As many seasoned holidaymakers will probably be aware, the Caribbean is bathed in sunshine for most of the year. People visit this part of the world and its many islands for romantic getaways, family holidays and life-changing experiences, but what often puts people off visiting is the cost. Fortunately, some countries are cheaper to visit than others without compromise.

FLICKR Image: Lonely Lighthouse in Barbados

A prime example is Barbados, which is one of the more popular countries with foreign visitors. Visitors come here in their millions annually, although it lives in the shadow of neighbouring countries like Jamaica and Bermuda. As a result, holidays are typically cheaper here, but they’re no less exciting to go on for a variety of reasons.

Sand and Sea

Central to Barbados’ charms is what you can do on the beach. Aside from getting a suntan, it’s also possible to try a few waterborne activities such as swimming, diving, scuba diving and snorkelling. The beaches are also within easy reach of some of the main resorts where there are bars, hotels, restaurants and shops in which you can spend a little time when you’re not so adrenaline-fuelled.

FLICKR Image: Sunset Beach in Barbados

In St Lawrence, the Barbadian capital, retail therapy is on tap, and you might be surprised at how cheap it is. As an example, a bottle of beer will cost you just £2, which is far less than what you might expect to pay on some other Caribbean islands. Visiting one of the many rum shacks isn’t too expensive either, especially if you just want a nightcap.

Sporting Life

Barbados is one of the best places in the entire region to watch sport. The Kensington Oval, one of the West Indies’ main cricket grounds, hosts world-class tests and league games. Meanwhile, there are several golf courses where you can play a round while basking in the sunshine, plus there’s also Garrison Savannah racecourse if you like a bit of horse racing.

Image Credit: Saint Christopher Island Beach at St Kitts

Some of Barbados’ neighbours including Trinidad & Tobago and St Kitts & Nevis offer similar value for money without skimping on things to see and do as well. In fact, the further south you go down the Caribbean, the more likely you are to find a great-value holiday to your liking.