Money Saving Tips For Your Accommodations


Hotel prices are on the rise. In fact, the average hotel room has gone up by a whopping 3% in the last few years alone. It may not sound like much – but that increase could be enough to impact the length of your vacation stay or your ability to travel at all. Don’t give up on your dream getaway! There are ways to work around pricey hotel bills. These money saving tips will help you score luxurious accommodations…for less.

Avoid Waiting Until The Last Minute

Last minute deals can be pretty tempting. It’s not hard to figure out why! They can help you save cash on your airfare and attraction tickets. When it comes to your accommodations though, don’t wait it out. You should always make sure to book your hotel in advance. Why? Hotels book up quickly, especially when there is a special event in the area or if there is a holiday coming up. The last thing you want is for the hotel to be fully booked. That can leave you frantically looking for somewhere to stay. Not only will it impact the quality of your accommodations – but it can also affect the price. Don’t leave your hotel to chance. Book early!

Look Online For Discounted Rates

One great way to slash your hotel bill is to use your resources. How? Spend a little time online. Certain hotel websites and travel sites offer discounted rates to tourists, particularly on weekdays or during off peak seasons. That can dramatically reduce your hotel bill. In addition to discounted websites, remember to keep your eyes peeled to social media pages. Hotels often post discounted rates and coupon codes on their Twitter and Facebook pages. Also – don’t forget to sign up for “room drop rates” if you can. They provide partial refunds to travellers if the price of the room goes down before your check-in date.

Sign Up For Loyalty Programs

Saving money on accommodations is possible. Thankfully it’s also possible to stretch every dollar you have a little bit further. Many hotels offer loyalty programs to visitors. For instance, do you like to stay at chain hotels? You’re in luck. They often have rewards programs, discounted room rates, and free upgrades. Even if you’re not staying at a chain hotel…. that’s okay. Many hotels still provide travellers with extras. That may include free breakfast, discounts on attraction tickets, spa time, free WiFi, late check-in, and more. Consider the extras before you make a final decision about your hotel. They can wind up saving you money during your vacation.

Bundle Up Your Room and Airfare

Still looking for ways to save? Bundle up! You may be able to book your hotel, airfare, or car rental together. Certain travel sites and booking agents offer great package deals. If you find one that meets your needs – and your destination – you could save hundreds of dollars on your trip. Take a look around, ask fellow travel lovers, and do some research. It just may pay off big time.


Why spend more than you need to? It’s time to save money on your hotel accommodations. By booking ahead of time, looking for discounts, being a loyal customer, and bundling up, you can take the trip of your dreams…. without overspending.

Written by Ross French