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Enjoy the Best Amalgamation of Beach Vacation and Yoga Retreats in Mexico

Central America, Travel Blog - Ross French - February 16, 2017

yoga training in Mexico

Mexico is an exotic location that offers many opportunities for tourists to not only explore the beach, food or local cultures, but also blend them all with health oriented activities. Yoga training in Mexico is soon going to become an attractive idea for vacationers looking amalgamate yoga teacher training with pleasurable travel experience. The grace of having yoga along with the majesty of the Mexican ocean breathes new life to your senses. Yes, the perfect combination of a vacation and education.

Yoga is the perfect way to rejuvenate your soul while toning your body. So, why not make your next vacation an ideal combination of yoga and relaxation.

The Retreats

Yoga training in Mexico will begin in the morning at most retreats. Starting with Morning Meditation and Pranayama also recognised as breathing techniques, the other sessions follow. The classes are usually done in the mornings, to replenish your soul completely. Once the class is over, you can take the afternoon to explore Mexico and its Picturesque locations.

Successive yoga classes in the morning will teach you methods of deep relaxation and then take you step by step through various Asana. You will find that the sessions are building blocks, making slow progressions to allow you to find your alignment and posture in every movement. Yoga is an art form that connects one deep into their soul. The idea is to bring your mind, body and spirit under one unison.

While you do these postures, they are explained with detailed attention. It is important to hold and be slow as you begin, so your body develops strength in each posture. Yoga training in Mexico will be about your personal time; it is only right that you do justice to process. The classes are meant for all levels. As your body is guided through the progressive movements, your understanding of these poses increases with every level.

Yoga teacher training and Mexican Culture

The yoga training programs are pecially designed for professional yogis who aspire to teach yoga to others. The 26- 33 days these last depend on which style or branch of yoga you wish to study. Yoga has eight predominant styles ranging from Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Karma, Hatha, Sivananda, Iyengar and Bikram yoga. All have a different path and channelling energies. The Mexican culture highly supports the learning of yoga and hosts many retreats for student travellers to come down and exchange with the community. Ananda Healing Center, Comunidad Om Shanti, Yandara Yoga Institute, Paraiso Yoga, Horizon Yoga for Women, and Red Buddha Yoga & Wellness are amongst some of the more successful Yoga training in Mexico you can find while on vacation.

The rest of the time, do plunge into the blue Pacific and enjoy the tranquilness of the ocean. Try the local food and delicacies. The Mexican culture has a deep-rooted sense of Dance & Music, do not once miss the local street jam and food. Treat yourself to a vacation that leaves lasting impressions of happy memory in your heart and mind forever.

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