Fun Things to do in Meribel

Meribel which is found in France is situated at 1400 meters above sea level making it a great location for different winter sport. While looking for things to do in Meribel you could visit a travel agent who will give you a well researched list of things that can be done individually or as a family. Here are a few things to do in Meribel that might call for your attention.


Meribel offers the world’s most popular skiing area since it lies at the centre of three valleys giving you an unforgettable experience to explore over three hundred miles of piste within the three valleys. It has different skiing resort and you can stay in a luxury ski chalet in Meribel. There are selected areas for training those interested and they provide skiing gear at a fee. So if you are in Meribel for holiday skiing is a must.

Winter walking
Considering Meribel is covered in snow then this means most popular activities are related to snow. If you like hiking, then the three valleys offer marked hiking trails stretching further up into the trees. Since the paths are cleared after every snow fall you do not require any special equipment to maneuver. You can enjoy the natural beauty of the Alps and also the meadows not forgetting a scenic lake straight ahead of the valley.

Ice climbing
Once you get to the Alps you are not restricted to ice climbing so it’s worth a memorable try. There are guides available incase assistance is required ahead. By climbing beyond the skiing chalets you can enjoy the breathtaking waterfalls and the glaciers overlooking the falls. There are peak seasons where you can enjoy all the fun though it is advisable to have little climbing skills if you will not require a guide.

Ice karting
On the list of things to do in Meribel ice karting should be amongst since the fun involved is exhilarating. Karting space is found at the Olympic rink and this is ideal if you want to challenge your friends. Protection gear is mandatory and children under the age of ten are not allowed in the ice karting rink. You could learn a few techniques or use the few you have to beat your competitors.

Vanoise National park
This national park is famous since its the home of wildlife of the Alps that include the endangered ibex, foxes, alpine hare and snakes. This park is not fenced and it is advised to have a guide at all times. Since you will be staying at the resorts found in Meribel there are special days when the guide can show you all the stated animals without missing the rest of the fun. One could also climb in the national park and there are also closeby lakes that are great for fishing.

By choosing a tour travel company that has a variety of activities to offer is the only way you can utilize all the time you have while visiting Meribel. When you have nothing to do you can also take up bird watching since there are different species.

Written by Ross French