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Beginner’s Guide – Find the Cheap Accommodation

Travel Blog, Travel Tips - Ross French - January 4, 2017

Beginner's Guide

When you travel, the major part of your money will be spent on accommodation. Once you are done with the booking for flights and transport, you will have to book a place to rest your head at night. Check for the Beginner’s Guide to have a best travel on budget.

Whether you are leisure traveller who likes to stay in luxury hotel, or an explorer who might want to stay in hostels, I can’t consider anyone who doesn’t prefer to save a little bit of money here and there.

Have you ever ended up thinking, “It’s only a place to rest my head at the end of the day and I’ll barely be in the room anyway”?

I have felt that! Surf in net for many Beginners’ Guide and look for how to find the cheap accommodation. You can reduce your expenses on travel, save money on accommodation.

I have stayed in all wide range of accommodations while travelling. I like to stay in nice hotels on occasion to enjoy the leisure of the hotel and the service provided by the lovely people, however I have also been rest my head in airports just to save some money on one night’s accommodation!

This is the Beginner’s Guide that let you understand how to find the cheap accommodation to save some money on your trip.


In case you’re planning to travel all alone, then hostels are one of the least expensive choices. Hostels often have a few rooms with lofts and shared features, for example, a kitchen, TV room and beds. You will be sharing the room with some other explorers, yet in the meantime you will save some cash!

Hostels are usually composed of many rooms that are in different sizes. If you prefer to choose large rooms, the less expensive the cost. More often you are given the choice to pick between a blended sex room and unisex dorm, which is great in case you’re a female travelling solo. If you wish to have some privacy or travelling as a couple, prefer for a private rooms, which are bit more expensive but you can enjoy the privacy of being alone.

It is a common thought that hostels were just for young people. Actually it is not! You will get to see lots of people in all age groups.

Whatever the case, staying in hostels is an incredible way to meet new people, have fun and make new companions. In case you’re travelling alone, I always suggest staying in hostels so you can meet different travellers from all around the world and share your flavor of experience. In many Beginners’ guide, travellers find the cheap accommodation and prefer to stay in hostels from all around the world, there are new luxury hostels popping up all over the place.

Beginner’s Guide to Follow


I always enjoy staying in hotels but I strictly don’t like to pay too much for a single stay, so I will often search for discounts to book a room. Keep in mind before you book an accommodation, always go to their official site to find that it’s not less expensive to book with them directly.

Apartment Rentals

At times you simply need a place that feels like home, so apartment rentals are an extraordinary option for you to have cheap accommodation.

They can be less expensive than hotels and unquestionably an extraordinary choice if you have decided to stay some place for more than two or three days. In case you’re travelling solo then hostels are considered less expensive, however renting an apartment are incredible for couples or a group of friends to have fun and privacy without disturbance.

The best thing about staying in an apartment rental is that there’s generally a kitchen, where can enjoy independent cooking and at the same time you can also save money on food while travelling.

Working in Hostels

Working in hostels in another interesting way to get cheap accommodation or free of cost, is to work in a hostel in exchange for a bed on your travels.

In case you’re staying at a hostel and you need to extend few more days, just ask the hostel staffs whether they are searching for anybody to work there. You may find yourself making the beds, doing the cleaning, giving guidance to the customers or taking the visitors out on the town.

WWOOFING & Farm Stays

WWOOF is abbreviated as World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. Actually it’s a volunteering opportunity where you live with your host and are relied upon to help with the everyday activities in order to get free food and accommodation. You have to support and work on the farm, so you may wind up gardening, planting cutting wood, draining, feeding or wine making. You must discuss the duration of staying at their guidance before you go because WWOOF stays are between 1-2 weeks, yet some may be as short as 2-3 days or the length of 6 months.

If you wish to have a rural experience however you don’t think you’d be up to the work? Give a try to farm stay. Farm stays include working on a farm where you can figure out how a farm functions by watching demonstrations and conceivably get hands on with the tasks on if you wish. With farm stay the hotel differs; a few farms offer rooms straightforwardly in the farmhouse, others have old farm buildings, while others let you camp in a tent on their property. Most farms offer hotel on a bed and breakfast basis. Check few sites referred in Beginner’s Guide to find the cheap accommodation.

Staying With Friends

I have made numerous companions on my travel all over the world, and despite the fact that we won’t see each other for quite a long time or years, I know I have a space on their couch if I ever require it. Making new friends is an incredible way to remain some place for free of cost! For example, individuals question how I explore throughout the USA or Australia for such long time, but mostly I stay with friends in each place for 2-3 weeks. I cherish remaining with companions since they can show me the cool, non-touristy things to do, and I can cook for them at home!

I hope this Beginner’s guide will help you out to save money on travel by finding the cheap accommodation.

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