By: Margyle

new_yorkThere are cities, and then there are cities. New York City is the latter.

Serving as the destination for all those in search of dreams and opportunity, New York City has something to offer everyone. Whether you crash in a hostel, pamper yourself in a penthouse suite or simply enjoy a comfortable guest house in New York, you are up for an experience you are not soon to forget. Be sure to check out a variety of holiday apartments on wimdu to find just the one to suit your tastes and budget!

For those dreaming of the glitz and glamour of American culture, look no further than the spectacle that is Times Square and Broadway. Any one taking a short walk around these parts will feel a strange sense of déjà vu and why shouldn’t it? You’ve probably seen this backdrop as many times as your hometown, serving as the basis for countless pieces of entertainment (even if in many cases, it was filmed in Los Angeles or Canada). Take in a show, grab a bite to eat and make note of the reason no local drives in this fast paced city.

Sports fanatic? New York City is home to several professional sports teams, like baseball’s Yankees, and serves as the perfect spot to educate those unfamiliar with North American sports and convert them, even if it’s for opposing teams. The same can be said for the fashion conscious out there – you may be drawn here for Fifth Avenue and the countless designers that call this place home, but even those with little interest in couture may walk away enlightened. Such is the magic of NYC.

New York City is steeped in history, from its role as a first destination for immigrants to the New World to the home of the United Nations and more recent events such as the World Trade Centre bombings in 2001. You can’t help but walk down the streets and feel like you’re a part of something bigger than yourself. See why Central Park is simply the park. Marvel at the wonder (and blunder) of Wall Street, the economic heart of the U.S. Take in sightings of New York’s Statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, Rockafellar Centre and Empire State Building – just some of the impressive structures that call this city home.

And don’t forget about the food. Oh the food.

Particularly if you are coming from across the Atlantic, New York City may be your first stop on a North American adventure. While there are many ways to head west across the vastness that is the U.S.A., few would be complete without a stop in the city that never sleeps.