When it comes down to beautiful places to go with tons of things to do, you can hardly mess up going over to France. Staying in quality villas France can be enough to have the trip of a lifetime, but it also has great history, interesting culture, fantastic food and of course wine. One sip or the whole bottle that may be the way the French is truly connected to their wine!

In the 6th Century BC, the Romans were really the ones who did a lot in the way of getting others to spread the seed of growing vines of grapes and turning them into wine. These places became known as vine lands. Two of the vine lands were Burgandy and Champane. When the French became involved in the making of wine, they were influenced by the English and of course, the Dutch traders.

Going on through history, before the French Revolution, we find out that the Catholic Church had their hand in this too. The Catholic Church actually owned one of the biggest vine lands ever! They influenced both Burgandy and also the town of Champain. The French had the wine market wrapped up for most of the 20th and the early part of the 21st centuries.

Many different types of wines are now available all over the world. The French still holds the markets of certain wines and when you hear the words “French wine” you always believe it to be of the best taste. They all go very well with whatever type of food you are interested in having.

We have all heard of great French cuisine. Maybe it’s just that after some French wine the French food is just that much better! Finding a place to eat should not be a problem. Many places exist in France that are considered to be very exquisite. Finding a place on a budget can be just as easy. When the decision is made as to where you will eat, you can bet there will be plenty of different types of wines to choose from to go with the meal.

In the heart of the city, you will find one of the most fantastic restaurants such as the one you can find inside Hotel Meurice in Le Meurice. This place is considered one of the must see places. Getting a table may not be the only problem as the prices are said to match the brilliance and imagination of the top chef. What a classy place!

Another place to check in on would be the Huitrerie Regis. This small but quaint place has a dish made with oysters, which are brought in fresh from the ocean every day! You really can’t get fresher than that! Many of the locals hang out there, and most of the wine is of the white variety.

Wineries in France are too many to number. Taking a day trip or a whole vacation centered around Frances’s wineries would be a great time no matter what. Wine one day or …wine everyday, all day! Bordeaux, Burgundy, Loire Valley, Rhone and Provence all have wineries. The best way to decide where to go would be to try a few sips of different types of wine then ask the locals for information on the specific winery they might recommend.