Getting away in the cold weather months is a great way to not only pass the time but to recharge your batteries and get you jazzed up for summer. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who doesn’t want to take a vacation of some sort, whether it’s an itinerary packed adventure or a lazy binge fest on the beach, and with winter approaching it’s time to start thinking about your own plans.

Speaking of winter escapes, what kind of traveller are you when it comes to your approach to vacations? Are you laid back or tightly wound? Social or solo? Take a look below and see which type of traveler best describes you!

Buzzer Beater

Maybe it’s the love of spontaneity or the fact that you can never get your act together in a reasonable period of time, but you’re the definition of leaving it to the last minute. There’s a good chance you wanted to travel all along but it’s the day before the last moment you can take a holiday and you are definitely going somewhere. Don’t sweat it, there are always last minute deals so long as you’re flexible and easy going!

hoggaThe Planner

Schedule driven doesn’t even begin to describe you. If you have anything less than two months prior to something as major as going away on a holiday, you feel rushed and panic at not having enough time to plan out every detail. Sure, surprises aren’t your thing but that also means you are going to find a good deal when it fits you rather than wait too long and risk not getting the trip you want.

Like Clockwork

On a different level than the planners, these kinds know they are going away because they always go away – maybe even to the same place every time. There is no such thing as “I hope to get away this year” because your vacation on the beach is as much a part of you as your job or family. Loyalty rewards programs give you gifts when you arrive – it’s the sweet life for sure.

Peer Pressure

Some people would never go anywhere if it weren’t for some friend of theirs talking them into it every year. It’s not that these people don’t have willpower, it’s more that they don’t want to miss out on a good time with their friends, and who could blame them? Taking a vacation with a couple of mates, laying on a beach and drinking yourself silly is just about the best way there is to ensure good times and great memories.

Looking out for Number One

A rare breed for sure, this type of traveller takes a holiday for only one person: themselves. They want to get away from their family obligations, job, social norms and all the other annoyances that drive them up the wall the rest of the year. Travelling solo is the only way they can guarantee a little peace and quiet – so don’t you dare tag along!