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Amritsar, Holy Land of Sikh Religion

Asia, Travel Blog - Ross French - April 11, 2017


Amritsar is one of the largest cities in Punjab and an important religious and cultural centre for Sikhs. The city was was founded by Sikh Saint, Guru Ram Das in 16th century. Amritsar was later developed by his successor Guru Arjan Dev. The city lies a distance of 450 kms from Delhi and can be reached within 8 hours via Delhi to Amritsar cabs. Let’s have a look at the best attractions in Amritsar.

Golden Temple: Also known as Sri Harmandir Sahib, it is the most revered Gurudwara or holy shrine of Sikh religion. It is visited by millions of devotees throughout the year. The foundation of this holy site was laid in 16th century by the fifth Sikh Guru, Guru Arjan Dev. During the early years of 19th century, Maharaja Ranjit Singh covered the upper portion of the Gurudwara with 400 kg of Gold, which gives it the name, the Golden Temple. AdiGranth, the holy scripture of Sikh religion, is kept within its precincts during the day. The Golden Temple has four entrance gates that signify human brotherhood and equality. This holy site is certainly a must-visit for travellers having spiritual and historical interests. Many people directly travel to Golden Temple from Delhi by hiring Delhi to Amritsar taxi.

Durgiana Temple: It is a famous Hindu temple in Amritsar dedicated to Goddess Durga. Situated near Lohgarh Gate, it was constructed in the 20th century by Harsai Mal Kapoor. Also known as the Lakshmi Narayan Temple, its design and architecture is inspired from the famous Golden Temple. The temple complex houses idols of many Hindu deities including Goddess Durga, Goddess Sita and Lord Hanuman. There are intricate wall carvings on its walls which display Hindu scriptures and Goddess Durga in her different incarnations. It is a must visit for devotees of Goddess Durga.

GurdwaraBibeksar Sahib: This wonderfully built Gurudwara is located on the banks of BibeksarSarovar. It was constructed by the sixth Sikh Guru, Guru Hargobind in the year 1628. The Gurdwara was built at the spot where Guru Hargobind used to hold evening meetings with common people and preach religious and spiritual ideas. The Gurdwara also features a lovely garden where Guru Hargobind Singh is said to have spent his recreational time. One the last Saturday of every month, large number of devotees gather in the temple to join the Keertan program.

Kaiser Bagh: It is a splendid garden in Amritsar that showcase a unique blend of Gothic and Mughal styles of architecture. Built in the year 1850, it houses Indo- Gothic style temple at its centre. The park displays a cluster of domes and cupolas with the main floor having a large pavilion. It is a great place for travellers who love photography and Indian history.If you are planning for a day trip, they you can book taxi in Delhi from reliable players

Wagah Border: It is an army outpost situated at the borderline of India and Pakistan. It is famous for the amazing ceremony known as ‘Beating the Retreat’ which is held every evening at border’s gate. It comprises of a pompous and energetic parade of Indian and Pakistani forces. It is attended by large number of people on either side. The ceremony gets ended with beatings of drums and thunderous applause.

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Places To Visit In Nizamabad

Asia - Ross French - June 24, 2015

If a land with diversified culture fascinates you, if you’re longing for a get-away destination to be near nature and if you’d prefer to add color to your vacation by visiting sites that provide you with cultural insight into the past, you will build your bookings to go to Nizamabad, the land that’s a mix of all. Nizamabad, is an ancient town dominated by numerous dynasties and thence it’s the influences of assorted cultures. Nizamabad offers a colourful atmosphere to stay your spirits high on your vacation. Here are the highest places to go to in Nizamabad that you just wouldn’t need to miss on your tour.


Nizamabad Fort

Nizamabad Fort is one amongst the foremost celebrated forts within the town that’s a mix of power, class and fine arts brilliance. Rashtraputha rulers made the fort throughout the tenth century. Placed on prime of a hill at an altitude of regarding three hundred meters, the fort has been dominated by numerous dynasties and it’s undergone modifications sporadically. The temple of Rama within the fort was designed by Chatrapathi Shivaji, the celebrated Sanskrit ruler. the massive corridors, mundaps and also the mahamundaps within the temple are amazing. Influences of Jain dynasty are seen in some ancient artifacts.

Alisagar Reservoir

Alisagar Reservoir is one amongst the leading attractions within the town. It’s placed thirteen kilometer from Nizamabad and it’s frequented by native individuals and tourists in nice numbers. Nizam of Hyderabad had developed the area close to the reservoir into a gorgeous garden. The sprawling thirty three acres of garden may be a visual treat with lush verdure and a garden. You’ll additionally realize a tree house and deer park within the garden. Alisagar garden homes a lake wherever seafaring facilities are obtainable. Alisagar Reservoir with its good setting makes your day unforgettable.


Pocharam Wildlife Sanctuary

Pocharam life Sanctuary is placed adjacent to Pocharam Lake and therefore the name. The a hundred thirty sq kilometer sanctuary is home to numerous wild life as well as leopard, wolf, chital, sloth bear, sambar, canid and peacock. If you like birds such a lot that you just will determine them by their names, you wish to go to the place wherever glorious ranges of those flying creatures area unit seen. The tower at the thick of the forest offers glorious read of the dense forest and therefore the lake here. alittle look alike of dam on one amongst the tributaries of Manjeera river is seen here wherever tourists have fun on walking and swimming within the water.

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Must Visit Spots In Nizamabad

Asia - Ross French - June 22, 2015

Nizamabad that is found in Telangana takes you to the past because it makes a compelling presentation of the culture and way of the traditional people that lived and flourished here. With its made history, colourful culture and superb picturesque landscapes, traveler places in Nizamabad makes an ideal place to pay vacation, that may well be fun and educating.


Archaelogical And Heritage Museum

The archaeologic and Heritage museum was inaugurated in 2001. You would like to go to the museum to own an insight into the lives and designs of ancient individuals during this region. The 3 sections within the depository specifically sculptural gallery, archaeological section and bronze ornamental gallery wear show varied unique collections that replicate the civilization of ancient times. Sculptural gallery homes sculptures of assorted periods. The sculptures show the artisanship of the bygone era. The archaeological section homes tools happiness to periods from 50000 B.C. to 5000 B.C.. alternative collections within the section embody pottery, beads, terracotta, coins and many more.

Pochampad Dam

Pochampad Dam, one among the largest comes for irrigation serves 5 districts particularly Nizamabad, Adilabad, Karimnagar, Khammam and Warangal. The dam site is thus wonderful that it’s frequented by visitors. Sree Ram Mandir situated close to the dam attracts a lot of folks to the place.

Nizam Sagar Dam

Nizam Sagar dam is made across stream Manjeera, one amongst the tributaries of stream absolutely was in-built the year 1923 and it serves the drinking wants of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. It’s thought-about one amongst the largest dams within the world. the attractive garden here spellbinds you. you may delight in swimming and yachting here. Since boarding and lodging facilities are obtainable here, you may pay a relaxed day during this serene atmosphere.

Mallaram Forest

Mallaram Forest will more than adequately quench your thirst for adventure. The forest gifted with the best of nature is a perfect location for trekking. From the viewpoint tower, you could have spectacular views of the lush greenery around. The forest is being developed into eco-tourism site. Huts are being constructed on the small hillock and seating arrangements overlooking Mallaram cheruvu are being made. One of the highlights of Mallaram Forest is the 1.45 billion year old rock that underlines the ancient element to this place.



The beautiful architecture of the traditional temple Kanteshwar attracts your attention now. The temple was designed by Satakarni II, a known Satavahana king. Over five hundred years previous, the temple could be a fine example of subject splendor of the time. The temple’s design is influenced by North Indian style. Kanteshwar temple witnesses an enormous gathering per year throughout Rathasapthami.

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Asia - Ross French - June 15, 2015

A modern metropolitan city with a historic past is what one might feel Whereas travel in Delhi. The history of Delhi town may be a long and checked history. Delhi has seen the increase and fall of the many empires. Delhi has evolved over the ruins of seven cities, engineered by rulers from the Hindu Rajputs to the Mughals and at last British people. Delhi may be a actually cosmopolitan town that has brought at intervals its fold individuals of all ethnic teams and their traditions and culture,mirrored during a form of arts, crafts, cuisines, festivals and lifestyles. A fashionable metropolitan town with a historic past is what one might feel whereas travel in Delhi. The history of Delhi town may be a long and checked history. Delhi has seen the increase and fall of the many empires. Delhi has evolved over the ruins of seven cities, engineered by rulers from the Hindu Rajputs to the Mughals and at last British people. Delhi may be a actually cosmopolitan town that has brought at intervals its fold individuals of all ethnic teams and their traditions and culture, mirrored during a form of arts, crafts, cuisines, festivals and lifestyles

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Top Places To Visit In Dirang

Asia - Ross French - June 8, 2015

A tour to a place far from house is the time you regain your original self from the mechanical self that your feverish schedule had forced on you. Whereas breaking far from routine might offer you an excellent breather, an ideal destination might bring the most effective out of you on your vacation. Dirang is one such location that helps you enjoy, discover yourself and be galvanized. Placed in West Kameng district, this little hill station welcomes you with cover mountains, gushing streams and luxurious leafage. Dirang could be a excellent surroundings wherever you’ll feel reception far from home.

With the spectacular landscape pleasing your eyes and also the pleasant weather comforting your body and soul, you may not expect a much better place to remain on a vacation. The five places to go to in Dirang could be a bonus for your lodge in Dirang. Settle back and have an excellent time amidst scenic hills, roaring rivers and made greenery everyplace around you.

Dirang Town-gallary-3

National Research Centre On Yak

The National analysis Centre on Yak is found amidst the Eastern Himalayan ranges. Supported by Indian Council of Agricultural analysis, the middle is chargeable for protective Indian Yak. The yak firm belonging to the present centre is found thirty one kilo meter from Dirang. Researches on genetic resources and issues related to yak production are conducted here. Rising yak and yak merchandise ara part of an agenda of the centre. National Research Centre on Yak is open for tourists’ visits on permission.

Dirang Dzong

Dirang Dzong, that may be a tribal area, is on the shores of Dirang river. The architecture of the tribal colony is beautiful. A number of the homes are over five hundred years previous. The houses were designed to sustain the hostile weather within the region. The inspiration of those houses is of stone and therefore the walls and roof are designed of wood. Dzong, because the fort is said includes this settlement and it conjures up you with its design, that is an influence of Buddhist kingdoms.Though the fort is now in ruins, the ruins are proof of architectural excellence of the past days. Views from Dirang Dzong are spectacular.

Hot Water Spring

Hot Water Spring is yet one more favorite spot for tourists. Flowing from near hills, the Hot Water Spring falls into river Dirang. Wealthy in sulphur content and praised for its curative powers, Hot Spring attracts folks in nice numbers. the bathis especially refreshing after you visit this place in winter.


Sangti Valley

Sangti depression is set seven kilometre faraway from Dirang. The situation of Sangti Valley  is on the far side description. It’s encircled by Eastern Himalayan chain ranges and you’ll realize this area wealthy in dense forests and rivers. Black-necked cranes migrate to the current depression from China throughout the months of Nov and December and once the winter months are over, they set back to their homes throughout April and May. These birds are spoken as tung tung ka uk by the people of Sangti Valley.

Kalachakra Gompa

Kalachakra Gompa, that refers to a cloister, is found on top of Kalachakra, a village in Dirang. This monastery is over five hundred years previous. It’s frequented by who follow Buddhism yet as others who love the serene atmosphere.

Other attractions in Dirang include Regional Apple Nursery, Progeny Orchard and Kiwi Farms. If you travel any whereas on your at Dirang, you will visit Bomdila, that may be a far-famed tourist destination. Tourist places in Dirang don’t seem to be solely picturesque however it also offers scope for trekking and bird look. You’d fancy your at Dirang gaining a grasp of nature and its ways in which. Also explore alternative places to go to in Arunachal Pradesh to find out a lot of.

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