Don’t Judge Me!

By: Hogga

hoggaBefore I left to travel through Costa Rica and Nicaragua for three months, I thought I had my life all figured out. I worked so hard to become a digital nomad and believed I would travel for a few months in the fall and winter, then spend summers in Toronto, Canada. But after a month of backpacking through Central America I was already sick of hostels, making new friends and sweating as I lugged my backpack onto local (chicken) buses.

Travelling feels different this time. I can’t sleep all day, tour around and party all night anymore. I don’t want to party every day and I can’t unless I want all my work to go to waste. I have to keep up with my websites and emails.

I’m still having a great time, I make the best of everything, but something is missing. I don’t know if I’m sick of dorms, language barriers, travelling solo or if I just need more comfort and luxury, but I feel worn down and it’s only been a short while since I’ve been back on the road.

I’ve shared my feelings about this with a few other travellers who have tried to convince me that I don’t know what I’m talking hostelabout, but I’m pretty sure my feelings aren’t ‘wrong’. They actually became quite defensive and didn’t listen to what I was trying to tell them. They argued with me, stating how much cheaper underdeveloped places are and that travelling to more developed cities is not ‘real travelling’. It’s frustrating to hear this from people who claim to be so open minded. But I guess ignorance is bliss, right?

The whole mood changes when I try and explain to people that this may be my last long trip and that I want to see places like Paris and New Orleans. They look at me as if I’m racist or took their mother out for a nice seafood dinner and never called her again.

I’ve never been to NYC and I want to see times square, who are they to judge me on what I want? If anything, I believe a new way of travelling and an array of different destinations will make me a more rounded traveller.

Also, I’m not the only one who’s tired…

Ayngelina from Bacon is Magic announced in a blog post a few months ago that she was tired of life on the road and would be heading back to Toronto.

Lastly, the infamous Nomadic Matt has also declared the end of his journey.

And like Matt, what I want in life has changed.

This is not the end of my travels, but for now, it is the end of my long term travels. I will begin to take shorter trips throughout the year and hopefully find some good friends to come with me!

Written by Ross French