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Best Places to Visit in April in India 2022

Asia, Travel Tips - Ross French - April 4, 2022

Best Places to Visit in April in India

The winter is over. And, India is one of those countries that have an abundance of places you can visit as the summer sets in. April is an ideal and interesting time to spend some quality time in the Indian subcontinent. In this article, we will talk about some of the best places to visit in April in India. So, read on.

Best Places to Visit in April in India This Year

Andaman Islands

Andaman IslandsFor those who love water activities, the Andaman Islands are nothing less than paradise. The gin-clear waters, blue skies, and beautiful beaches are what make these islands this popular. During the month of April, the average temperature remains around 27°C-32°C. While you’re in the Andaman Islands, you’d never run out of places to go to. These include Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island, Corbyn’s Cove Beach, and so on. You can engage yourself in various adventurous activities like trekking, scuba diving, undersea walking, etc., on these islands. Also, don’t forget to watch the light and sound show at the historic Cellular Jail. Plus, there are numerous options to eat and stay in. FYI, there are so many wonderful eateries and resorts in the area. And, the best part? Andaman is an affordable place. So, keep your budget around 5,000 INR.


When it comes to the best places to visit in April in India, it’s hard to beat Manali. Residing between the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar ranges, Manali is among the coldest places in the country in April. If you want to witness the majestic Himalayas in all their glory, Manali should be your go-to place. During this month, Manali sees an average temperature of 10°C-25°C. So, it’s pretty nice weather. Try visiting places like Jogini Falls, Solang Valley, Hidimba Devi Temple, Pandoh Dam, Rohtang Pass, etc. Plus, you’d get plenty of opportunities to enjoy sightseeing, paragliding, riding yaks, and so on. If you’re a shopping fanatic, Mall Road would definitely quench your thirst. Also, don’t miss the yummy delicacies of the local eateries. On average, it would cost you around 8,000 INR for a little trip to Manali. Sounds good, right?


KhajjiarKhajjiar is famous for its wonderful natural beauty. In case you were unaware, it is regarded as the Switzerland of India. So, if you’re seeking a great April trip, you should consider visiting Khajjiar. As a result of its being encircled by snowy mountains and its natural splendor, paragliders adore it a lot. In April as well as throughout the summer, the temperature stays around 17°C-30°C here. While you are in Khajjiar, don’t miss places like Khajj Nag Temple, Khajjiar Lake, Golden Devi Temple, and so on. Apart from paragliding, you’d get more than enough opportunities to take part in adventurous activities such as zorbing, trekking, etc. Also, if you love history, go to the Bhuri Singh Museum. There are numerous cheap hotels and restaurants in the area. Thus, an average budget of 4,000 INR is enough.


SikkimGangtok is the capital of Sikkim and one of the most popular tourist spots in the Indian subcontinent. Situated 5500 feet high, Gangtok is a stunning cosmopolitan town that can be an ideal summer holiday destination. The town offers amazing natural beauty and a mix of varied cultures. During April, the weather stays pleasant with a temperature between 13°C and 22°C. Places of interest include Nathu La Pass, Ranka Monastery, Do Drul Chorten Stupa, Tsomgo Lake, and so on. You can drive through Nathu La, explore the monastery, or do whatever your heart desires. Also, there are numerous options to eat and stay in Gangtok. So, you can spend some quality time with a budget of around 6,000 INR.


If you’re planning to visit South India, you should not miss Coorg. Coorg aka Kodagu dazzles its visitors with picturesque views of the valleys and thick forests. April in Coorg is quite favorable with an average temperature of 15°C-20°C. There are so many amazing places to go to in this area, including Golden Temple, Iruppu Falls, Namdroling Monastery, etc. Also, there are Nagarhole National Park and Nisargadhama Forest for those who love nature. Here, you’d be able to engage in microlight flying, rafting, trekking, and more. Restaurants and hotels are quite affordable here. So, keep your budget around 4,000, and you would enjoy a decent trip.


For your info, Kodaikanal is famous for its stunning natural beauty. It is regarded as one of the best honeymoon destinations in all of India. Thus, if you’re seeking to spend some romantic time with your partner, visit Kodaikanal. Trust us when we tell you that the views of the Palani Hills will knock you off your feet. Moreover, the weather stays pretty pleasant during the month of April with an average temperature of 20°C-30°C. So, it is among the most ideal times to visit Kodaikanal. There are wonderful places like Bear Shola Falls, Kodai Lake, etc., for you to go to. The local lodges and eateries provide amazing service at affordable costs. So, keeping a budget of around 5,000 INR should be good enough for a remarkable and fruitful Kodaikanal trip.



When it comes to summertime tourist spots, Kashmir needs no introduction. Long regarded as the heaven on earth, Kashmir is a must-visit place in April. The natural beauty and scenic landscapes you will find here are truly second to none. Usually, the temperature in Kashmir during this month stays between 14°C and 21°C. Therefore, it maintains very pleasant weather. However, sometimes it might rain during this time, so it’s better to carry an umbrella with you. FYI, there’s no shortage of places of interest in Kashmir. These include Srinagar, Jammu City, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, Doda, Sonmarg, and many more. You can opt for Shikara rides, trekking, skiing, mountain biking, etc., while you’re in Kashmir. There are plenty of budget local restaurants and hotels in the area. So, it is possible to enjoy a memorable Kashmir trip at about 4,000 INR.


As you can see, India is a country where you won’t ever run out of places to go to in summer. Above, we gave you a list of some of the best places to visit in April in this country. So, don’t wait any longer. Visit them ASAP and spend a holiday of a lifetime.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is the finest place to go for a vacation in April?

Well, the month of April is an ideal time for a vacation for many travelers. The weather in many places in the Indian subcontinent stays favorable during this month. These include places like the Andaman Islands, Khajjiar, Kashmir, and so on.

  • What places are best to spend holidays in April?

There are more than enough places in India where you can spend a remarkable holiday in the summertime. These include Coorg, Manali, Andaman Islands, and many more. Refer to our article for more info and plan your summer trip accordingly.

  • How is Manali in April?

Manali is known for having comfortable temperatures during the summers. In April, the average temperature here stays around 10°C-25°C. So, it is perfect for sightseeing as well as traveling.

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Best Things to Do in the Philippines in 2022

Philippines - Ross French - April 2, 2022

best things to do in the Philippines

The Philippines is a country full of amazing natural beauty and places to visit. It is one of the most popular tourist places in the world today. While you’re here, you are bound to spend a wonderful holiday. However, sometimes it becomes a little confusing for the first-timers. They couldn’t figure out what to do here to enjoy their trip to the fullest. In this article, we will talk about things to do the best things to do in the Philippines. So, read on.

Best Things to Do in the Philippines

Go to Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

As you might already know, this national park is famous for being a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Residing in Puerto Princesa, Palawan, it has secured its place among the new Seven Wonders of the World. So, visiting Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park would be a great idea. The river flows beneath the St. Paul Mountain Range and passes a number of caverns. Here, you will get a view of beautiful cavernous rock cathedrals, stalactites, etc. Plus, you will see many wild and marine species as well. Thus, visiting the river is absolutely worth it. However, a tour here costs around 735 PHP. So, it could a problem if you’re on a tight budget.

Experience kayaking like never before in Panagsama Beach

El NidoIf you’re seeking some water adventure, Panagsama Beach could be a paradise for you. Located in Moalboal, Cebu, this beach is perfect for water activities like kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, etc. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to opt for whale watching or dolphin spotting too. FYI, the beach is rocky and full of corals with little sand. This helps you enjoy sunbathing and swimming. Among all other activities, kayaking is on the next level here. The Class II rapids make sure you get the thrill you’re looking for. Also, the crystal-clear turquoise water as well as the surrounding nature and marine life make it a more enjoyable experience. And, all this won’t cost you much. Pay only 100 PHP and you’re in for a treat.

Walk on Bamboo Hanging Bridge

Located in Loboc, visiting this hanging bridge is surely among the best things to do in the Philippines. This bridge is famously known as the Tigbao Hanging Bridge and attracts a lot of visitors each day. FYI, it is actually a pair of two bridges (one for each direction) that helps people cross the Sipatan River. While walking on either of them, you’d witness the stunning natural beauty surrounding the place. Both bridges are constructed out of bamboo and are supported by steel cables. So, they are totally safe to walk on. They are so sturdy that even motorbikes can run over them without any worries. Travelers can visit the place at a nominal fee of 35 PHP. Therefore, it’s very affordable, and you shouldn’t miss it at any cost.

Visit the famous Ayala Museum

If you wish to understand the rich history of the country, visiting the Ayala Museum would be a must. Located in Greenbelt Park, this museum is known for showing the progress of Filipinos – from cavemen to modern men. There are numerous provisional and permanent galleries to help you better understand the culture, art, and heritage of the Filipinos. The museum is home to a large number of purchasable artifacts, home décor, ship models, etc., too. Also, you can buy art books, local craft items from Ayala. However, the entry fee is quite high (425 PHP). If you’re fine with it, visit Ayala anytime between 9 am and 6 pm from Tuesday to Sunday.

Mesmerize yourself at Chocolate Hills

Chocolate HillsLocated in Bohol province, Chocolate Hills are among the must-visit places in the land of the Filipinos. While it’s not made out of chocolates, you’d be amazed at the stunning beauty the hills possess. The hills get their moniker from the fact that their brown hue makes them look aesthetically chocolaty during summer. Its unique landscapes, hiking trails, Tarsier Sanctuaries, etc., have made the hills incredibly popular among both locals and tourists. Once you reach the hills via the scenic trails, you’re in for a visual treat that’d stay with you forever. So, missing it would be a huge loss.

Pause at Fort Santiago

While you’re in Intramuros, Manila, don’t forget to visit the iconic 16th-century fortress known as Fort Santiago. This fort is not only a national landmark but also is dedicated to the freedom of the nation. For your info, Fort Santiago attracts a lot of visitors for its historical importance. But this is not all. The fort boasts amazing Italian-Spanish architecture. Also, it has a museum that is famous for showing memorabilia of the great Jose Rizal. Pay this wonderful site a visit and be enchanted by the classiness, breathtaking architecture, and historic value of the place. Also, the ticket price is very reasonable (75 PHP for adults and 50 PHP for students/senior citizens/disabled persons). So, do visit between 8 am-7 pm and have a memorable experience.

Give Burnham Park a visit

Located in Jose Abad Santos Dr, Burnham Park is a famous tourist spot in the country. It is regarded as the best summer destination there. Visiting Burnham and enjoying some thrilling activities with your friends/family is among the best things to do in the Philippines. You can also opt for some boating amidst the lush flora and fauna of the surroundings. FYI, apart from boating, this park is also perfect for numerous other activities like picnicking, skating, etc. Plus, the events held at the grandstand or the flowerbeds will surely make your visit more amazing. The swan boat trip costs 60 PHP/person and will give you moments that you will cherish forever.

Explore Mayon Volcano

Mayon VolcanoSituated in the Southeastern Luzon, Mayon Volcano is a real beauty that will surely make you awestruck. However, it is the most active volcano in the country that erupts frequently. Its perfectly conical shape, its wonderful sceneries, its inescapable appeal – all contribute to its being this famous among tourists. Here, you won’t just sightsee but also take part in many adventurous activities like ATV riding, hiking, camping, etc. So, come here and see for yourself what Mother Nature has to offer.

Say hello to Hinagdanan Cave

Located in Bohol province, this wonderful cave is made out of limestone and has natural sunlight peeking through little holes. This, along with the stalagmites and stalactites on the ground and ceiling, creates a mesmerizing atmosphere. We can guarantee that it would surely dazzle your mind. Also, there is an underground lagoon for the visitors to enjoy a soothing swim. However, it is not free and costs 50 PHP/person. There are plenty of souvenir shops around the place. Come here anytime between 7:30 am and 5 pm and dive into an extraordinary experience of a lifetime.

Spend some quality time at Rizal Park

In case you were unaware, the Rizal Park at Ermita, Manila is the biggest urban park in Asia. The park gets its name from the national hero Dr. Jose Rizal to whom it is dedicated. The park is home to verdant gardens, majestic historical monuments, stadiums, etc. Plus, there are 3D maps, picnic grounds, as well as an open-air concert hall. Visiting Rizal Park is undoubtedly one of the top things to do in the Philippines. It not only makes you familiar with the rich Philippine heritage but also everything needed for a good time. These include dancing musical fountains, horse carriages, and so on. Thus, don’t miss the chance to visit this place at a nominal cost of 50 PHP and make great memories.

Come to the 3D Museum of Art

Located at 15th Ave, the 3D Museum of Art is the hugest 3D museum in all of Asia. So, visiting this place is one of the best things to do in the Philippines. At high costs of 500 PHP (adults) and 400 PHP (students), it’s possible to see 200+ 3D paintings and sculptures. These include animals, Egyptian ruins, and so on. If you can afford it, don’t hesitate to give this place a visit. Rest assured, all that money spent would be absolutely worth it.


Here, we told you about the best things to do in the Philippines. So, now that you know about them, don’t wait any longer. Pack your bags and visit them all ASAP. Bon, voyage!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are the must-see places in the Philippines?

There are many such places scattered all over the country. These include Panagsama Beach, Ayala Museum, Rizal Park, and so on.        

  • What is the Philippines best known for?   

The country is best known for having an abundance of stunning sea beaches and luscious fruit.

  • What to do when you’re in the land of the Filipinos?

One thing is for sure – you’d never run out of things to do in the Philippines. From visiting the famous Burnham Park to picnicking at the Rizal Park – there are so many things to do here. Refer to our article for more.



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Top Reasons to Include Gothenburg in Your Sweden Itinerary

Sweden - Ross French - March 30, 2022

Gothenburg is located on the west coast of Sweden and it was voted by the Swedish as the most popular city in their country with more than 60% of them wanting to live here. Gothenburg has a reputation of being friendlier than Stockholm and whoever is planning a trip to this northern European country should add the city to their itinerary.

The city combines culture and class with nature and urbanity and has a rich and intriguing history. There’s no shortage of things to do in Gothenburg; it will keep you as busy or as relaxed as you wish no matter your age.

Gothenburg is the capital of the Vastra Gotaland county and it is situated by the sea at the mouth of Gota river, which runs through the city and is the largest sea port in the Nordic countries. The city remains proud of its fishing heritage and offers high quality seafood. Being Sweden’s second city, it can be easily reached by various forms of transport both from Sweden and from around the world.

At Bonzah we’d love to encourage you to enjoy this Swedish city. You can easily organise a road trip from Stockholm to Gothenburg and admire the wonders that both cities have to offer. To inspire you, here we’ve listed the most interesting highlights that you can’t miss in Gothenburg.


Haga is Gothenburg’s historic district and a great starting point of your stay in the city. The area is well known for its markets, boutiques and cafes nestled along cobbled streets and beautiful old buildings. It’s the bohemian heart of the city and it stands out with its amazingly well preserved houses with their district design of a stone or brick ground floor and wooden stories above.

Haga was originally a working class suburb with a rather bad reputation but it was gradually transformed into a popular visiting place for locals and tourists. The area lies within walking distance of Gothernburg’s centre heading southwest. One of the best things to do here is to stop for a traditional fika break and enjoy a cup of coffee with a cinnamon bun; you can even taste a Hagabullen, which is a plate sized cinnamon bun.

Haga is easy to walk around but you can also explore it by bike. Gothenburg has an excellent rental bike system that allows you to visit almost anything.

There are two main landmarks you can’t miss here: the Skansen Kronan _ an old fortress towering above the neighbourhood_ and the Hagakyrkan _a historic church_.

Admire the views from Skansen Kronan

Skansen Kronan is a fortress built in 1687 and it was never drawn into battle. In the mid 1800s the fortress was used as a prison and later as emergency housing. Today, it’s a military museum and offers one of the best panoramic views of Gothenburg. It’s one of those locations you can’t miss visiting Skansen Kronan if you’re a history buff.

Skansen Kronan was originally built to defend the Swedes from the incursions of the Danes and over the years it has been variously used as a prison and a military museum. Today it’s home to a restaurant and a conference centre. It’s a bit of a workout to get to the top, but once you’re there you’ll be rewarded with striking panoramic views of the city and the Haga district. Next to the fortress there are old army barracks where you can find a summer café.

The fortress has 4-5 metre thick walls of granite, gneiss and diabase. It was never attacked and the cannons on the inside have never been used. There are guided tours offered in different languages as well as thematic tours on the history of the redoubt and the city’s military affairs. Walk around the six-sided shape and dappled granite walls of Skansen Kronan to appreciate how much effort it must have taken to build it. It is located on the Risasberget or Skansberget in the Haga district and the hill is accessible year round free of charge. To reach the fortress you can take the staircase from Frigangsgatan or the footpath from Lilla Risasgatan.

Enjoy a Canal Tour in a Traditional Paddan

Joining a canal tour in traditional paddan boats offers a great opportunity to admire the beauty of Gothenburg from the waterside.It’s a guided tour and it takes you under 20 bridges and out to the harbour. A paddan boat is a sightseeing boat which will pass by famous sights such as the Opera House or the famous fish market Feskekorka. The boats depart two or three times an hour and they are hop on, hop off so you can spend a bit more time at the sights that pique your interest.

Considering Gothenburg’s strong maritime spirit, this activity is a must-do and a great way to get to know the city.

Stroll Slottsskogen

Slottsskogen is a huge, tranquil expanse of parkland with farm animals and birdlife, including pink flamingos in summer. On its south side there’s the impressive Botanical Garden and a vast glasshouse which hold some 16 thousand species of plants including Sweden’s biggest orchids, the summer flower plantations and the adjoining arboretum.

This 1.37 sqkm green area attracts animal lovers with its children’s zoo that is home to Gotland ponies, elk, sheep, seals and penguins. It has a natural forest that is really nice for enjoying natural trails and foraging for wild berries. There’s an observatory on the northern end of the park that organises stargazing events in the summer months.

Slottsskogen is a popular destination amongst families because of the variety of activities it offers. You can see nordic animals in the main zoo and pet friendly creatures in the children’s zoo. There are also different performance areas where you can watch live music, puppet shows and folk dance shows. You can also play a round of mini golf, visit a natural history museum and wander through a butterfly garden. Children will love spending some time at the huge Plitka Playground for an afternoon of fun; here children can scamper across a huge climbing frame in the shape of a whale or participate in games organised in the playground during the summer.On the other side of the park is the exciting playground Naturleken that uses nature to create a fun environment for children.

It’s Gothenburg’s main park and a must-see for tourists, especially if you love outdoor activities. You can go roller skating, biking, jogging and even hiking! Little ones can feed the ducks on the main lake called Stora Dammen, which sits towards the southern end of the park and has a great café serving drinks and snacks right next to it.

Have Fun at Liseberg

Adrenaline and fun seekers can’t leave Gothenburg without visiting Liseberg, an amusement park that opened in 1923 and is amongst the largest one in the Nordic countries, attracting 3 million visitors per year.

One of the most popular attractions is the wooden roller coaster Balder, which was twice voted as Best Wooden Tracked Roller Coaster in the world. “Kanonen” is another popular roller coaster: it reaches a top speed just two seconds after being fired bullet-like from its start point before plummeting 24 m at a 90° angle. There’s also the AtmosFear, Europe’s largest free-fall attraction, or the Mechanica, a 360-degree ride that spins riders around up to 100 feet in the air. The park is open in November, December and during the summer months. In the holiday season, a Christmas market is hosted here.

There are more than thirty attractions here that range from carousels and rides to funhouses and roller coasters. Rides for the children are conveniently scattered throughout the park. Amongst them we can mention: colourful slides and swings at Barnens Paradis playground, boat rides at Kathiresan and a double-decker carousel at Children’s Paradise.

Learn About the World Around You at the Universeum

Universeum is a must-visit attraction for adults and children with curious and inquisitive minds. With 9000 sqm,Universeum is Scandinavia’s biggest scientific centre. This 7-stage high building features plants and animals from all over the world with special focus in the tropical seas and forests. It seduces visitors with a combination of adventure park and hand-on science museum.

The displays cover an indoor tropical forest, how lasers work and criminal and forensics science. Real birds, sloths and monkeys cruise through the branches above as you walk on wooden bridges throughout. But easily the most popular draw is the Ocean Zone, where you can get uncomfortably close to sharks and other creatures from the depths. Kids can even touch various stingrays!

The tour starts with a cute cable car ride to the top floor, from which you can immerse yourself in the various zones available as part of the exhibition. Universeum is organised into six sections, each containing experiment workshops and a collection of reptiles, fish and insects. Exhibits include an Aquarium Hall, which has more than 30 thousand known species of fish, a rainforest boasting monkeys, frogs and birds and an educational health section. There are several dining and coffee options available, including a taco buffet and a vegetarian restaurant.

Other exhibitions that you can enjoy here include life sized dinosaurs, Swedish wilderness, go on a safari with monkeys, the science and forensic laboratory and the space exhibition where you can learn about how astronauts survive without gravity, discover what it’s like to work in space and learn about how quiet it is up there. The Job Land is divided into several theme sections, where kids get to learn how to be builders, doctors and sailors for the day. The Reptilarium has an inclusive collection of venomous snakes and lizards.

Visit Gothenburg Botanical Garden

With 1200 plant species, Gothenburg Botanical Garden is the largest one in Sweden. Herb gardens, bamboo grooves, a Japanese valley, forest plants and tropical greenhouses are all on display. It’s another must-do in the city and a highly popular location amongst tourists. This massive park sprawls over 175 hectares of land and includes an arboretum and nature reserve.

The Gothenburg Botanical Gardens are also home to some 4000 plants kept in greenhouses, where you can find the largest collection of orchids in all of Sweden. The arboretum offers visitors a lovely respite from the city’s energy, with a gorgeous waterfall and a rock garden where some 6000 plants are on display. Don’t forget to add the sophora toromiro or Easter Island tree to your list of Gothenburg attractions: this species is extinct in its native habitat and you’re unlikely to see it anywhere else.

Visit the Gothenburg Museum of Art

Gothenburg Museum of Art stands behind the Poseidon statue in Gotaplatsen. It’s one of the finest museums in the city and it’s easy to spend half a day here taking in the diverse and extensive collections that are housed here. A delightful little park lies just behind the museum; with its late-spring rhododendrons and big duck-fillled pond, it’s a lovely place for a stroll.

The collections of European art date from the XV to the XVII centuries and fill a total of six rooms. Pride of place is taken by Knight with Falcon by Rembrandt, although Rubens is also well represented. Elsewhere, you’ll find paintings by the celebrated masters of French Impressionism and artists closely linked to them: Gauguin, Renoir, Monet, Van Gogh and Cezanne for example. Collections of Swedish art are dominated by Alexander Roslin.

The main reason to visit the Gothenburg Museum of Art are the Fürstenberg Galleries on the top floor, which celebrate the work of some of Scandinavia’s most prolific and admired early XX century artists. There you can admire works by Carl Wilhelmson, Edvard Munch, Anders Zorn, Carl Larsson and others.

On a curious note, what makes this museum stand out from other major national art museums is that it doesn’t have its origin in royal or princely collections. It’s the people of Gothenburg themselves who have created the museum through donations of works and resources.

Explore Gothenburg’s Archipelago

There are over 20 islands in the Gothenburg archipelago that you can access on a day trip from Gothenburg. It’s definitely one of the best things to do here when the weather is warm as many of the islands have beautiful beaches and scenic lookouts.

Gothenburg archipelago stretches along the coast like a string of pearls. Hönö is one of the most popular islands. It’s home to the Fishing Museum and there are excellent seafood restaurants.

The northern archipelago is accessible by car while the southern archipelago is largely car-free and accessible by boat or tram. The archipelago is a great setting for hiking and cycling.

Are You a Car Lover? Don’t Miss the Volvo Museum

The Volvo museum is on the waterfront along the Göta älv river and showcases everything you ever wanted to know about the beloved car manufacturer, which was founded here in Gothenburg in 1927. You can see vintage cars and trucks as well as concept vehicles that were never brought into production. There are also exhibitions on the Volvo Ocean Race and the Volvo Golf Experience that you can visit. It’s a great place to visit for car enthusiasts and Volvo fans.

The Maritiman

The Maritiman is the world’s largest floating maritime museum. Here you’ll find modern naval vessels including a destroyer, submarines, a lightship, cargo vessels and various tugboats, providing an insight into Gothenburg’s historic role as a major port. The main attraction is a huge naval destroyer called Samalan, complete with a medical room in which a leg amputation operation is graphically re-created, with mannequins standing in for medical personnel.

It’s a must do for marine enthusiasts of all ages. Moored next to Packhuskajen on the Göta river in the heart of the port city. You can go below deck on the Nordkaparen submarine.

The Sea Lab offers exciting challenges and experiments for adventure lovers that include mechanisms of a submarine, ways to protect seals from pollution, how heavy steel ships float on the ocean waters and many more things.

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Where to Stay While in L.A.

South America - Ross French - March 16, 2022

Whether you’re headed to Los Angeles to catch a glimpse of someone famous, you want to have some fun in Universal Studios, or you’re headed to California for a business trip, you have plenty of choices for hotels. Whether you want to walk the city streets to see the TCl Chinese Theatre or you’ll be looking for your favorite star on the walk, there are plenty of things to do in and around Los Angeles. Planning your trip well means considering where to stay while in L.A. will give you easy access to the activities you’re planning on your trip. Think about the things you plan to spend your time doing and check out these hotels. Continue Reading

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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Miami

North America - Ross French - March 16, 2022

If you are searching for a reason to visit Miami, then this article has been written just for you. Continue to read on in order to learn about all the great reasons you should visit this lovely city. Continue Reading

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