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Italy - Ross French - November 10, 2017

Located just off the southernmost coast of Italy, Sicily is the largest Mediterranean island full of history, culture and beautiful architecture. Famous among the travellers for its historic temples and monuments, Sicily is just the perfect place to spend your vacation on an Italian island. Along with all its cultural and historic attractions, Sicily is also blessed with natural beauty and breathtaking scenery. With its beautiful coastline and incredible landscape, Sicily is one such Italian destination which takes your breath away. Verdura resort in Sicily is one of the places where you can stay during your vacation in Sicily to indulge in the utmost luxury that this island has in store for you. There are a lot of attractions for you to see and things to do while you are on this island, and here are the top four things which you must try out while you spend your vacation.

Visit Palermo

Palermo is the regional capital of Sicily, which is an incredible historical and cultural destination all in itself. This place is situated at the crossroads of several important Mediterranean trade routes and has a lot of connections with the Phoenicians, Romans, Byzantine Greeks, Arabs, Normans and Spaniards. This long history has made this place into a multi-cultural historic place, which makes a trip to this place a must-do thing while you are in Sicily.

Take a trip to Mount Etna

Located in the Sicilian province of Catania, Mount Etna is the largest active volcano in Europe. You can easily rent a car or book a group tour to see this majestic natural attraction. After you reach the site, you will be able to go for a hike to some of the craters. However, if you truly want to go higher, then you have to take a cable car ride from the Rifugio Sapienza building. After getting off from the cable car, you can hike to an even higher safe viewing point. You can also take a tour in one of the tour trucks available at the drop off point.

Spend a relaxing day at San Vito lo Capo

San Vito lo Capo is arguably the most beautiful beach on the island of Sicily. The beautiful warm-coloured sand is lined by the looming limestone cliffs, which act as a breathtaking backdrop to the Sicilian shoreline. You can come here with your family or loved ones to have a beautiful, relaxing day by the sea. Grab some things to eat at the small eateries located by the beach. The famous annual Sicilian food festival, Cous Cous Fest is also held at this location.

Take a trip to the Valley of the Temples

This is another one of the must-see-sites located on the Sicily Island. The Valley of the Temples is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which is not actually a valley. It is a ridge which is covered with seven temples which date back to 5th century BC. The different temples are dedicated to different deities, and this historic site comes to its true glory at night, when the moonlight bathe the temples into a site of breathtaking beauty.

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England - Ross French - November 10, 2017

Located on the coast of North Yorkshire, the small fishing village of Robin Hood’s Bay is a perfect place if you want to spend your vacation away from the hustle and bustle of touristy locations. The village is situated in a cleft between two cliffs, giving the place a striking look. The cliffs tower over a cluster of former fishing cottages, which go on till the edge of the sea. The beautiful location creates a beautiful place which is a perfect getaway for anyone in search of breathtaking scenery and unusual architecture. The raw and elemental coastline of Yorkshire will surely take your breath away, as you spend your leisurely days at this pristine location. Here are some of the things that you can do during your stay in Robin Hood’s Bay besides enjoying the raw nature and untouched beauty, to turn your holiday into a memorable experience.

Enjoy a leisurely day at Robin Hood’s Bay Beach

The Robin Hood’s Bay Beach is not your everyday beach decorated with deckchairs and beach umbrellas. Instead, the beach here is much more untouched, pristine and unadulterated. Accessible during the low tide, the beach here is full of seashells and beach rock pools. You can enjoy a relaxing day walking on the beach, collecting some seashells, have ice cream from the beacon farm and chase crabs. It is truly a different kind of beach experience, and you will surely fall in love with this beach.

Explore the archaeological remains of Alum Works

This industrial archaeological remains located on the Yorkshire Coast was the spot used for producing liquor from 1650-1860, which was then used in dyeing and tanning leather. You can take part in various hands-on activities and exhibitions at the site to explore the local geology and the wildlife. You can also visit the nearby Coastal Centre in Ravenscar village, where you can find out more about the 11 miles of beautiful coastline, which is taken care of and protected by the National Trust.

Visit Farsyde Riding Centre

The Farsyde Riding Centre is the perfect place for anyone who wants to enjoy the beautiful coastal scenery of the countryside while riding on a horse. Riders of any skill set can come here and enjoy this spectacular experience. If you are a capable rider, you can enjoy a ride along the beach, moors and the scenic former railway to Scarborough. Novice riders can enjoy a ride on more modest paths along this former railpath which climbs gradually towards Ravenscar while enjoying some breathtaking views of the bay.

Go whale watching

Whale watching is one of the biggest kept secrets of the coast of Yorkshire. The North Sea, just off Whitby, holds a rich variety of beautiful marine life just under its surface. And during the late summer and autumn months, huge groups of herring migrate to these waters. This huge shoals of herring, in turn, attracts a lot of sharks, birds, seals, white-beaked and bottle-nosed dolphins, Minke, humpback, sei and fin whales. You will get the opportunity of spotting all of these beautiful creatures and much more if you go on a whale watching tour while you are in Robin Hood’s Bay.

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Australia - Ross French - November 9, 2017

Located on the Queensland’s Gold Coast in eastern Australia, Surfers Paradise stands as a symbol for the lifestyle and the yearnings of the people who visit the area. Situated just 83 kilometres away from Brisbane, this beautiful resort town is truly a ‘paradise for surfers’. Although preferred by the younger generation, this glorious strip of sand and the few blocks of sheer luxury attract tourists from all ages and ethnicities. The strip is home to the most luxurious hotels you can find in the Queensland area, and of course, the most beautiful beaches. Book a room in one of the hotels near Surfers Paradise beach, spend your days soaking up the sun and enjoy some of the activities this paradise of a place has in store for you. Among the numerous activities, here are some of the must-do things to try out during your vacation in Surfers Paradise.

1. Go surfing

As the name of this beautiful location suggests, surfing has to be the number one thing to try when you visit Surfers Paradise. The beaches of this location have some of the best wave breaks that you can find in the entire world, and surfing on these waves is surely one of the most fun experiences that you will have during on your vacation. After a fun surf, catch a break at the beautiful beach, relax for a bit and then hit the waves again. And if you do not know how to surf, or are not very experienced, then you can book yourself a surfing lesson. You will get to learn how to ride the waves at locations which fit your skill level. The Spit beach is the best location for beginners with small waves and great instructors.

2. Enjoy the view from Gold Coast SkyPoint Observation Deck

The Gold Coast SkyPoint Observation Deck is the only beachside observation deck you can find in Australia. The observation deck is located on the 77th floor of the Q1 Tower, which is the tallest resort building of the entire country. The unparalleled view of the entire Gold Coast that you can see from here truly makes a trip to this tower an unforgettable experience. The deck sits 230 meters above the sea-level, and the 360 degrees’ views of the sand and waves will surely take your breath away. You can also relax and enjoy a really nice meal at the SkyPoint’s Seventy7 Café and Bar.

3. Go whale watching

The nearby waters of the Gold Coast are home to some of the most magnificent creatures you can find in the sea, and among them, surely the most majestic ones are humpback whales. There are a lot of tour operators who organise the trips out to sea. Get up close and personal with these magnificent marine creatures in their natural habitat. You will get to enjoy a scenic cruise down the Nerang River aboard a luxurious vessel, go past the picturesque South Stradbroke Island and reach the Australian Whale Sanctuary. Every year, between May and October, the majestic humpback whales migrate here to reproduce and welcome the next generation of whales. You will also get the opportunity to see some of the other beautiful marine creatures of these waters too, including bottle-nose dolphins, giant loggerhead turtles, killer whales and various sea birds. Seeing these incredible creatures is another must-do activity while you’re here.

4. Experience a relaxing sunset cruise

If you want to spend your vacation days enjoying the ultimate luxury and comfort, then going on a sunset cruise through the calm and beautiful waters of the Gold Coast Broadwater is a must do activity. You will get to enjoy a beautiful cruise on board your luxury yacht. Experience the beautiful views of the local landmarks such as the Southport Yacht Club, Marina Mirage, Wave Break Island and Surfers Paradise, as you sip on your glass of sparkling wine. You will get the opportunity of spotting some of the gorgeous birds and marine life of this area such as pelicans, cormorants, terns, sea eagles and even dolphins. Experience the magical changing colours of the sky and the water as the sun slowly sets into the horizon. You can also include a gourmet dinner served on board and sample some of the freshest seafood from the area.

5. Try out indoor skydiving

This is one of the most unique experiences that you can get in Surfers Paradise, at iFLY Gold Coast. Located just off the beach of Sunset Paradise, iFLY Gold Coast gives you the opportunity of experiencing the thrill of skydiving without actually jumping off an aeroplane! You will get to experience the adrenaline rush of skydiving in a multi-story wind tunnel, under the supervision of an expert instructor. The experience lasts about one and a half hour, and during that time, you will get to learn basic skydiving techniques, get the thrill of floating in the air and also attempt to do some mid-air stunts. The environment is completely safe and the technology is state-of-the-art, which makes it a great way to experience the fun and thrill of skydiving without the added risks which normally come with it.

6. Visit the Cape Byron Lighthouse

Located in Byron Bay, the Cape Byron Lighthouse sits on the most easterly point of Australia. This beautiful lighthouse has been shining its light over the Cape Byron Marine Park since 1901. Take the one-and-a-half-hour trip south into New South Wales to experience the beautiful vistas. You can also visit the Maritime Museum below to learn more about this iconic lighthouse, and find out about shipwrecks and other stories.

A few exciting activities I encourage you to try on your holiday in Surfers Paradise. Explore this incredible city and soak up the sun with its warm weather all year round.

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What Not To Miss On A Short Trip To China

China - Ross French - October 19, 2017

One of the most significant problems with a short trip to China is deciding what you want to do and see on your holiday. There is a lot of choices available with modern, ancient, and also natural wonders abundant in this vast country as you can see by all of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites that are in China. However, with so much to see and do you can still have an action-packed short trip to China that will leave you wanting to go back for more.

Hong Kong For A Short Trip

A popular destination for a short trip is Hong Kong as it is a major transportation hub for cargo and passengers alike. There is a different feel to Hong Kong than when compared to mainland China, and there is a lot of its colonial past on show. There are lots to see and do in this vibrant city, and if you have the kids with you then you can take then to Disneyland to keep them entertained. Macau is also a short distance away if you wanted to do some adult entertainment in the casino. At night time, go somewhere high that has a view of the city skyline and see why so many people fall in love with the views.

Beijing Has Lots To See And Do

Another destination which has plenty to offer all types of tourists is Beijing, with plenty of history, culture, and beauty on offer. There are quite a number of attractions within Beijing or a short drive away such as;

• The Great Wall

• The Forbidden Palace

• The Summer Palace

• Ming Tombs

• Museums And Galleries

• Shopping

• Food And Entertainment

Beijing is an excellent place to spend a short trip to China and has lots to offer discerning travellers. You can book at The China Travel Company in the UK or from trusted tour providers, and choose the excursions you want to enjoy leaving you to sit back and have a good time taking all of the hassles away.

Enjoy The Scenery In Guilin

If you are looking for more views of nature, then Guilin may be the better choice for you with its dramatic limestone hills and landscapes. There are lots of things to see and do in the province around Guilin, so it is an excellent place to be based and enjoy the more relaxed pace of life. Explore Shan Lake or the Twin Pagodas, or take a look at the 1000-year-old village of Ji?ngtóuzh?u. You can also go hiking in Ti?nmén Mountain Park or B?ji?ozhài National Geopark and embrace some of the stunning natural beauty that is on offer. A trip to Guilin can show you a different side to the culture in China and taken in some spectacular scenery and interacting with the local people.

No matter where you decide to visit there are plenty of places in China that are suitable for short holidays. In fact, there are so many places that would be good to visit, your hardest choice will be where to go first!

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Europe - Ross French - October 16, 2017

The largest island of the Channel Islands, Jersey is a perfect getaway for travellers who are looking for a perfect vacation among beautiful nature and landscapes. The Cliffside walking trails, the varied landscapes, the hidden coves and the breathtaking beaches make it a paradise for people looking for some serene beauty. From beaches full of golden sands to medieval castles, from magnificent clifftop views to secluded coves, there are a lot of good reasons for you to consider Jersey for your next holiday . And if you are planning your next trip to this beautiful island, here are the top three attractions which you must visit during your perfect getaway to Jersey.

Elizabeth Castle

Built in the 17th century, this beautiful castle has been an integral part of Jersey’s history. This castle served Jersey relentlessly since it was built, and seen a lot of military action. You can access this extremely important landmark of Jersey during low tide by a causeway, or you can take a ferry or boat ride during other times. You will get to enjoy some of the most remarkable views of the sea from the castle. There are a lot of exhibition rooms for you to explore. You can go for a guided tour of the castle, and enjoy the historical re-enactments which are performed regularly at the castle.

Jersey War Tunnels

Jersey has a lot of war history attached to it. The island was captured by the Germans in the year of 1940 until it finally got liberated in 1945. During the German occupation, several tunnels were constructed as a defensive measure which are now known as Jersey War Tunnels. These historic tunnels were built by slave workers and they stretch to over one kilometre in length. The tunnels now have been converted into historic exhibition space, where you can learn all about the history of Jersey and the Second World War. You will get to see several historic war equipment and learn about the dangers faced by the locals.

St Brelade’s Bay

No trip to Jersey will be complete without visiting one of its beautiful beaches, and St Brelade’s Bay is one of the best beaches in Jersey to spend some relaxing time. Located on the south coast of Jersey, this marvellous beach is full of beautiful sand, cafes and kiosks. The water is calm and refreshing, and it is a perfect place to go for a swim or just relax at the beach.

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