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Casino Resorts: A Brief History

North America - Ross French - March 4, 2017

Casinos today are more than just games of chance. They’re the biggest hotels, concert venues, theaters and offer a multitude of experiences. A symbol of entertainment and indulgence, modern casino resorts, complete with over-the-top architecture and flamboyance, are on the bucket list of most travel junkies.

While no one is sure where it all started, there are references to games of chance all through history. It was in the early 17th century in Italy that a venue was created that could be remotely associated with the casino of today. Soon such venues appeared in several places in Europe, but it was America that gave the world its first casinos as we know them today, in the form of gambling saloons.

The first few casinos were found in Chicago, San Francisco and New Orleans during the early 20th century. However, it was only in 1931, when gambling was legalized, that everything changed forever. Casinos have evolved a lot since then and we now have casino holidays that are widely popular and there are entire cities that are totally devoted to it.


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Amazing Labor Destinations

Destinations - Ross French - August 17, 2016



Save your pennies to get tickets to a Broadway appear yet don’t get your heart set on Hamilton, they are sold out for the following year. Spend one more day people-viewing on fifth Avenue and shopping at the famous stores that line the road.

Feeling hungry? You are in luckiness. NYC is home to a buffet of delicious cooking. Get a cut of pizza on any corner or reserve a spot at one of the several fine eateries. Simply ensure you bring your voracity. New York City really has it all so you can’t turn out badly with this decision.


You won’t come up short on things to do in the Windy City. Go for a walk down The Magnificent Mile, investigate Millennium Park, or catch a diversion at Wrigley Field. Need a break from the greater part of your touring? Chow down on profound dish pizza or the popular Chicago-style canines.


Get a break from the warmth by going to Portland where Labor Day temps ought to be in the mid-seventies! Feast on homestead to-table dinners and shop at nearby vintage shops where you’re certain to discover a fortune to bring home. Ensure you get a live band while you’re there, Portland is known for their various music scene.


New Orleans

While some of Louisiana is experiencing amazing flooding, New Orleans has figured out how to stay dry and is prepared for guests. There is no other spot like this city, with a blend of French and creole society, you are in for divine sustenance and a diverse mix of accents and style – the ideal formula for prime people- watching.

Take a stroll through the French Market where you will find unique gifts to take home and you can even sample alligator tail. Do not leave the city without trying the famous Café Du Monde beignets.

Charleston, South Carolina

Spend the holiday in the city that was recently named #1 City in the World. You will be welcomed with southern charm in Charleston where I suggest you stay at the historic and beautiful Boone Hall Plantation. Take in the downtown historic district from a horse-drawn carriage and tour the Fort Sumter National Park on the water.

Los Angeles

Continuously a well known destination, L.A. is brimming with things to do over the long Labor Day weekend. Visit Hollywood where you are certain to recognize a big name or two, play for the day at Disneyland, or visit the first Universal Studios. Requiring a break from the warmth? Go to a live taping at one of the numerous TV demonstrates taped locally, for example, Ellen.


So, where are you going to spend Labor Day? You can’t go wrong with any of these ten Labor Day destinations. Just remember, we are only a few days out so book your flights or plan your road trip today! Be safe out there, ladies.


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