When you want to experience snow-capped mountains, acres of green forest, and mile after mile of hiking trails, then Canada’s Mont Tremblant is where you want to be. But there’s more than skiing in this resort town. In fact, there are so many activities to do in Mont Tremblant that one vacation isn’t enough to experience them all. Here are just a few of the exciting ways to spend your time in Mont Tremblant when you’ve had your fill of ski slopes for the day.

Wolf SleddingMont Tremblant

Mont Tremblant has many more activities than skiing, and Tremblant’s Wolf Sledding activity is an example of its diversity. Mont Tremblant’s site for dog sledding is Expedition Wolf. They care for over 250 huskies, most of whom they raised themselves. They offer beginner sled rides for the best mix of safety and enjoyment. Grab the reins as you spend an hour behind a team of dogs who’ll pull you along an established course. Halfway through, enjoy hot chocolate and a heated tent before starting again. Participation in harnessing, unharnessing, and meeting with puppies brings the total activity time to two hours.

The Old Village

The Old Village is the perfect way to wind down after a long day at the Mont Tremblant slopes. The village is perfect for strolling through streets and visiting local vender shops. During the summer months, the farmer’s market located in the Old Village sells organic produce, cheeses, and meats. Elsewhere in the village visitors can watch seasonal cultural events, visit antique shops, eat in local cafes and restaurants, and enjoy the various pubs scattered around the village.


Experience the trees from 25 to 60 feet in the air when you zip line with the Zip Line and Tree Course at Tremblant. First you’ll be instructed about how to navigate the course and use the equipment. Then, you’ll be attached to the safety equipment and monitored as you move through each section of the course. Children under 4’6″ can take part of a children’s course.

Ice Fishing

Just a few minutes from the Mont Tremblant resorts sits the opportunity for you to take part in Canada’s pastime of ice fishing. Everything you need to get started is provided including the rod, the bait, and a heated tent if you need it. A guide is available to assist you in catching pike or perch. Up to four people can share a fishing hole without additional fees, so group up for the best rates.


When you really want to relax, there’s always the spa resorts. There are several to choose from, including the Scandinave Spa Mont-Tremblant and the Le Westin Resort & Spa. The Scandinave Spa is where you want to go when a quiet experience is what’s needed. They feature massage packages (like Swedish massage), saunas to warm up in, and outdoor Scandinavian baths. But if you don’t want to drive rest assured that most local hotels sell spa packages as well, so check your local Mont Tremblant accommodations for more information.

This historic, award-winning city offers more than ski slopes, and the numerous activities in the area are proof. There are activities for all ages, fitness levels, and interests and enough variety to please repeat visitors. From shopping and spa visits to wolf sledding and ice fishing, there’s an activity for every season and everyone. It’s for these reasons and more that Mont Tremblant becomes more popular each year.

Victor Putman is a regular traveler and always prefers to head to the mountains. He has always enjoyed sharing his travel insights and knows Mont Tremblant well. Victor is a regular writer for a number of travel-related websites.

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