For many people, nothing is better than camping to become closer to nature. Nevertheless, camping does not mean that you have to sacrifice luxury and comfort. In fact, with Canvas Holidays sites located in approved areas of Lake Garda, you can enjoy the very best of both worlds.


lake-gardaHow to Choose the Ideal Campsite

If you want to make the best of Lake Garda camping, it is recommended that you find a campsite with plenty of things for you and your family to enjoy. Fortunately, there are campsites in three different provinces (Verona, Trento and Brescia) to choose from, due to Lake Garda’s size. If you like quieter areas, the upper areas tend to be less touristy. Meanwhile, if you enjoy plenty of activities and water sports, the lower areas may be best.

If you have a family, you will need to look for family friendly campsites. Fortunately, there are plenty around Lake Garda that cater to families. In fact, such campsites may include amenities such as playgrounds, children’s pools, and live entertainment. If you do not have children and want a quieter area, you can take advantage of adults-only campsites.

When choosing a campsite, you must also keep in mind what time of the year you would most like to travel. For example, camping at the very beginning or end of the season may mean that you are able to take advantage of cheaper accommodation, have more privacy, and enjoy beautiful, crystal-clear views of the lake.

Once you have a campsite in mind, you need to book ahead to ensure that there is space available. Canvas Holidays tents tend to be available between March and October because of the warmer weather.


Tips for Canvas Camping at Lake Garda

When hiking through different areas, be sure to ask your campsite about brochures or any special instructions. Based on your physical condition and abilities, many campsites can help determine what hiking trails are best suited for your needs. Due to the hot climate, you will not need a jacket while hiking. Although the trails are well maintained, having hiking boots will help make the experience easier.

Since Lake Garda gets some of the melting snow and ice from the mountains, the water temperature can be quite cold depending on the time of year. Around June and July, however, the water temperature tends to be very pleasant for swimming and enjoying water sports.

During the summer months, the climate is typically dry, as most of the rainfall occurs during the early spring and late fall. If you want to avoid most of the rain, you may want to consider travelling between July and August.

Canvas Holidays camping at Lake Garda is a great experience for the entire family. With the right campsite, you can make your next family vacation a very memorable one.


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