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Various Ways You Can Get Around in Sydney

Australia - Ross French - September 3, 2016


Included in everyone’s list of must-visit destinations is Sydney, Australia. There are many good reasons why this is one of the most picturesque settings in the world. Defined by the Pacific coastline, Sydney gives its visitors a taste of paradise with its breathtaking view of the harbour and a wide array of activities, shops, and beaches everyone can go to. Even finding the perfect hotel accommodation in Sydney would be a breeze because there are so many options for all kinds of travellers.

But one of the biggest problems travellers usually face when they are abroad is not where to go and which places to visit; it is simply how to navigate in a foreign country. Here we will talk about the different modes of transportation you can depend on if you want to see more of what Sydney has to offer.


The great thing about buses is they go around everywhere. In what whatever country you go to, buses are one of the most reliable modes of transportation. If you do not want to limit yourself to places like the Circular Quay area, the public buses can help you get around the wide area of metropolitan Sydney.  Bus fares differ, and it is cheaper the farther you go. You can look up bus passes that offer a couple of rides for a discounted price.

There are also sightseeing buses that pass through different places of interest. Just by riding this, you can visit the Sydney Opera House, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Kings Cross, and so much more.


Sydney, being defined by the rugged Pacific coastline, is also best viewed from the  clear blue waters that surround it. The main ferry terminal can be found at Circular Quay, and you can easily look up ferry schedules and routes on the Manly Fast Ferry website. This will give you a perfect panoramic view of Sydney and all the people that are going about their business.

Metro Light Rail

Transit is also the best ways for you not to get lost. The Metro Light Rail offers a day pass which you can use to go around Sydney through their trams. You will easily reach places like Chinatown, the Star Casino, Darling Harbour, Paddy’s Markets, and Sydney’s Fish Markets. And if you have been buying a lot of stuff in most shops you can find there, a tram can be one of your best options so that you are not lugging your items around.


Another sure way not to get lost in Sydney is through taxi. They have a system that is the same as other cab companies in the world. Your travels with them are metered, and expect that they can be a bit expensive. But if there are no other options left, cabs are the best choice for you.


Renting a car in a foreign country can be a bit of a doozy especially if you only have the help of a GPS or a map to navigate through the city. But it is also one of the best ways to get to know the city more and see much of what it can offer. It is like living like a local, albeit a bit confusing at first and complicated at best.


Once you get an opportunity to walk to a certain place, do it. It is one of the ways in which you can immerse yourself in a foreign country and get a glimpse on how they traverse the streets of Sydney daily.

These are the ways in which you can see much of Sydney and all that it wants to show you. Pretty sure if you are planning on spending a huge amount of time relaxing at the coast, you will be riding a few of these a couple of times.

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6 Motor Races to Watch in 2016

Australia - Ross French - June 28, 2016

Motor Races


When it comes speed, motor racing fans know there isn’t an all the more energizing game on the planet! There’s simply something entrancing about watching an motor vehicle fly around a track at high speeds, apparently defying reality. While there are some incredible motor races held consistently, here are five that you ought to watch in 2016.

Indy 500 

The Indy 500 has been an absolute must-see occasion for hustling fans since its inception, and the current year’s race on May 29 ought to be significantly more special because it is being held for the 100th time. The Indy 500 is always filled with exciting action as the drivers attempt to win one of the most iconic races of all-time, and this year should be no different.



Monaco Grand Prix 

Formula One is likely the most prominent hustling arrangement on the planet, and their fast activity does not show signs of improvement than the Monaco Grand Prix. The race is so notorious on the grounds that it permits a portion of the speediest motor vehicles to drive in the city of Monaco. The narrow paths and tight corners make the Monaco Grand Prix one of the toughest and most dangerous motor races in the world. This year’s Monaco Grand Prix will take place between May 26 and 29.

NASCAR Ford EcoBoost 400 

The stock cars utilized as a part of NASCAR may not go as quick as other famous racing vehicles, yet practically every races highlights a nearby and exciting finish. Since NASCAR developed a playoff system, the 2016 NASCAR Sprint Cup Series champion will be determined at the Ford EcoBoost 400 at Miami-Homestead Speedway on November 20.


Australian Grand Prix 

This Grand Prix is the most established rivalry held in Australia. Right now, the race is being held for the 80th times following 1928. The current year’s race on March 17 to 20 will be held at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit. This will excite since it’s the first round race of the Championship. The current most successful constructor is McLaren with a total of 12 victories.

Isle of Man TT  

With regards to motorcycle racing, nothing can best the Isle of Man TT race. The time-trial race is held for two weeks on open streets on the Isle of Man. The main week comprises of practice, and the coordinated occasion begins amid the second week. The 2016 Isle of Man TT will take place between May 28 and June 10.

Neste Rally Finland 

Rally racing takes a unique driving skill that is not displayed in any other form of motor racing. The Neste Rally Finland race has become the pinnacle of rally racing because of the gravel racing surface, blind crests and huge jumps. Every motor racing fan needs to make sure they are free between July 29 and July 31 to experience the greatness of the Neste Rally Finland race.

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5 Tips for a Driving Trip Around Australia

Australia - Ross French - March 31, 2016



If you are having a holiday in Australia, the best way to enjoy the country is to perhaps go on a road trip. Driving around is fairly easy especially because of their modern roads. This is a good way to have a slow-paced vacation and to enjoy its many destinations. To make the most out of it, however, make sure to follow the tips that will be mentioned below. Continue Reading

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Myths and Truths about Living Abroad in Australia

Australia, Travel Blog - Ross French - March 9, 2016

Are you considering moving abroad and seeking a new life in Australia? The Land Down Under is one of the most beautiful and exciting countries to live in and many Brits choose to emigrate there for the endless sunshine, outdoor adventures and laid back pace of life. Continue Reading

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