love About Home: A Paint Photo Essay, Part 1

Travel Blog - Ross French - December 26, 2010

By: Lindsay Hogg

I love coming home for Christmas, my friends and family throw great parties. One of our traditions is the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party that begun years ago among my close group of friends. This year I stole one of my dads Santa ears-thingies because I couldn’t find an ugly sweater. The excitement of seeing everyone quickly fades when my friends do things like this.

That’s me in the middle wearing my sweet ass Santa hairband ears. Chipper as can be, with all the Christmas spirit in the world. But then something HORRIBLE happened.


You guys are assholes!

Just to note, I actually didn’t know that my Santa ears were broken until I saw these pictures on facebook the next day.

Although my friends are able to make me very angry, nothing cheers me up and makes me look like more of a psycho than being able to smother my cat with love.

I don’t care how crazy I sound, I loved my cat very much and unfortunately Bobo has recently passed away, but even the thought of smothering her still makes me smile.

Coming back from travelling and having to live with my parents may suck at times, but it has it’s upsides (aka their wine cellar).

Okay, maybe this is a slight exaggeration, but it’s not far from the truth…

Lastly, I look forward to food. Pizza is quite common all over the world, but it just isn’t the same as when I get it at home. So I take it upon myself to stuff my face as much as possible when I’m back in Canada.

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