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The Top Most Attractions of Metropolis Taipei

China - Eric Anderson - March 16, 2018

Taipei is known to be the capital city of Taiwan. This is a contemporary metropolis land with innumerable Japanese colonial lanes is popular holiday destination ideas. In Taipei, you get to see the busy shopping districts and contemporary edifices. Make a list of Taipei attractions and start your journey today. There is the skyline and it is crowned by 509 meters tall Taipei shaped in bamboo.

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The List of the Impressive Seoul Attractions

Asia - Eric Anderson - March 12, 2018

Here you can know about the list of the Seoul attractions. This is the capital city of South Korea. Seoul is a Metropolis, and here you can see the contemporary skyscrapers. You can even see the high tech subways, and the pop culture is sure to best describe the Buddhist temples.

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Plan Well And Fulfil Your Travelling Dream Even Under Debt Conditions

Travel Blog, Travel Tips - Ross French - July 19, 2017


Sometimes life put people in such circumstances that they have to bear the burden of debt. No one willingly owe money, it’s the worse circumstances of life that compels one to owe money. More often people in debt lead a stressful life. Everyone seems them with suspicion and they feel neglected everywhere. Assume if someone borrows money from you and is not ready to return it for months and suddenly he plans a vacation and goes out for leisure time. What you would feel? Obviously he might be your close relative and you will not be able to ask him anything but from next time you will clearly deny on his financial requirements. Continue Reading

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Explore The World Within Your Budget And Keep Yourself Safe From Debt Situations

Travel Blog, Travel Tips - Ross French - July 18, 2017


Human is always known as most curious creature. Single life is not sufficient to travel every corner of the globe. Few places are well known and attractive as tourist attraction, yet there are a lot of things and places hidden in the womb of earth. There are many curious personalities in the world who prefer to explore new places, they want to achieve something new and share their experiences with world. Continue Reading

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Why Every Man Should Travel With Merino Underwear

Travel Blog - Ross French - April 14, 2017


Most men put a fair amount of thought into the clothing that they bring with them on business trips or vacations. They not only need clothing that will suit the purpose of their trip, but also the weather, cultural practices of the region, and time of year. You’re not going to take a business suit on an adventure trip to the Antarctica, and likewise, you’re not going to bring a heavy winter jacket on a summer beach trip to Mexico. It’s pretty universally understood that each time you travel to a new region or for a different purpose you will need to create a new packing list so that you are prepared for that specific trip.

However, one area of their packing most men tend to ignore when it comes to their vacation or work-trip preparation is their underwear. Sure, they might need to choose how many pairs they will need, or how much space in their bag they’re willing to allot to them, but not a whole lot of thought goes into the actual type of underwear or style that they bring. A man is a boxer, briefs, or maybe even commando kind of guy, and he simply chooses underwear based on those options. He might like a specific style or colour, but that’s generally the most thought put into his underwear choices – and even that can sometimes be a stretch.

On a trip, men will likely bring cotton underwear with them simply because that is what they have. There are other underwear options out there that are well suited for travel and life, like the incredibly useful and stylish merino wool underwear from Unbound Merino. It might seem counterintuitive to use wool as an underwear, since we tend to use wool to keep warm, but the right wools can be quite versatile, regulating body temperature to keep you cool when you’re hot, and hot when you’re cool. A quality pair of Unbound Merino underwear also dries quickly, is quite strong, and is comfortable both for daily activities and exercise.

Most underwear is made of cotton because it is a cheap, comfortable, and absorptive; however, just because most underwear is cotton doesn’t mean that it is necessarily the best material for the job. In fact, due to its absorptive nature, cotton can often be the worst material to use, especially with active men who tend to move around and sweat a lot. Think about it – you’re on a business trip in Texas during a particularly hot day and your flight was not only delayed, but your luggage was lost. You have an important meeting to get to, and have to rush to make it on time. By the time you get to the meeting you’re exceptionally smelly and sweaty, but since your change of clothes were in your checked bag, you now no longer have a change. You have to make do with what you have on, including a pair of underwear that is now almost completely soaked through. If you had chosen a pair of merino wool underwear, your temperature would have been regulated properly, your sweat would have dried easily, and you would be significantly more confident for your big business meeting. From this example and more, it is clear that every man should travel with merino underwear, no matter the purpose of their trip.

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