Jerusalem has 3 main sections – the Old City, West Jerusalem and East Jerusalem. Surrounded by massive old stone walls, the Old City has the most significant sites of Jerusalem to see. Once you let yourself in through one among the seven gates, you’ll see the best destinations of the Jewish tradition. Outside the Old City, West Jerusalem is a trendy, buzzing city that’s filled with life. East Jerusalem may be a predominantly Arab district. While it isn’t as trendy as West Jerusalem, it is an interesting area, filled with old-world Arab markets. If you plan your trip to Jerusalem, here are some ideas on Wonderful Things to Do in Jerusalem and where to travel.

The Wailing Wall

Jerusalem Wailing WallAlso referred to as the Kotel or the Western Wall, the Wailing Wall in the middle of the old city dates to the 1st century BC. Devout Jewish pilgrims come here with their desires written down on items of paper, place them in very little cracks in the wall, and hope for God’s attention. The sight of many pilgrims at the Wailing Wall may be a moving one.

Temple Mount

Temple Mount, in the Old City, is one of the holiest sites each below Judaism and Islam. While Muslims believe that Temple Mount is where the Prophet left the planet for heaven, Jews believe that the area where Temple Mount stands contains the dust that God created Adam of.

Church of the Holy Sepulchre

Church of the Holy SepulchreIn the Christian religion this church is believed to stand right over the ultimate resting place of the Jesus Christ. It is one of the holiest places in the religion. The Church of the Holy Sepulchre dates to 326 AD.

The City of David

The City of David was established three millennia ago by King David. It’s still in use as a residential neighborhood in the Old City. The City of David is one of the simplest places to go to in Jerusalem.

The Tower of David Museum

The Tower of David Museum is a part of the medieval Tower of David. The name is a misnomer – it has nothing to do with King David. The original purpose of the tower was to defend Jerusalem. Today, it’s a great museum that chronicles great Jerusalem’s history.

The Garden Tomb

IMG_1815Religious experts aren’t in complete agreement over where exactly Jesus Christ was laid to rest. Several believe that it wasn’t under the Church of the Holy sepulcher, that it absolutely was at the Garden Tomb outside the Old City’s Damascus gate. Whatever you believe, the Garden Tomb could be a lovely place to go to. It’s lush vegetation and ruins that are believed to contain the sepulcher of Joseph of Arimathea.

These are the wonderful things to do in Jerusalem. Explore and Enjoy.

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