Traveling to the Top Tourist Spots in Northeastern United States

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flagAre you ready to tour the country from north to south and east to west? Traveling through the Northeastern part of the United States is a wonderful experience for a family who wants to escape from their regular busy schedules. Just make sure that you search for online coupon codes that will enable you to obtain a huge discount from these tours. There are various scenic spots that you can visit in Northern US. Cruising itineraries include the following: Hudson River, Chesapeake Bay, Mississippi River, Historic South and Golden Isles, Maine, Florida, Pacific Northwest, and New England Islands.


NEislandsPicturesque Places at New England Islands
The New England Islands and Grand New England are not only famous for their picturesque views but also for their historical contributions. If you wish to learn more about the 17th century type of architectural works, then it would be best for you to use coupons for Expedia to plan your trip around these areas. The cobblestone street of New England Island is ideal for strolling as it inspires people by reminding them about the past. Famous novelist Herman Melville was amazed with the area’s quaint island and seaport village and used the fascinating ideas about these places when he created the time-honored book “Moby Dick, the Whale.” While you are staying on the island, you should never miss visiting the 18th century lighthouse that serves as a guide for whaling ships to bustle them up to the port.

The Majestic Beauty of Grand New England
The coastal towns of Grand New England have a very colorful seafaring heritage. Tourists who are planning to take a trip to this destination should use coupon codes for Emirates which can simply help make the trip more affordable. Various maritime and whaling museums can be found in this area. If you are fond of eating the succulent lobster, then you will surely enjoy every minute of your stay at the quaint island villages. The Renaissance City is also a popular place to visit in Grand New England. In addition to this, you should also take a closer look at the following landmarks: John Brown house, Rhode Island State-House, the meeting place for the First Baptist Church in the US and the remarkable New England Harbor.

hudsonriverThe Unique and Captivating Hudson River
Colorful images will surely fascinate you visiually as you visit the shores of the captivating Hudson River. This attractive river is surrounded by amazingly beautiful hills and mountains. The Hudson River perfectly matches the equally gorgeous Catskill Mountains on the Western part of the shore. In addition to this, the Berkshire and Taconic Hills which are located at the eastern part is one of the best when it comes to history and beauty. Having been discovered by Henry Hudson way back in 1609, this picturesque region continues to welcome millions of local and foreign tourists.

Historical Maine Coast and Harbors
Throughout history, famous individuals like Dorothea Dix, Henry Longfellow, and Anna Belknap have been born and raised in the rocky coastlines of Maine. The journey to this part of the country will surely bring a smile on your face as you remember the beautiful rivers, historic harbor and the remarkable bays. The ports and harbors are popular for ship-building. Walk through the Belfast Village which is well-known for mind-blowing Greek revival architectural designs. For those coming to the United States from international borders, finding online deals is not as hard as it looks. Especially those from Oceania can get free coupons in Australia and start planning for a trip to these amazing tourist spots.

Written by Ross French