Why Not Tour the Greek Islands on Your Own Yacht?


I hear you cry out, “But I can’t afford a yacht, are you crazy, sir?” To which my reply would be, “I may well be crazy, my good man, but you can always charter a yacht on a temporary basis.” Then you would proceed to shake my hand firmly and skip off on your merry way. You see I found this example self-charter yacht itinerary on www.alpineelements.co.uk that gives you an idea of the type of adventuring you could get up to if you get hold of your own yacht (obviously you would need some experience, these vessels aren’t like those ‘self-drive’ boats you get at the British seaside).

The Ionian

This yacht itinerary is for an Ionian Island cruise. As you know, the Ionian Islands are found off of the West Coast of Greece and comprise of Zante, Corfu, and Ithaca (among many others). These types of chartering holidays are very popular around the Greek Islands, but also the Caribbean Sea, so you should see if you can find some deals on the area you want to explore.  This type of yacht charter features a flotilla of likeminded tourists who travel as one with a lead boat who will help you out of any sticky situations you find yourself in.

 Lefkada Introduction

The journey starts with a meeting in Lefkas Marina where the local taverns and restaurants can be frequented whilst you wait for everyone to join. This is where you will be briefed on all the systems in your yacht.


Is a small village where you will dock after leaving Lefkas Marina and get to enjoy the quaint feel of a largely untouched-by-tourists Greece. The best bit of Meganissi is the Papanikolas Cave. This stunning natural cave is a brilliant place to lay anchor and dive in for a swim amidst the blue waters


The island that served as the home for Homer’s famous creation, Odysseus: Ithaca is perfect for a lazy day on the beach with its calm waters making a perfect place for a swim under the Greek sun. As Ithaca is one of the more famous Greek islands, there is an abundance of good shops that would serve as a good place to restock provisions.


Interested in a thriving nightlife? Vassiliki is the place for that within the Ionian Island group. This island is also great for anyone interested in water sports. There is more shopping as you leave here for Kephalonia (which is designated an area of outstanding natural beauty).


The last stop before heading back to Lefkas is Kalamos. Greener and more lush than many of the Greek islands, Kalamos is great for hiking, or simply ambling around the town checking out the souvenir shops and tavernas. After here there is one last day in Lefkas marina before handing the boat back and heading home.

This is just one example of a yacht charter cruise I found online, but there are hundreds if you take the time to look. I would get an idea of where you want to go and then head on out into the great wide ocean.

Written by Ross French