Keep IT in Your Travel


One of the most fascinating things in the evolution of travel over the years is the incorporation of technology into it. Hardly a new thing by any means, as travelers have always been using gadgets and gizmos dating back even as far as the earliest explorers with looking glasses and cameras, the fascination lies in how travel has developed around technology and vice-versa.

Within the last two decades, the explosion of affordable consumer technology has transformed the ‘don’t bring anything valuable’ mentality for the everyday traveler into an anachronism. Never before have tech jobs been more important to the travel sphere – it’s a very exciting time to be alive!

Looking even at the very limited field of photography in travel, one cannot help but be amazed at how something as previously complicated as picture taking could be so prevalent everywhere you go. Virtually every device these days comes equipped not just with a camera but a good camera, capable of taking hundreds of high quality pictures that can be stored or immediately uploaded for the world to see.

The sheer number of photo-sharing websites that have come about in the last decade is nothing short of amazing, impressing even more the value of skilled tech people for furthering people’s love of travel. The new and innovative ways people are using this technology to influence others and express themselves knows no limit.

Another field that has exploded in relation to travel is telecommunications, allowing people to stay connected with people back home and with the people they meet once they return home. Travel was once this pursuit with a great deal of risk attached – only the most foolhardy individuals took it on and there was a very real possibility that you would never hear from that person again. Now, you can instantly be in touch with people from almost anywhere in the world through a variety of mediums and services. Suddenly traveling isn’t as scary as it once was!

In the world we live in today, and very likely increasing in the years to come, travel and technology aren’t just a convenience – they are a necessity. Simple things like your daily commute and more complicated endeavours, like a round the world vacation, are improved and transformed through technology use. It doesn’t matter if you’re using the tech to share pictures, stay in touch or for some other means that doesn’t even exist yet, the value of this kind of innovation can’t be overstated. IT’s here to stay and there’s no limit to what IT can do.

Written by Ross French