Guest Post Author: The Fantastic Rease

reaseI know travelling is supposed to be all about being free, doing what you want and accepting others. I get that. But here’s the thing people, I am not that nice. I realize this is probably the first thing most of you are reading by me and I am not making an awesome first impression, but hey, I am snarky, sarcastic and I have a sassy, dirty mouth. That’s probably why Hogga likes me in the first place. I could have written something a little nicer for my guest post, but what’s funny about nice? I write for laughs. And tips, if you’ve got them.
So without further ado my fellow travelers, here are 5 things I am totally judging you on.


  1. Your expensive travel gear – I understand that some travel items are expensive but worth it. I also understand that some people are just brand loyal and want what they want, but that is not going to stop me for mocking you for things I think are stupid. For example, people that buy matching name brand everything. Do you really need an REI clothesline? I don’t think so.
  2. Your snotty minimalist attitude – Listen, if you want to carry only 3 changes of clothes and a bar of soap, more power to you. Just keep your ideals up out of my face. I’m not an over packer, but I am the kind of person who packs 3 pairs of underwear for 1 night, just in case. When you sit on a wet bench, tear the elastic band on your 2nd pair and then fall into a mud puddle all in one day we will see whose ideals come out on top!
  3. Your budget– I have seen both sides of this. Either people have way too much money to start off with and just blow it on anything and everything or they scrimp so much they never do anything. Either way, it’s annoying. Get an excel sheet and learn how to make a budget.
  4. Your hookups – I know Hogga will like this one. I am totally judging you on how many times you hook up, where you do it and who you are hooking up with. You think you are slipping past my rating system and mocking? Nope, not happening. I am not saying you shouldn’t hook up with people while you travel, I just think sometimes if I were to video tape your choices, you’d understand my judgment and mocking.
  5. Your blog – If you are a traveler and don’t have a blog, that’s cool. It’s the travel bloggers I am judging. Let’s be honest, someone can be cool in person and have a terrible blog. If people send me links, especially if I have met them in person, I am going to give your blog a chance. I’m not saying I am a master blogger, I assume people mock my blog as well – I am just openly telling you right now – I am reading and judging. Deal with it.