America is a country that is synonymous with camping and all over you will find kids from every corner of the world assembling in summer camps for the holidays. This therefore means that there is a demand for workers to help manage the kids and run the camps smoothly. The beauty of working at a summer camp is that you will be meeting with different kinds of people from all over the world and engaging in all sorts of fun games and activities aside from the money part.


Sudan is one of the most impoverished countries in the world and it lacks facilities for proper education and those that are available are not affordable for all the children. You can volunteer to teach the young ones in the lower classes and make a lasting impression of impacting knowledge in the children’s lives. It is an exhilarating experience making a difference in the community. Other places you can teach include colleges and universities. There are normally other projects going on to improve the quality of education and whenever you can spare some time you can get involved.


If you volunteer with turtles in Costa Rica it gives you an opportunity to get up close and candid with nature. It is a program that has been set up to ensure that the four species of sea turtles exclusive to Costa Rican beaches. It involves taking care of nesting areas along the beach until the eggs hatch and the hatchlings led safely to the sea. Sometimes eggs are collected from certain areas and kept in safe hatcheries where they are kept under watch until they hatch; once again the hatchlings are led to the sea. It is an exercise that is worthwhile as you are exposed to nature and as you help with the daily procedures you get to learn firsthand information about these fantastic creatures.


Israel is a country that is rarely mentioned especially as a travel destination or otherwise but is a land of close communities and complicated politics. Working in a Kibbutz will enable you to get a firsthand experience living as a part of the social community. People work together here and everything is provided and you can use it as a base to explore the Middle East and North Africa. If you are a student of political science, or a curious person who would like to experience a different life style, then a volunteer job here will enlighten you. Be sure to get a long term travel insurance policy for this kind of trip as there has been unrest in Israel and you wanted to be prepared for any event.


The UN is involved in many humanitarian activities worldwide and you can help deliver their services in a country of choice. From healthcare, the environment and to business development the UN’s plate is full of opportunities. Choose your area of expertise and destination of choice and take off. The UN also tends to favor professionals but it is also well connected with other organizations such as NGOs that work under the UN where you can be placed.