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Choosing The Best Time Of Year To Holiday In Tanzania

Africa - Ross French - November 7, 2020

A safari can be a magical experience where you get to enjoy seeing native African animals in their natural habitat. There are many different types of animals that you get to see on a safari.

Choosing the best time of year to go can have a significant impact on the success of your trip. There are many different factors you will need to consider. Some of which are listed below, which will help you to select the best time of year for you to go on your dream safari.

The Peak & Low Seasons

When you are looking to book private tailor made safaris in Tanzania or other parts of Africa, the time of year that you go will dictate how much your trip will cost, as well as the success of it. The peak season runs from June to October, when you will find the tours, as well as the hotels and resorts, are much busier. In contrast, the months of November through to May are the low season, also known as the green season, when it is much quieter and can also be cheaper.

The Hotels & Resorts

There is a wide variety of different accommodation available when you are looking to go on safari, and there is everything from budget options up to the height of luxury. When you look for budget places to stay, you will not see as much discount during the low season, but you can see some excellent deals at the higher-end resorts if you are after a little luxury during your stay.

The Weather

The weather is also going to determine the number of animals that you see, as well as the number of fellow tourists, so it is a vital consideration for you. The rainy season runs from March through to May, and during this time there are still plenty of different animals that you can see. You can often see a much more diverse variety of wildlife during the low season than you can when visiting at peak times of the year.

The Wildlife You Can See

No matter what time of year you visit, you can see plenty of different animals when you enjoy a safari, even during the rainy season. When the rains come, you will often see the mass migration of animals as they move to the grasslands that are packed full of fresh grass for them to eat. When you visit during the low season, you will also get to see migratory birds, as well as plenty of baby animals, so it is also an excellent time of year to visit. You will be able to see the top five game safari animals at any time of year, which are Lions, Elephants, Leopards, Black and White Rhino, and the Cape buffalo.

Going on safari during the low season does not only mean that you can save money, as you can also increase the diversity of the wildlife you will encounter on your safari. Plan your trip according to your requirements, do plenty of research, and select your accommodation wisely, and you can help to ensure you have a fantastic time on safari in Africa.

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