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A Trip to Cape Town: The South African Capital Where You Can Have It All

Travel Tips - Ross French - August 15, 2017

A Trip to Cape Town

Situated beside the Atlantic Ocean, the oldest city of South Africa is really a stunning place. The sandy beaches, the long stretch of vineyards, glorious weather and the iconic Table Mountain makes Cape Town a city where you can have it all. The city is blessed with a laid back attitude and a plethora of must do activities to choose from. One can spend days after days listening to jazz music, tasting the gourmet offerings, going on wild safaris, taking a helicopter tour above the city or diving under water to witness the Great white sharks. A trip to Cape Town is the best way to start your vacation in South Africa. While you can find out all about planning the perfect trip in our extensive South Africa Travel Guide, here are some the top activities that you must try out while you are in Cape Town.

Top Things to Do in Cape Town

Hike the Table Mountain:

The magnanimous Table Mountain acts as a grand backdrop of the whole city of Cape Town. It is the most iconic landmark of this city, and hiking up to the top of this mountain should be mandatory while visiting here. The panoramic view of Cape Town that you can get from the top of this mountain will surely take your breath away. If you’re not the hiking type, take to cable car service to reach the top. Trust the, the view from the top is worth it.

Plunge into the water among the sharks:

For all of the adventure lovers among you, cage-diving into the shark filled ocean is the most thrilling experience you can have while you are in Cape Town. Take a day trip to Gansbaai, the shark capital of the world. There you can dive into the ocean in a cage, which will put you within touching distance of one of the world’s most feared predators. You’ll also get learn a lot about these majestic creatures from onboard guides and marine biologists.

Visit Cape Point:

Set your foot at literally the tip of the African continent by visiting Cape Point. Here, the old church stands quietly surrounded by a breathtaking landscape. You can also visit the Cape Point National Park, from where you can witness the meeting of the Atlantic and Indian Ocean at the Cape of Good Hope.

Head to Robben Island:

Take a day trip to Robben Island to explore the former political prison. Guided tours are conducted daily to this island from Cape Town. There are a lot of WW2 sites and a beautiful museum to explore while you’re here.

Feel the Cape Jazz:

Jazz music is a huge part of the cultural heritage of Cape Town. Cape Jazz, a style of jazz with distinct African flavor, is almost a way of living in Cape Town. Do not miss out on chance to experience the great Cape tunes while you are in this city.

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What Are the Best Ways to Record Your Holiday?

Travel Tips - Ross French - August 9, 2017


You are sat on the beach with the hot sun and the clear sea. You don’t want ever to forget your amazing holiday, but how do you record your adventures so that you and others can enjoy them?

With today’s technology, there are many ways you can record your holiday and not only let others see it but keep it forever. Here are some of the ways you can use your camera or your mobile, to capture those holiday moments.


If you are going to be cataloging your holiday, you will need a few things to help you. A tripod can come in handy if you want to take a still image, or if you want to be in the shot as well.

Although there are some that don’t like the selfie stick, it can be a good way to get those shots you might not otherwise manage, just make sure your phone is nice and secure.

Cameras are great for high-quality photos; however, most mobile phones are now capable of good resolution. It is important to make sure you have enough storage on your phone or camera for the whole trip.


It might sound a little old fashioned, but sometimes it is nice to have the photos in an album or special book to look at later. There is something about having them there in front of you that makes them more special than just looking at them on a screen.

If you want to get especially organized, you can even make a book cover using software like Adobe Spark. You can then choose your favorite picture and use it on the front of the album.

Animated Montage

Another good way of recording your trip is to use software to make an animated montage. In many cases, it will allow you to use both photos and video and display them in a rolling movie.

These are a good idea to send to family members so that they can see the best parts of your holiday without having to sit through all the photos.


More people are choosing to upload their holiday snaps to social media sites like Facebook. For some, it has become the only catalog for their adventures rather than having lots of photos or CDs at home.

This can cause an issue if something goes wrong and you don’t have a copy of them elsewhere, but it is a great wayto share them with friends and family.

Action Cams

A particular favorite for those who enjoy the adventure holidays, action cams are strapped to your helmet or on a selfie stickto capture the action as it happens. There is now a wide range of these cameras that are usually shock proof and water resistant.

You can upload them to your social media, or broadcast them live through Facebook or Periscope.

There has never been so many and easy ways to capture and revisit all the special moments from your holiday.

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Philippines : A Travel Guide to the best Islands

Philippines, Travel Blog, Travel Tips - Ross French - July 29, 2017


Philippine island located in the western pacific ocean which is scattered over a total of 500,000 square miles. The geography of this island is somewhat differs from that of a compact sector of earth. Philippine is being connected with three physical and cultural worlds i.e Asian world, the Pacific world and the occidental world. The cultural of philippine is mostly contributed by chinese, japanese, malaysian and other asian worlds.

Philippine is one of the most unseen travel destination which is very less when compared with the tourist number travelling to thailand and UK. Tourism is very important for this country’s total economy accounting for approximately 8% of its GDP.

You can choose to travel Philippine to improve your outlook towards life and most important to bring happiness. Trip to Philippine would be marvelous experience for any traveller. There are many stupendous places which will inspire you to start up your journey. It can give a good kick start to the adventure.

It has many islands which increases the places to visit as well as beaches to explore. Visiting to these places will include boat riding from the nearest beach.If you love the luxury lifestyle as much as you love to travel, then Huma Island, Palawan is the best place for adventure. It comes with the turquoise colored waters of Palawan, top class facilities, luxury resorts, mouth watering dishes and great adventure.

Camiguin another island, mentioned as “Island Born of Fire” as it holds the record of the volcanoes. It is not visited by many people but it is whipped with waterfalls, cold and hot wind blowing with untouched sand bar. And most importantly it is host of Lanzones festival – one of the most popular, dynamic festival of Philipinne.

Coron, Palawan, it is one the most beautiful destination in Philippine. It delights its tourist by its side scenery and water.

El Nido, Palawan is the nature’s way of showing vibrant colored beaches and supreme beauty. Boracay, Aklan is the one of the island which is voted as the best island in 2015 with the wonderful nightlife scene with impressive waters and soft white sand.

Lake Sebu is one of the underrated place in philippine but is the home of clean lakes which gives the relaxation to eyes.

If you are someone who loves history and you want history to be a major part of your life then you should definitely visit Vigan which is a historic destination coupled with Spanish styled houses to an 17th century Augustinian Cathedra.

Tubbataha Reefs Natural Park is one of the world’s best dive sites that serves as a home to coral reefs, the endangered hawksbill, lionfish, clownfish,sea turtles sea turtles, mantra rays and sharks.Manjuyod Sandbar can make you feel like standing in one of the best beach destination in the world where you can relax under rustling palms and gaze at serene blue sea.So Philipinne is the answer to paradise. Other destinations include Iloilo City, Banaue Rice Terraces, Ifugao, Kalanggaman Island, Leyte,Langun Gobingob Caves in Samar.

It is one of the poweful and attractive chain of islands. It is worth travelling for.

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Island Travel Guide: Things to do in Cebu

Philippines, Travel Blog, Travel Tips - Ross French - July 28, 2017


Cebu is a smaller region located in Philippine which consists of islands. It is famous for islands and its food. You can eat like a king. Also rich in history, culture,tradition, food and natural wonders, there are many things to do in Cebu which attracts many tourists here.Cebu island is a wonderful nature wonderland. Tourists enjoy visiting those beaches so that they can enjoy the scene of the quiet blue sea and hear the sound of its waves when they are sloshing the shore.

It is a paradise for those who love nature. The perfect getaway from the stressed city life. This island is itself is like a beautiful garden comprising of an ocean of flowers and trees. Watching them for hours will not be enough to full your desire to charm your eyes on that beauty. Waterfalls seems like droplets comg down like a silky soft falls.

Whether you are a foodie or history junkie, the city Cebu has a world of complete pleasant things to do. Many things to do in Cebu which includes Spending a day at Cebu Westown Lagoon. Kids will love to visit water park and pools in extraordinary oasis.

You can look out for jaw-dropping beauty and remarkable floral arrangements.

It is free from because of the efforts to protect its nature life, rare birds, and rare plants. The wondrous Temple of Leah attracts dozens of visitors every day with beautiful architectural design.Hike Mount Babag is the best place for challenging trekking. It is good for adventure and striking challenges. Cebu has the best-tasting lechons in the country and is known for best pork dishes prepared ever. You can fill your plate with filling and tasty dishes.

Outdoor photography of nature here will help you to master the skills needed for successful landscape. It provides wide range of photography for natural elements. To experience the ultimate food trip in the city, just make a food trip to tisa.

It can give late night treats to travelers. It can offer first-class dining in restaurant in the Terraces in Ayala Center. You can Run with the best runners in the city and can learn the art of pole dancing in a fun and sultry way. You can learn Zumba by joining a Zumba fitness class in Abellana Cebu City Sports complex and burn your calories.

It is the home of the oldest church in the country so by Liting a few candles, and saying your prayers, you can make a wish. And worship. Carbon Market is the best place to buy fresh vegetables and fruits in the city. Experience the grandest festival in the Philippines which attracts many people towards it.

You can also visit Cebu zoo to meet the great Boggart tiger as well as the other charming creatures in this animal refuge.Swimming with the Butandings (whale sharks) will surely cherish for years to come. Cebu is a must go place with wonderful experiences and adventure altogether.

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Spend Your Holiday Vacation Happily via Visiting Ireland’s Best Places

Europe, Travel Tips - Ross French - July 27, 2017

Nowadays, peoples always want to spend their vacation in unique attractive places. On that basis, visiting Ireland will give you great pleasure and memories in your life. Here in this article, you can find a description about top 10 attractive places to visit in Ireland.

• Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher is generally considered as one of the most visited places in Ireland which having unique locations to spend your vacation. It is situated in western Ireland over the Atlantic Ocean of towering 214 meters. This place will offer you incredible views, where you can able to experience a lot.

• Ring of Kerry

The ring of Kerry is considered to be the most scenic tourist trail of Ireland, where one can able to feel the nature of fresh air and water along with greenery landscapes. It has been situated in southwestern Ireland from 120 miles of jaw dropping landscapes.

• The Giant’s Causeway

This place is one of the biggest gifts given by nature. It is considered to be the most dedicated tourist attractive place. It is located in Northern Ireland, where it is comprised of with 40, 000 multi-lateral basalt rock columns. This will look like giant stepping stones, where people can walk.

• Skellig Islands

Ireland’s great World Heritage Skellig Islands of UNESCO make a commendable side trek from the prominent Ring of Kerry visitor trail, a couple of little rough hills that ascent up from the ocean off the shore of Portmagee.

• Aran Islands

Here, numerous local people still speak Gaelic as their first dialect, live in little-cultivating groups and drive horse traps. The field is similarly charming – notable strongholds wavering on precipice tops, interminable sandy shorelines, and miles of rough coastline.

• Glenveagh National Park

Ireland’s second-biggest National Park at 14,000 sections of land, Glenveagh is County Donegal’s number 1 fascination, drawing climbers and anglers from everywhere throughout the nation. The earlier terminated Golden Eagle was reintroduced to the recreation center in 2000 and they share their environment with Ireland’s biggest crowd of red deer.

• The Burren

A psyche boggling scene of trenches, gaps, and rough hills, strolling over the Burren has been compared to strolling on the moon. Make sure to investigate you trek over the stones, as well – the rough territory sustains an amazing assortment of uncommon plants and creepy crawlies, with vivid wildflowers blossoming between the splits all through the spring.

• Connemara National Park

Another of Ireland’s National Parks, Connemara is well known for its crowd of local Connemara Ponies and its wild wide open, sprawling around the renowned Twelve Bens mountain run. Another highlight is the wonderful Kylemore Abbey, a previous religious community housed in one of Ireland’s most delightful manors.

• Glendalough

The sixth-century Christian settlement was established by St. Kevin and gloats a progression of noteworthy stays set against a background of pleasant Irish wide open. Wicklow is a nature darling’s heaven of Rolling Meadows, huge lakes, and slopes covered in purple heather.

• Cooley Peninsula

Appreciate the perspectives from the forested Mourne Mountains, stop off at the enchanting medieval town of Carlingford and walk the windswept coastline in one of the nation’s most remunerating off-the-beaten-track goals.

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