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River Cruise Seine: A Glimpse into the Heart of Paris and Beyond

France, Travel Blog, Word Travel - Kyle Mirage - July 23, 2023

River Cruise Seine

Calling all adventurers and dreamers, it’s time to set sail on a journey that will transport you to the heart of Paris and beyond. Get ready to immerse yourself in the beauty, history, and romance that can only be found aboard a River Cruise Seine. Prepare to be captivated by the iconic landmarks, enchanted by the scenic landscapes, and enthralled by the cultural wonders that await you along this extraordinary waterway. Continue Reading

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Western Tales – Austin’s Quirks and Landmarks

Travel Blog - Ross French - January 4, 2016

Austin, the capital of Texas, has earned the distinction of being the ‘Live music capital of the city and ‘Silicon hills’, and Austinites take pride in its diverse culture, adopting the unofficial slogan ‘Keep Austin Weird’ or ‘Keep Austin cool’. Housing Formula 1’s circuit of America’s raceway, the University of Texas, and a centre for Film, the city has something to interest everyone. Continue Reading

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