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Costa Rica - Ross French - September 23, 2017

Costa Rica attractions

The Central American country of Costa Rica lies beautiful with all its volcanoes, magnificent beaches, and stark landscapes. Along with the beautiful scenery, a plethora of activities, delicious food, rich culture and varied wildlife have made Costa Rica one of the most popular tourist destinations in Central America. Costa Rica is one of those countries where people just love to visit again and again. In fact, there are so many things to do in this country, that deciding what to do and which places to visit can prove to be quite a daunting task for people who are visiting this beautiful country for the first time. However to point you towards the right direction, here are the top five Costa Rica attractions which you must visit during your trip to Costa Rica.

1. Arenal Volcano

Probably the most visited volcano in the whole of Costa Rica, Arenal is one of the most famous CostaRica attractions that you will visit during your trip. The volcano became famous worldwide due to its almost daily eruptions till it entered a resting period since 2010. You will get to see a lot of natural hot water springs in this area, thanks to the geothermal activity of Arenal.

2. Tortuguero National Park

Tortuguero National Park consists of an elaborate network of water canals that snake their way through lush jungles and coastal wetlands of the east coast of Costa Rica. Considered the number one eco-tourist destination of Costa Rica, a visit to this Costa Rica attraction is also must during your trip. Float through the canals from the comfort of your private boat, experience the beauty of the green jungle that surrounds you. You will encounter a lot of different wildlife, and remember to visit ‘The Land of the Turtle’, where the locals dedicate their lives to turtle conservation.

3. Mal País and Santa Teresa

If you are in the mood for some surfing, then visiting these two Costa Rica attractions is a must for you. Situated at the tip of Peninsula de Nicoya, these two places offer some of the best surf you can find in the country. These destinations used to be quite difficult to reach in the past, and finding accommodation was quite difficult. However, the improved road conditions and tourist infrastructure have made these locations much more accessible and tourist friendly.

4. Cerro Chirripo

Cerro Chirripo is the highest peak of Costa Rica. The hike to the top is quite demanding. But if you want to get away from all the hustle and bustle of Costa Rica, and enjoy some of the most incredible panoramic views of both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, then a trip to this beautiful destination is a must for you.

5. Manuel Antonio National Park

The Manuel Antonio National Park boasts one of the best beaches you can find in Costa Rica. It is one of those Costa Rica attractions which will show you the Costa Rica you imagined in your dreams. Watch the different types of monkeys as the leap through the forest canopy, spend a relaxing day on the beach and take a leisurely walk along the palm-lined shoreline.

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El Salvador - Ross French - September 22, 2017

El Salvador tourist attractions

Located in Central America, El Salvador is the tiniest and one of the most beautiful hidden gems of Central America. Once considered a dangerous Central American destination for tourists, the country suffers from some seriously bad press. However, most of the country is not affected by the troubles, and a trip to El Salvador can be completely safe if you keep a few things in mind. And if you are adventurous enough to travel to El Salvador, you will be thoroughly impressed by the amount of beauty this tiny country has to offer. From top-class surfing on empty beaches, Spanish colonial towns, coffee plantations by the volcano – the untouched El Salvador tourist attractions will surely win you over. There are a lot of things for you to do in El Salvador, and here are five of them which you must try out.

5. Explore the Mayan Ruins

Like many other Central American countries, El Salvador is also blessed with a number of fascinating Mayan ruins. The country houses Joya de Ceren, which was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Mayan town of Joya de Ceren was buried in volcanic ash and thus perfectly preserved. Although only a few structures have been excavated, it is one of the must visit El Salvador tourist attractions to have a look through the time into the daily lives of the Mayan people.

4. Visit the Colonial Towns

Most of the original colonial architectures of El Salvador have already been destroyed due to the major earthquakes this country faces on a regular basis. Still visiting the colorful Spanish colonial towns is a must do activity when you travel to El Salvador. And among them, the town of Suchitoto withstood the test of time and the earthquakes. One of the must visit El Salvador tourist attractions, this town is filled with boutique hotels, beautiful shops, and gourmet restaurants.

3. Visit Los Planes de Renderos

Los Planes de Renderos is one of the must visit El Salvador tourist attractions if you want to experience some of the most spectacular views of the city of San Salvador. Have some pupusas – a Salvadorian delicacy – and watch some of the traditional folk dances which are being performed in the area.

2. Hike the Volcanos

El Salvador, albeit a tiny country, houses 26 volcanoes, and a third of them are active. Many of them are also part of national parks where you can visit. The El Boqueron Crater is located just out the capital city, San Salvador. You can take a short hike to the rim, or go on a longer tour to explore the crater’s amazing wildlife and ecosystem. From Ilamatepec, Tehutepec, Izalco, Quetzaltepec – just take your pick and hike to one of these beauties when you travel to El Salvador.

1. Enjoy Diving or Surfing

El Salvador gives you the rare opportunity to engage in various water activities in world class conditions, but without the crowd that comes with it. Surf your heart out at one of the empty, black sand beaches, or dive at any one of the stunning dive sites you can find. From beginners to enthusiasts, El Salvador has dive and surf sites for everybody, and that’s why it is one of the must try El Salvador tourist attractions.

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Guatemala - Ross French - September 21, 2017

travel to Guatemala

Guatemala, the most diverse tourist destination of Central America, has been enticing travelers for centuries. Considered the Mayan heart of Central America, this beautiful country offers a lot more than the Mayan wonders though. Guatemala probably has the most tightly packed must do things and must visit sights than anywhere in Central America. From archeological wonders of Mayan ruins to colonial towns, pristine jungles, endless hiking trails and ancient culture – there are simply a ton of things for you to do when you travel to Guatemala. To help plan your tour and avoid the crowd that is slowly discovering this beautiful country, here are the top four things which you must try out when you travel to Guatemala.

1. Visit Tikal National Park

The Tikal National Park is the most famous cultural and natural tourist attraction of Guatemala. Built around the largest excavated Mayan site of Guatemala, the Tikal ruins will give you a sense of adventure like no other. Visit the park early and stroll through the empty ruins, and find yourself lost in the wondrous structures of a long-lost era.

2. Visit the Yaxha Mayan Ruins

The Yaxha Mayan Ruins are much more secluded than the Tikal Ruins. Hike the serene trail through the jungle before reaching the beautiful Mayan complexes. These ruins are smaller when compared to Tikal, but they are much less commercialized and less crowded. You can spend your time looking at the marvelous structures, the ancient drawings, and the carved symbols. If you are interested in Mayan history and culture, visiting this site is a must when you travel to Guatemala.

3. Roast Some Marshmallows on Top of Pacaya Volcano

The Pacaya volcano is one of the most accessible volcanos in Guatemala, which makes it one of the most popular destination. The volcano is still active, which makes the hike to the top of this volcano a must-do activity when you travel to Guatemala. You can hike the steep trail to the top of the volcano in about one and a half hour, and you can indeed roast some marshmallows in the heat which gets eliminated from the ground of the summit.

4. Bask in the Natural Beauty of Semuc Champey

Located near the little town of Lanquin, Semuc Champey is one of the most beautiful natural wonders of Guatemala. You have to travel deep into the jungle to come face to face with this massive natural limestone formation. The formation is covering an underground river, which forms a number of stepped swimming pools. There are a lot of hiking trails, lookout points and guided tours in this area. Apart from all of these, there are many tours to the Kan’Ba caves as well. There you can swim along an underground river. The place is so dark that you will have to hold a candle above your head to light your way as you swim. Visiting here is another one of the must to activities when you travel to Guatemala.

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Belize - Ross French - September 13, 2017

travel to belize

Located in Central America, the tropical country Belize is famous among travelers for its beautiful beaches, picturesque islands, and its mysterious ancient Mayan ruins. From travel-bloggers, backpackers to luxury tourists, thousands of people from all over the world flock over to the tropical paradise of Belize every year. The plethora of activities that you get to experience when you travel to Belize makes it one of the go-to destinations of Central America. Belize is the perfect destination to spend a vacation experiencing the ancient culture and rich history of Mayan civilization. And after you have got your archeological-fix, take a long walk into the sunset along the coastline, explore the deep blue sea while scuba diving or spend some relaxing days in one of the Garifuna villages. Here are the top three activities which you must indulge in when you travel to Belize. Continue Reading

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Top 10 Mesmerizing Destinations in Central America Must Visit Once in Life

Central America - Ross French - July 24, 2017


Central America probably won’t attract many travelers to visit all time. But in fact, you wish to explore the nature and outdoor activities then visit Central America as the best destination to visit earlier. In this Central America, you can find many tourist destinations and activities such as relaxing on beaches, hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, touring ruins of ancient civilizations and indigenous cultures. Still, touring Central America is a big dream for everyone and named as must visit spots once in life. Here, the top 10 destinations in Central America are listed, and you have to visit them once.

• relaxing on beaches
• hiking
• snorkeling
• scuba diving
• windsurfing

1. Roatan, Bay Islands

Roatan Bay Islands are a Caribbean Vacation Paradise which located off the North Coast of Honduras and well known for pristine white sandy beaches. Besides, the travelers can enjoy amazing tropical jungle covered hills and various unique reef system.

• Coxen Hole
• French Harbour
• Tranquilseas Eco Lodge and Dive center
• Seagrape Plantation Resort
• Splash Inn Dive Resort

2. Ambergris Caye, Belize Cayes

Ambergris Caye is an eye-catching island in Belize which is known as leading destination for tourists to visit in Central America. The place has beautiful and azure water surface of the Caribbean. You can visit the Maya Mountains and the Pink Ridge to excite many things in this area.

3. Nosara, Costa Rica

Nosara is the best destination which has oldest expat town and familiar in the midst of a mini Renaissance such as fresh restaurants, hotels, and shops. You can explore a budget friendly travel to this destination which is a serene atmosphere for you.

4. Santa Teresa, Costa Rica

The booming surface village of Santa Teresa offers an excellent opportunity for visitors to enjoy a lot. The beaches of Santa Teresa are soft, sandy, and consistent surf break to enjoy with families. It is familiar for sleepy seaside hamlet which is a neighborhood place of Costa Rica.

5. Tamarindo, Costa Rica

It is a prime spot for surfing and sports fishing, diving, and sunning. This place is a must destination for the travelers who need to enjoy a lot with family members. It has gorgeous beach houses, B&B, and luxury hotels in the sunny sands.

6. San Ignacio, Belize

San Ignacio is a heart of Belize which is recognizable for vibrant travelers to spend time here. This destination remains rustic and making significant challenges for budget friendly adventure travel for everyone. Macal River is a famous spot to visit and have rejoice anytime.

7. Antigua, Guatemala

This is a place of rare beauty and considers the major historical significance and vibrant culture. It is a must visit destination and boasts excellent spots to visit by the travelers. The magnificent setting is an attractive one and unfolds beneath of three volcanoes.

8. Boqute, Panama

In Boqute, Panama the many rainbows are the comfortable, eye-catching place that decides to visit the spot by north winds that blow down the admiring features for all. You can see the valley of flowers and eternal spring to rejoice you on a day.

9. Isla Colon, Bocas Del Toro Province

It is a most populated island which has amazing vegetation and gets lots of amusement and amazing activities in this destination. The accommodation in this destination is pleasant by offering fresh foods for the travelers.

10. San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

This destination is known for a beautiful fishing village that suits for magnet for surfers and sunbathers. At night time, the beach explores with activities, and few popular beachfront bars are the major attractions for you.

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