By: Hogga

For weeks I have been getting emails, Tweets, Skype and Facebook messages from people asking:

Where have you been?

Why haven’t you updated your blog?

Are you alive? Seriously, is everything okay?

Yes, I’m alive. My liver might have taken a bit of a beating, but I’m still kickin it, hommies. I know I’m supposed to be updating you on my travels and my life (consistently) but I was having too much fun and couldn’t be bothered.

Secondly, every time I sit down to work, I don’t know what to write. Writers block, laziness and  anxiety have made me an anti-travel writer.

It’s been like a disease eating away at the good part of my liver. I have stories. Things have happened. I’ve seen some cool shit, met some cool people and adventured across Nicaragua and Costa Rica, but I don’t know what to tell you about it.

I start writing and half way into the first paragraph I stop and realize, how I’m going to utterly bore you with my story. The best I’ve come up with in the past 2 weeks is:

“I went to some sort of horse riding and jeep competition. Don’t ask me to explain what it was, I have no fucking clue. It took forever to get to the ranch where the festivities were taking place because of the shit loads of people on their horses.
I thought it was because there were so many horses and people are stupid, but it turns out there was a ‘horse jam’ because of a truck giving out free beers. So really this 5 minute drive took 45 minutes because of all the drunks on horses.”

So that’s why I haven’t been around. I have lost my mojo in a gutter outside my favorite bar in Granada, Nicaragua and it’s taking some time to get it back.