Getting the Right Ski Gear

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Getting the Right Ski Gear
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Top Tourist Attractions in AustraliaFeatured

Australia is a vast country that is just slightly smaller than the continental United States. So it probably shouldn’t be surprising that a country this large would also be home to some of the most unusual destinations and creatures in the world. Among the many iconic sites and landmarks you can visit in Australia are Ayers Rock and the Sydney Opera House. While these spots are very popular with tourists, there are a number of tourist attractions in Australia that aren’t as well-known but are just as impressive.Continue reading

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6 Motor Races to Watch in 2016


When it comes speed, motor racing fans know there isn’t an all the more energizing game on the planet! There’s simply something entrancing about watching an motor vehicle fly around a track at high speeds, apparently defying reality. While there are some incredible motor races held consistently, here are five that you ought to watch in 2016.

Indy 500 

The Indy 500 has been an absolute must-see occasion for hustling fans since its inception, and the current year’s race on May 29 ought to be significantly more special because it is being held for the 100th time. The Indy 500 is always filled with exciting action as the drivers attempt to win one of the most iconic races of all-time, and this year should be no different.



Monaco Grand Prix 

Formula One is likely the most prominent hustling arrangement on the planet, and their fast activity does not show signs of improvement than the Monaco Grand Prix. The race is so notorious on the grounds that it permits a portion of the speediest motor vehicles to drive in the city of Monaco. The narrow paths and tight corners make the Monaco Grand Prix one of the toughest and most dangerous motor races in the world. This year’s Monaco Grand Prix will take place between May 26 and 29.

NASCAR Ford EcoBoost 400 

The stock cars utilized as a part of NASCAR may not go as quick as other famous racing vehicles, yet practically every races highlights a nearby and exciting finish. Since NASCAR developed a playoff system, the 2016 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion will be determined at the Ford EcoBoost 400 at Miami-Homestead Speedway on November 20.


Australian Grand Prix 

This Grand Prix is the most established rivalry held in Australia. Right now, the race is being held for the 80th times following 1928. The current year’s race on March 17 to 20 will be held at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit. This will excite since it’s the first round race of the Championship. The current most successful constructor is McLaren with a total of 12 victories.

Isle of Man TT  

With regards to motorcycle racing, nothing can best the Isle of Man TT race. The time-trial race is held for two weeks on open streets on the Isle of Man. The main week comprises of practice, and the coordinated occasion begins amid the second week. The 2016 Isle of Man TT will take place between May 28 and June 10.

Neste Rally Finland 

Rally racing takes a unique driving skill that is not displayed in any other form of motor racing. The Neste Rally Finland race has become the pinnacle of rally racing because of the gravel racing surface, blind crests and huge jumps. Every motor racing fan needs to make sure they are free between July 29 and July 31 to experience the greatness of the Neste Rally Finland race.

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Add Lembang, Indonesia To Your Travel Wish List 2
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Add Lembang, Indonesia To Your Travel Wish List

Seeing the world? Exploring new places? There is nothing better for the soul. Travelling is a sure-fire way to appreciate the beauty of life – and feel deeply and truly inspired. With so many incredible places to visit it can be challenging to nail down a destination. Guess what? Your life just got a whole lot easier. There is one vacation spot that will take your breath away. Lembang, Indonesia is a stunning town full of natural wonders and exciting things to do. Here are just a few reasons to add it to your travel wish list.

Add Lembang, Indonesia To Your Travel Wish ListThere Are So Many Stunning Places To Stay. Any visit to Lembang will be memorable. However you can make your experience extra special. It all comes down to the accommodations you choose. That’s right. In order to make the most of every moment…you will need to find best hotels. Ideally you want one that is luxurious, relaxing, and enjoyable to be in. Not sure where to stay? Somewhere like the Grand Hotel Lembang is a prime example of accommodations done right. A stay there will add to your overall experience. From the moment you arrive to the moment you return home…your getaway will be one to remember.

You Can Make The Most of Nearby Attractions. The great thing about a trip to Lembang? You can enjoy a quiet vacation full of rest, relaxation, and renewal. Or you can fill up your days with adventure and excitement. The choice is yours! Do you prefer to sit back and unwind? Then there are a few places you will want to visit. Like one of the nearby spa and wellness centres. ZEN Family Spa & Reflexology, Lemongrass Spa, and Ola Family Spa & Reflexology are just a few examples.Add Lembang, Indonesia To Your Travel Wish List 1

For travellers who love to see and do…. be sure to spend time at one of the areas main attractions. There is the Farmhouse Bandung (this popular spot has a little bit of everything. Great views, a petting zoo, and delicious food), the Bosscha Observatory (the observatory is surrounded by gorgeous views and the architecture is unforgettable), and the Vipassana Graha Theravada Temple (a beautiful Buddhist temple where visitors can explore the area – as well as come to pray on Sundays). That is only the beginning. Fill up your travel itinerary with these unforgettable Lembang attractions.Add Lembang, Indonesia To Your Travel Wish List 2

Nature Lovers Will Fall In Love With The Spectacular Views. Still searching for a reason to visit Lembang? How about the incredible views? The area has many to offer its visitors. Over at Tangkuban Perahu, there are many jaw-dropping places to spend your time. From the coloured lake to the volcano hike – as well as the rest of the park area – you will want to bring your camera. Another great option is the Begonia Garden. This is a fantastic spot to take travel photos. Everywhere you turn there are flowers, vegetables, plants, and some seriously romantic backgrounds. There is no doubt about it. You will fall head over heels in love with this dazzling garden.

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Going to Bedforshire


At the point when going to Bedfordshire, UK, there are numerous fun spots to visit and things to do in the region. The accompanying are five suggestions for things to do on a weekend outing to Bedfordshire.

Woburn Safari Park in Woburn highlights 300 sections of land of lovely parkland where guests can experience more than 80 types of creatures including bears, lions and tigers. A day at the Woburn Safari Park incorporates boundless excursions through the Road Safari drive-through creature stores and every day programs of keeper talks, as well as a series of demonstrations.

The Stondon Transport Museum in Henlow contains a captivating accumulation of memorable vehicles and cutting edge works of art. The gallery has more than 380 displays which are always being upgraded with new increments. Each exhibit has a posted document which explains the history of that particular vehicle.

The Birds of Prey Center in Wilstead is one of the biggest of its sort in the UK and components more than 200 fowls from around the globe, including numerous types of hawks, hawks, falcons, owls and vultures. Also, guests can appreciate 30 minute flying showcases and also the chance to handle owls. For a little additional charge, visitors can likewise agree to a one hour bird of prey experience.

Woburn Abbey and Gardens is an authentic sixteenth century monastery arranged on 28 excellent sections of land. Visitors may investigate 22 rooms all through the abbey, as well as the various exhibitions in the gardens. The site also contains a 3,000 acre deer park with public footpaths where visitors can view nine species of deer.

Preston Manor in Brighton is a authentic and enchanting Edwardian mansion with more than 20 rooms accessible to people in general for investigation. Visitors can view such components as the exquisite upstairs rooms and the ground floor territory with the workers’ rooms.


Best Beaches to Visit in Puri

Puri is a dynamic and tempting some portion of India: home to fabulous sanctuaries and the host of 24 clamoring yearly celebrations. While the city is overflowing with fun exercises, beautiful points of interest and festivities, it is Puri’s shoreline that truly attracts explorers.

Situated on the Bay of Bengal, a substantial region of Puri is secured in sprawling sands and lapping waves. It offers guests the absolute most hypnotizing shoreline encounters and some genuinely mind boggling sea views. Here are only five of the best shorelines to visit amid your Puri adventure.

Puri Beach

Puri shoreline is hailed as a Hindu sacred place and is a standout amongst the most mainstream attractions in the district. This long extend of shoreline components wonderful sands and rough waters, settling on it the perfect decision for surfing aficionados. Guests can take a walk, peruse pearls and seashell trinkets sold by nearby sellers or wonder about noteworthy sand figures, including the work of universally perceived neighborhood craftsman Sudarsan Pattnaik. The best time to visit Puri shoreline is at dawn or dusk, when fabulous perspectives of the bright night sky overflow the sea.


Balighai beach

The untainted territory of the Balighai shoreline conveys a flawlessly invigorating knowledge to all who visit it. Only 8km far from Puri, this shoreline can be found at the mouth of the Nuanai waterway and components a quieting stream of water, which streams tenderly into the Bay of Bengal. The sun splashed environment have something to divert everybody: from water skiing and parasailing exercises for adrenaline seekers to peaceful pontoon rides for the individuals who need to unwind amongst the white sands and green casuarina trees Balighai shoreline sees Olive Ridley turtles lay their eggs in the sand amongst December and January, alongside a large group of transitory winged creatures taking flight noticeable all around above.

Beleswar Beach

The romantic scenes of Beleswar shoreline has demonstrated a most loved amongst love bird couples. The zone is basically staggering when saturated with light from the dawn or nightfall, and it is less swarmed than a portion of the other sea side destinations Puri needs to offer.Sat at the mouth of the Nuanai waterway and just shy of 4km off the famous Puri Konark Marine Drive Road, the Beleswar shoreline is anything but difficult to get to. Once there, you will locate an inconceivable stretch of area, covered with woodland spread. Guests can enjoy swimming and water sports, or just parlor on the warm sands.

Swargadwar Beach

This shoreline has awesome religious hugeness, with Swargadwar in Hindi actually making an interpretation of as ‘Way to Heaven’. Legend has it this detached shoreline was the washing spot of the Vaishnava group’s eminent prophet, Sri Chaitanya Dev and his enthusiasts. As a prize for his commitment, it is trusted that Sri Chaitanya Dev was converted into Lord Brahma and climbed to paradise from the sandy setting.


Golden Beach

As its name proposes, Golden shoreline is inexhaustible with the rich, shining tones of the photo flawless sand. This spills out onto the waterfront of the Bay of Bengal, which guests say has perpetually changing shades of shading for the duration of the day, from splendid soul and green in sunshine to dull naval force at night.Amenities at Golden shoreline are missing contrasted with a portion of alternate shorelines in and around the city. Be that as it may, most guests won’t miss this, as the untouched perspectives and radiant dawn and nightfalls are sufficient to keep you enamored. Exertion has been taken to keep the dazzling scene uncompromised. Signs illuminate you that you are not permitted to litter, while drinking on the shoreline is banned through and through.

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Thailand for Expats: A Property Rental Guide

Thailand has emerged as one of the world’s most popular destination among expats. Although, the reasons are many; Thailand’s real estate is one of the prime reasons for the influx of these expats. But before we look at a few of the facts about the real estate sector in Thailand; we need to take a look at some quick facts about Thailand (You can also take a look at the awesome infographic we have created here).

Quick Facts:

• Thailand is a country with a population of around 67.01 million people.
• Bangkok and Chang Mai are the most popular city for expats in the country.
• The official language is Thai.
• Agriculture, forestry, fishing tourism and manufacturing are the main industries in Thailand.

The people who come to Thailand to call it their second home often find the picturesque beaches and the food quite tempting, which is why it’s one of the world’s favorite tourist destinations as well. However, since we are talking about expats, they need a place to stay and won’t be leaving the country anytime soon. Let’s look at some of the most in-demand types of rental properties they find most alluring.

Please include attribution to with this graphic.

Thailand for Expats: A Property Rental Guide

Infographic by DDProperty.


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Maasai Mara National Reserve - Kenya

Top Destinations for Safari in Africa

Imagine a lion and a buffalo fighting with all their strength in the bank of a waterhole, herds of elephants strolling through an endless grass plain, or a giant male gorilla staring into your eyes as if he is indeed acknowledging your existence.

A safari in Africa is not just a trip but an experience of a lifetime.

While national parks in Tanzania are often famous, here we list some of the best national parks in Africa, all guaranteeing an excellent safari experience.

Maasai Mara National Reserve – Kenya

Kenya’s finest national park, Maasai Mara National Reserve is home to an amazing concentration of wildlife, with popular predators like lions, leopards, and cheetahs found in abundance.

The major attraction of this place though is the annual great migration of over 3 million animals, including over 2 million wildebeest, 350,000 zebra, and thousands of various types of gazelle.


-The Great Migration

-Abundance of African lions, African leopards and Cheetahs

-Interaction with the Maasai tribe

Best season to go:

-July to October

Lake Nakuru National Park – Kenya


Lake Nakuru National Park hosts Lake Nakuru, a part of the Great Rift Valley Lake System. The lake is full of alkaline water and it attracts thousands of birds, especially flamingos, in search of a special kind of algae that grows in the lake.

Along with flamingos, Lake Nakuru National Park is home to 450 bird species, many of which are easily spotted, which is why this place is called a birdwatcher’s paradise.


-Thousands of pelicans and pink flamingos

-Very easy to spot wildlife around the lakes

Best season to go:

-January to February

Ngorongoro Conservation Area – Tanzania

Ngorongoro Conservation Area is famous for being home to the stunning Ngorongoro Crater, the world’s largest volcanic caldera formed about two million years ago. The Ngorongoro Crater has the most natural wildlife setting in the world because it has not been disturbed by human settlement, largely because it is surrounded by the 610 metres (2,000 feet) high crater walls.

Voted as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of Africa, the Ngorongoro Crater is arguably the best place for game viewing in Africa.


-Densest concentration of wildlife in the world

-High chance of spotting the Big Five (African Lion, African Elephant, African Leopard, Rhinoceros, African Buffalo)

Best Season to go:

-June to October

Serengeti National Park – Tanzania


Serengeti National Park is one of the most famous safari destinations in Africa. Along with its vast area and a huge concentration of wildlife, this national park is also one of the hosts to the Great Migration, an annual event where more than 3 million animals migrate from North to South in search of grassland and water.


-The Great Migration

-Home to some of the largest Nile crocodiles

-Watching hundreds of different species of animals and birds

Best Season to go:

-June to October

Kruger National Park – South Africa

Kruger National Park is Africa’s oldest established national park. With good paved roads, a range of accommodation options available, and wheelchair accessibility in most of the lodges, this is also the best maintained park in all of Africa.

Despite the accessibility to the national park, the wilderness of the place is not lost and you can still enjoy great game drives.


-Frequent spotting of animals like lions, giraffe, buffalo, leopard, elephant and kudu

-Private game reserves available

-Over 255 archaeological sites within the park

Best Season to go

-April to September

Bwindi Impenetrable National Park – UgandaVirunga_Mountain_Gorilla_1

Home to half of the world’s population of the endangered mountain gorillas, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park gives you a unique experience to watch the mountain gorillas up close.


-Tracking gorillas to watch them in their natural setting

-Over 120 mammal species

-Over 1000 flowering plant species

Best Season to go:

-June to August

-December to February

The Duba Plains – Botswana

The Duba Plains is one of the Okavango Delta’s most remote camps. It is known for the clashes between buffaloes and lions during the day which is unusual because lions generally hunt during the night.

If you are interested to see lions in action, this is the best place to visit in Africa.


-One of the best lion viewing game drives in Africa

-Lions hunting buffaloes and other animals during the day

-Highly exclusive because of its remote location

Best season to visit:

-May to November

Zambezi Valley – Zambia

The Zambezi valley is host to Victoria Falls and Lake Kariba. With Zambezi river flowing through the park, this is one of the best places for canoe safari. The lower Zambezi also includes a World Heritage Site at Mana Pools.


-Canoe safari

-Fishing options available

Best season to visit:

-May to early November

Etosha National Park – Namibia

A salt pan covers a large area of Etosha National Park, and it appears to be barren most of the time, but is home to more than 110 mammal species and 340 bird species.

Spotting wildlife is very easy in this place since most of the animals gather up at the waterholes. You may get a chance to see not just one or two but hundreds of animals at once.


-Common sightings of elephants, giraffes, leopards and lions

-More than 340 species of bird

Best season to go:

-May to October

Hwange National Park – Zimbabwe


Hwange National Park is the largest game reserve in Zimbabwe, and hosts over 100 mammal and 400 bird species. With accommodations available in three large camps over the area, a trip to Hwange National Park guarantees an excellent safari experience.


-One of the largest population of African elephant

-Other commonly found animals include wild dog, lion, leopard, and cheetah

Best season to visit:

-July to October

If you’re into wildlife, nature, and the sheer rawness of Africa, a safari in Africa is highly recommended, particularly if you’re visiting one of the above mentioned national parks. A trip to the local zoo will never get close to the real thrill and ecstatic feeling it is to see a wild lion or leopard in its natural habitat, Africa.


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