In the northern hemisphere it would not be unusual to see the Northern lights several times in your life. Generally, areas more north see the lights more often. It is going to take patience if you really want to see their beauty. The lights can start out really slow.

Sometimes you may even think you have missed them all together, but chances are you went home about five minutes to soon.
One of the most fascinating things about seeing the northern lights is the way they never look the same twice. You can go every night if you like, you may or may not see them, but the changing colors and the way they seem to ride the sky is always an impressive event. The lights have green, violet, blue and red. At times the light show can last upwards of fifteen minutes. When people talk about this colourful display, the word most often used would be aurora. It has to do with the brilliant colors of the northern lights.

To be more specific about where to see the Northern Lights here are a few of the most popular places:

In Fairbanks you will defiantly be able to see the lights. The information center in the area claims if you stay there three consecutive nights you should be able to see them 80% of the time. (That’s great odds) You can go to Nome, or Anchorage to get a chance at the lights, those two places are easier to get to and if you need to and their accommodation is more readily available.

Another place in Alaska to see the Northern Lights at their best would be Denali. The timing for these sightings usually come when the weather is cooler. From December to March is generally when the air is the coolest and you have a New Moon out. You will have the best available chance to see one of the prettiest, most delightfully fascinating God given natural display of beauty ever. If  you want to see these lights, you better set your clock or get a wake-up call because it will be in the middle of the night or very early in the morning when it happens.

You can look in magazines or online at the photos but pictures will never do justice to seeing these ever changing beauties in person. The crisp clear air, the beautiful northern lights, relaxing atmosphere and some really good company should be all a person needs to feel they are a part of something bigger than themselves.

Seeing the northern lights is the chance of a life time. Having time to relax and take it easy, doing something for yourself and being able to get away from it all for even a short time might be just what the doctor ordered!