A cycling trip is a great way to take a vacation, and the world offers plenty of choice. Cycling has many advantages over regular vacations, for rather than being stuck behind glass in a car or bus, you can experience the open country without any barriers and feel the fresh air on your skin.

Planning your trip

A bike trek takes plenty of planning. This is not only to ensure you get to see all you want to see, but also that your journey is as safe as it can be. Always take safety gear that includes a cycling helmet, elbow and kneepads, as well as a basic first aid kit to treat cuts and other injuries should you fall off your bike. Have an accurate idea of your fitness and stamina, and do not attempt longer bike treks than your body can manage. It might be worth taking out insurance for your bike trek so that in the event of an accident, you can call on the local services to tend to you.

The most important part of your plan is figuring out where to go. Europe has many great bike trek destinations, such as the Alps in France. This area has something for all biking enthusiasts, with Chamonix for all-mountain rides and Morzine for downhill rides. Finally Liguria in Italy is another favorite for Europeans, for it has a good network of trails that go up and down hills on the Mediterranean coast. This is a great trail for those who want fantastic natural views on their trip.

The UK has very good bike treks as well. The Lake District, a real beauty spot, has the famous Nan Bield Pass that offers a staggering variety of cycle routes, with stony tracks, hairpin bends, and streams to traverse. For even more natural beauty but a slightly easier time, head for Torridon in Scotland, which is a mostly stony trail that is not dependent on good weather, just a good pair of legs.

In the US, head for Las Vegas, Nevada. The terrain can be tricky, so it will appeal to those who enjoy a challenge, and of course, if you want to relax after your ride, you can always head into town. Check out Outdoor Traveler’s channel to find out more about accommodation and activities in Las Vegas. Additionally, Outdoor Traveler offers a variety of getaway adventures in destinations around the country.

A bike trek is a great way to see parts of a country you are visiting on vacation, and it will not only open your eyes to other cultures, but also challenge your mind and your body.

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