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5 Days Taiwan Itinerary: Ultimate 2024 Travel Guide

Word Travel - Ross French - February 22, 2024

Introduction Explore Taiwan’s exotic charm

Taiwan is an island full of vibrant cities and breathtaking natural beauty, a paradise waiting to be explored. The blend of rich tradition with contemporary culture creates a unique travel experience filled with adventure, delicious food and warm hospitality This dynamic blend makes Taiwan an attractive, travel-friendly destination who are welcome from all over the world to indulge in the myriad attractions.

Purpose of this guide: Your partner for an amazing 5-day trip

The idea behind this comprehensive guide is to provide you with a well-planned itinerary for your 5-day getaway to Taiwan in 2024. It covers the highlights of Taiwan – from its busiest cities to its’ peaceful places and mouth-watering food – this itinerary is your ticket to an unforgettable trip.

Day 1: Arrival and exploration of Taipei

The first leg of Taiwan’s 5-day itinerary begins upon arrival at Taoyuan International Airport, the gateway to this vibrant island nation.

Morning: Touchdown and settle in

When you touch down at Taoyuan International Airport, you’ll find a few convenient transport options waiting to take you directly to the heart of Taipei City Center Options range from taxis and airport buses to the easy airport MRT to walk through, which provides a quick and direct access to the city.

Once you’ve hit the bustling city, it’s time to check out your choice of accommodation. Whether you decided on a luxury hotel, a luxury bed and breakfast, or a simple hotel, Taiwan’s warm hospitality will get your trip off to a great start if you arrive before the usual time arrived so don’t worry. Many accommodations offer storage, allowing you to start browsing, furniture-free, once your room is ready.

Afternoon: Architectural wonders and culinary tours

Start your exploration by visiting the Taipei skyline landmark Taipei. Standing as an embodiment of Taiwan’s fast-moving modernity, while its design draws inspiration from traditional materials such as the bamboo tree, a symbol of resilience and maturity The tower offers a shopping and dining experience high quality in addition to the beautiful views from its observation deck.

Speaking of food, in the afternoon visit Din Tai Fung, located on Taipei 101. This world-famous restaurant has helped put Taiwan on the global culinary map with its xiao long bao (soup dumplings), strings a it is smooth bursting with juices .

Evening: A Night Market Extravaganza

As dusk descends, experience the sensory spectacle of Taipei’s night markets. Sink your teeth into the pulsating heart of Taiwan’s food culture, with tastes, smells, and sights that electrify the senses. Shilin Night Market, the largest and most renowned, enthralls with its mix of food stalls, boutiques, and arcade games. Sample a smorgasbord of street eats, from spicy hotpot to bubble milk tea.

To ease your navigation around the city, consider investing in an EasyCard. This contactless smart-card is used in payment systems of the MRT, public buses and convenience stores, and it is a time-saver on the move. Taxis are also plentiful and relatively easy to hail if you prefer a direct route back to your accommodation.

As day one concludes, you’ve dipped your toes into Taiwan’s urban scene, tasted its flavors, and absorbed its futuristic skyline. With Taipei as your starting point, your horizon is glowing with promise, heightened anticipation cascading into the journey ahead.

Day 2: History and Culture in Taipei

The second day of your 5-day Taiwan itinerary introduces you to the rich tapestry of history and culture woven into the cityscape of Taipei.

Morning: A Museum of Magnificence

From the 21st-century allure of Taipei 101, you step into the treasure trove of millennia at the National Palace Museum. This museum houses one of the world’s largest collections of ancient Chinese artifacts and artworks. More than 700,000 pieces spanning over 8,000 years reflect the enduring culture of Chinese civilization.

The museum showcases Taiwan’s commitment to preserving history, serving as a cultural bridge between past and present. Even as Taipei pulses with modernity, it holds its historical heart tenderly, carrying forward the legacy of ancient China.

Afternoon: Interest in history

The afternoon takes place in the historic Dadaocheng district, as you soak in time, and your hunger is satisfied. Indulge in Taiwanese beef noodle soup, considered the national cuisine bowl, at one of the wonderful restaurants dotted around the area.

Further whet your appetite for history with a walking tour of Old Taipei. Sacred sounds emanate from the walls of Longshan Temple, a temple more than 270 years old but still filled with spiritual joy. Head to the Bopiliao Historical Block, a restored estate, to recreate yourself during the Qing Dynasty. The impressive layout of the buildings is a fascinating reminder of the history that gives Taiwan its current strength.

Evening: Cultural immersion

End your day with the vibrant culture of the Taipei hosts. Perhaps you’ll be lured by traditional Chinese opera at the famed Red House Theatre, or captivated by local music and dance at TaipeiEYE. Alternatively, martial arts fans can catch a spectacular performance by Taiwan’s Formosa Aboriginal Song and Dance Troupe.

As the second day winds down, your heart beats in tune with Taipei, and its rhythm has given you a slice of home. From experiencing local attractions to participating in cultural performances, you have become part of the rich fabric of the city and are ready to experience what the next few days in Taiwan will not children.

Day 3: Natural wonders and hot springs

Day 3 of your incredible 5-day Taiwan trip brings you closer to nature, showcasing geothermal wonders and lush landscapes around Taipei. Beitou County and Yangmingshan National Park are your playground, highlighting Taiwan’s lush greenery and volcanic beauty.

Morning: Amazing Beitou heat

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city as you head to Beitou, a peaceful neighborhood known for its hot springs and geology. Here Thermal Valley stands as a natural wonder, its sulphurous steam rising from turquoise waters to create an otherworldly atmosphere Discover the rich history of hot springs and the unique ecological and geological features that make Beitou’s the popular thermal activity is high. This natural geothermal practice reflects the fiery heart of the earth to which we are given access through these healing waters.

Afternoon: Culinary delights and natural splendor

In the dark minerals, you will find a bit of hunger in the morning. Beitou has a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountain. Whether sitting in a restaurant on a hillside or dining in lush greenery, the local cuisine is as exciting as the views

After lunch, your trip takes you to Yangmingshan National Park, a haven of natural beauty just a short drive from Beitou. Part of Taiwan’s volcanic belt, it is home to unique flora and fauna, occupied by a diverse ecosystem ranging from grasslands to dense forests to see seasonal flowers coloring the landscape scenic spots from mountain tops, and encounter wildlife in its natural habitat.

Evening: Soothing Soaks in Hot Springs

As twilight embraces the land, head back to Beitou to cap your day with a tranquil experience in a hot spring resort. Choose from public bathhouses steeped in history or opt for a more private experience in one of the many resorts offering personal hot spring baths. Immerse yourself in the mineral-rich waters, letting the warmth soothe tired muscles and the serene surroundings calm your mind. For those wishing to prolong this bliss, overnight stays in hot spring resorts are available, offering a perfect end to a day spent in the embrace of Taiwan’s natural beauty.

On Day 3, Beitou’s thermal valleys and hot springs, coupled with the lush expanse of Yangmingshan National Park, offer a respite from the urban frenzy and a deep dive into the comforting arms of Mother Nature.

Day 4: East Coast Adventure

On the fourth day of your fascinating 5 days Taiwan itinerary, you will have an extraordinary exploration of Taiwan’s east coast, with an exhilarating trip to Hualien and a breathtaking visit to the magnificent Taroko Gorge.

Morning: High-Speed Rail Journey to Hualien

Start your day with an exciting ride on Taiwan’s High-Speed Rail to Hualien. The east coast city is known for its stunning landscapes and slow-paced lifestyle, offering a refreshing contrast to Taipei’s bustling energy.

  • Booking and Schedules: Book your High-Speed Rail tickets in advance online or at the station. Trains depart frequently, but it’s best to catch an early morning one to maximize your day.
  • Observation of Taiwan’s Geology: During your journey, marvel at Taiwan’s diverse geological features. Notice the varying landscapes, from flat plains to rugged mountains, mirroring Taiwan’s seismic activity and highlighting its geological richness.

Afternoon: Conquer Taroko Gorge

Once in Hualien, visit one of Taiwan’s natural wonders: Taroko Gorge.

  • Geological sense and natural beauty: Carved in diamonds and granite, Taroko Gorge testifies to Taiwan’s dynamic geological activity. With huge cliffs, deep gorges and the rolling waters of the Livu River, the lake showcases breathtaking natural beauty.
  • Explore trails: Hike through the park’s trails, each offering unique views. The Shakadang Trail takes you along the stunning estuary, while the Swallow Grotto Trail offers breathtaking views of the lake’s cliffs.
  • Lunch and ethnic food: Enjoy a typical ethnic lunch at one of the local restaurants. Featuring mountain vegetables, wild boar, hazelnut wine and freshwater fish, this unique menu offers a glimpse into Taiwan’s rich cultural history

Evening: Staying in Hualien or going back to Taipei?

As the day winds down, you have a choice.

  • Option 1: Return to Taipei: Optional, take an afternoon train to Taipei. Evenings in Taipei offer a unique charm, with vibrant night markets and lit up areas.
  • Option 2: Stay in Hualien: Alternatively, spend the night in Hualien to experience its more laid back vibes. Explore the city’s night markets or enjoy an evening stroll along peaceful Kixington Beach.

Whether it’s the high-speed thrills of train travel, the awe-inspiring exploration of Taroko Gorge, the delicious local ethnic food of the jungle, or a quiet evening in Hualien, your fourth day in Taiwan packs a variety of experiences pleasant as well as pleasant memories collide .

Day 5 Creative Art and Go

Your final day in Taiwan blends the warmth of that creative spirit with the practicality of attending. As you prepare to bite, the island offers one last immersion in its contemporary culture, filled with innovative art and culinary delights

Breakfast: A mix of creativity and culture

Huashan 1914 Creation Garden and its significance for contemporary Taiwanese culture

Start your day at Huashan 1914 Creative Park, a vibrant testament to Taiwanese contemporary art. Once a brewery, this revitalized venue now hosts art exhibitions, indie film screenings and cultural events, fostering creativity in urban Taipei

  • Look for art installations and department stores.
  • Attend workshops or watch demonstrations, if you have time.

Breakfast options at the park’s creative market

A creative market in the park offers unique breakfast options. Choose from artisanal coffee, artisanal pastries, or an eclectic breakfast menu provided by local entrepreneurs and chefs, and soak up the spirit of the garden’s freshness

The last whirlwind of the afternoon is the preparation to leave

Last-minute shopping suggestions in Taipei: Local handicrafts and souvenirs

Visit local markets for crafts and souvenirs and treat yourself and loved ones to memories of Taiwan.

  • Head to Yong Kong Street for unique Taiwanese gifts.
  • Eslite Spectrum Songyan Store is perfect for art and design souvenirs.

Best places to try bubble tea

No trip to Taiwan is complete without bubble tea. For a real taste, try this amazing drink at Chun Shui Tang or Boba Milk Tea, where the famous drink was created.

Conclusion: Reflecting on your journey

As you prepare to leave, think of the vibrant cities, tranquil landscapes and rich cultural fabric you’ve discovered over the past five days in Taiwan

  • Recapping the itinerary: From the soaring peaks of Taipei 101 to the tranquil hot springs of Beitou, the majestic Taroko Gorge and the creative sounds of Huashan 1914 Creative Park, this itinerary gave us the soul of Taiwan
  • Simple beauty: While a well-planned itinerary can shape your itinerary, the unexpected sights along the way are often your favorite memories of Taiwan’s warm hospitality and the rich variety just invites exploration.
  • Encourage future trips: If time prevents you, let this trip discover all that Taiwan has to offer. For those who have barely melted the waters, consider returning to delve into the island’s hidden gems.

Your 5-day trip to Taiwan may come to an end, but the memories and experiences will surely inspire future trips, further exploration, and an abiding love for this island nation.

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