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Avoid Taxis and Rent Cars in Orlando on your Next Trip to Save Big

North America - Ross French - December 5, 2022

How often have you heard a person paying more cab charges because they were unfamiliar with a place’s fare rate? This issue is common with hiring a taxi but renting a car eliminates that problem.

There are several advantages of renting a car over a taxi if traveling in Orlando. This article will discuss all the remarkable merits of car rentals.

Why Should You Choose a Rental Car over a Taxi?

Here’s why you should rent cars in Orlando for your next trip:

1. Number of Hours

You can only hire a taxi for a predefined number of hours. Besides, you cannot use the same cab for more than one day. If you require a vehicle for the whole day, renting a car is a viable option.

Car rentals work by booking a vehicle in advance for a fixed amount of time which could be a few days or a week. This actually saves a lot more than you would pay for hiring a taxi.

2. Cost

The biggest advantage of car rentals over taxis is cost. There is no guarantee that you’ll get a cab at the same price every day in Orlando. Moreover, different areas in the city will offer you different prices if you use a taxi for one day or a week.

But you can save big bucks with car rentals as they have a fixed and moderate price. Their price is not based on mileage like taxi fare, and you’ll be only paying once, not different charges every day.

3. Cancellation

The biggest drawback of cabs is the refusal to pick up. Although the era of yellow cabs is over, and nowadays, cab apps have taken over where you can call a taxi on demand. But cab drivers often refuse upcoming bookings at the drop of a hat. This results in hefty and unwanted cancellation charges and disruptions to trip plans.

On the other hand, with a car rental, you are the sole person to decide where you want to pick up the car, where you want to go, and when. Besides, after ending the trip, you can drop the vehicle at your chosen place, and the company’s representative will pick up the car.

4. Peak Hours

Another advantage of rental car Orlando airport services is that you won’t have to pay extra when the traffic rush is targeted near the airport. Nor you’ll have to pay additional charges during peak hours when the fares are high. Car rentals have fixed costs that don’t vary based on the rush or peak hours.

5. Comfort of Self-Driving

When you hire a taxi, you depend on the driver to choose the course of your trip. Many times the cab drivers will take a longer route just to increase the travel bill.

But by renting a car, you can decide the routes and destinations to visit whenever you want. You can also choose the time when you want to stay in a place or leave without any worries.


If you are contemplating travelling to Orlando, it’s best to rent a vehicle for your trip rather than take a taxi or bus service. A car rental service has several advantages over cabs. It offers you the comfort of choosing your own route and vehicle pick up and drop off.

Furthermore, you’ll pay a deposit when booking a car and won’t have to pay additional charges for peak hours. Car rentals also save you from hefty cancellation charges, which is a common issue with booking a taxi.

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