Phuket -The Jewel in the Andaman Sea

Phuket, the jewel in the Andaman Sea, lies to the south of Thailand, is a secluded and enviably the most sought after tourist destination in the east. If you are planning on going to Phuket for holidays, one could quite easily believe in its rather conservative appearance until one explores the sublime and the modern aspects of this island. Its history of belonging to the busiest trade route with the Dutch,the English , the Portuguese and the French visitors leaving their treatise on one the most remarkable and culturally vibrant islands in the region. If you are planning on going to Phuket for holidays, the swaying palms, glistening temples and salubrious climate through the year will bring you back more than once. Deriving its name from the Malay word ‘bikit’ meaning hill, its topography enhances its beauty to incomparable heights.


There is so much to do in Phuket, but we have narrowed it down to the top 5 places, sites or adventures that will leave you wanting more.

Adventure Sports.-The alluring and balmy waters of the Andaman sea hosts a number of fun-filled things to do with the entire family. From snorkeling at Racha and Phi Phi islands to para-sailing, from free diving to a visit to the Phang Nga Bay-the emerald green waters of the sea and its calling can not be ignored. Chaong Bay provides the right places to go diving with an ever increasing numbers of people trying various water sports.

For the Soul and the Spirit– Inescapable and perhaps inevitable for an island so rich in culture,a visit to the temples and shrines in Phuket is imperative. The Big Buddha dominating the sky scape at its majestic height of 45 m atop the Nekkerd hill and the shrines namely Bang Neow, Jui tui, Samkong, Kathu and the Rua shrines are a treat for those on a self actualization trip. Visited by those exploring Taoism and Buddhism, the majestic pagodas and gilt -covered figurines are a visual treat.

The Golden Beaches– The stretch of silvery sands cross the 400 km shoreline is perhaps home to the most exotic flora and fauna that are constantly inviting attention, even from Hollywood. From James Bond island in Patong to Kata and Karon beaches, most of these locales are safe after the tumultuous monsoons when the tides can be a little irregular. Getting away from the frenetic pace of the typical touristy delights of Patong, one could take drive down the stretch of beach hugging roads that seem endless and extremely exhilarating.

On the Wild Side– This is what makes Phuket the destination for westerners game to adventure beyond sports. Well not one for the family, the bars particularly the Soi crocodile, the Rasta and the Point Bar bring the Soi Bagala nightlife into life on Patong beach. The pubs, the music and the crowds thronging the numerous clubs have faithful clientele that return for the drinks, the food, the music and more. Lastly, the markets along the beaches sell every imaginable nic-nac to delight a tourist.

Phuket Safari – Making it a trip to remember, one could see the real villages around Phuket from an elephant back. Amazing experience to see the lifestyle of the people there up -close. With the wafting smell of local cuisine cooked and served in a buffet to fishing and farming activities, the farm tours are a must-do for those who need to balance the needs of their kids with their own. A junk boat ride along the bay could also be a highlight .

Written by Ross French