Christmas Presents For The Digital Nomad

treeChristmas shopping usually involves trying to buy people things they will like. Unless you’re an asshole and buy people things you like. But in most cases we try to think of their hobbies and go from there.

My parents are the worst to shop for. They like golfing, but I don’t know anything about it or what they would need. I can’t buy them golf vouchers since they are already part of a club so it takes me a while to think up some good golf gift ideas.
Travelers are also hard to shop for. If you’re like me, the last think you want is more stuff. If you want to buy a Christmas present for a digital nomad, make it something useful.

I’ve made a list of things that I think would come in handy for glob trotters, many of the items are things I would like from Santa.

It’s hard to get travellers gear as they already have their own travel packs and picking out camera gear for someone can be a daunting task, but there are some cool little things you can get them.
Quick dry underwear or towel. You heard me – depending on where travellers are, doing laundry isn’t always so convenient. We often end up washing our underwear in the sink and quick dry underwear helps avoid packing wet or damp items. A light weight, quick dry towel also comes in handy, because most people don’t like mold. True story.
A money belt or clothing with hidden zippers is a great way for your travel love to hide their money. This will also minimize the chances of them calling you asking for a money transfer because they’ve had all their money stolen. It’s almost like buying yourself a Christmas present!

There are so many awesome things to choose from in gadgets, just keep quality and size in mind. Cheaper isn’t always better, sometimes cheaper means crappier.
If you do happen to know your traveller’s camera, get them a new sweet lens or compact tripod. For myself specifically, I would love a pocket size camcorder or small under water camera.
For readers, there is the Kindle and I think every traveller should have an ipod touch or equivalent for awesome apps and quick internet access.

Books, Music, Movies
I know gift certificates aren’t the most personal gift, but an itunes gift certificate is a great way for travellers to watch movies and download music on the road.
Most travellers have a Kindle or other reading gadget and won’t want to carry another book with them. Reading is for losers anyways… just kidding, you’re best bet is to get them a Kindle gift certificate and if they don’t, maybe think about getting them a guide book or language dictionary for their next destination.

Alas, sometimes it’s just nice to give your beloved traveller some beer money, even if you have to send it as a Christmas gift via Paypal. I never turn down free beer! *Ahem, hint hint, mom!*

Written by Ross French